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“Runway Role Models” will demonstrate the importance of being a great role model in our society. In the media, you always hear how our kids’ so called role models are getting into all kinds of trouble, from drunk driving to abusing drugs, even stealing when they don’t have to. Our society is starving for great role models. Some may think that role models have to be in the entertainment or sports world, but in reality role models could be simple people with extraordinary vision for our world today and into our next generation. Kassey Frazier will introduce you to these incredible people who set a positive example and pave the way for our future generation. Stand up and cheer for this amazing show, appropriately called, “Runway Role Models




4602 E. University Drive, Suite 170 Phoenix, Arizona 85034 (480) 837-1676


Runway Role Models


Duration: 00:51:25

Shattering barriers With Julie Armstrong

Wanna have a good laugh? I sat down with Julie Armstrong as she shared with me her experiences with her job,family & technology. She defiantly knows how to set goals and have passion with everything she does! Listen to the show to hear how she is Shattering Barriers.

Duration: 00:51:54

Runway Role Models


Duration: 00:49:05

Runway Role Models


Duration: 00:46:43

Runway Role Models


Duration: 00:51:12

Marsha Petrie Sue, Best Selling Author The Reactor Factor and Toxic People

There is never a dull moment with Marsha Petrie Sue. With being a best selling author and volunteering very second she can, there is never a dull moment . Listen to learn how to have a hard shell but soft center & how to deal with toxic people.=

Duration: 00:48:45

Miranda's Kiss and Circle of Helping Hands

Miranda has been through a lot in her life, living from foster home to foster home but she didn't let that stand in her way from doing what she wanted to do. She know runs an organization called Miranda's Kiss and Circle of Helping Hands. So one question when you listen in, Have you had your Kiss today?

Duration: 00:49:29

You Get Crazy In Heels

Who do you have when you put red heels on a lady with a huge personality? You get CrAZy in Heels. Nicole Angeline was living with Bipolar characteristic and didn't even know it. Tune in to see her crazy journey through her life and how she doesn't let Bipolar characteristic define her.

Duration: 00:00:12

Gabriel's Angels

If you love puppies & dogs this is the show for you. In 2000, Pam Gaber founded Gabriel’s Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. She recognized the pressing and documented need in the community to enhance the lives of neglected and abused children through the application of pet therapy. The organization was named after Pam’s young Weimaraner, Gabriel, who began his career by visiting the children residing at the Crisis Nursery in Phoenix. Listen to this show to find out more about...

Duration: 00:51:22

My Chemistry Teacher Patricia Beaird

Growing up Patricia Beaird had dreams of becoming an actress or a journalist, until she entered her first chemistry class as a junior, from there is was history. Ashe attended a full ride to Trinity College she took as much science as she could. Even going to study abroad in Rome, Italy. She would go on to going out to the field to study bio hazard material. Since then she has been teaching for ten years and is also known as my Chemistry teacher Ms.Beaird.=

Duration: 00:51:25