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RNWY.VC 15: Future Aviation Trends

On this episode, we talk with Paul Papadimitriou about a wide range of future pointing topics. We start off talking about how aviation companies are innovating, which airlines are shaking up the industry, and finish up talking about which countries are building models for future airports. Make sure you check out his podcast, Layovers on all podcasting apps. Check out the link to connect with him: Layovers Website: Layovers Twitter: @lay_overs Paul’s Website:...


RNWY.VC 14: Are We Starting an Airline?

This one is going to be another experimentation episode, so let us know what you think. On this episode, we try to give you an insight into the conversation that happens when people think about starting a company - specifically a regional airline company. Joining us for the conversation is Staacy Cannon, a former regional airline president who is using data and innovation to think about the future of airline travel. We talk a little bit about her experience over the past year running an...


RNWY.VC 13: Should Airlines Get Back Into Hotels

We're still experimenting with episode formats and this episode is no different. On this episode, we talk Shashank Nigam, Founder & CEO of SimpliFlying. Rather than our typical interview style, Shashank and I have a conversation that is more likely to be heard at a conference happy hour, rather than on conference stage. Our conversation circles around a hypothetical situation of an airline merging with a hotel chain and what each could bring to the table. However, we don't just leave it at...


RNWY.VC 10: Getting Connected at the Airport

On this episode, we talk with Dawn Callahan - the CMO of Boingo. During our conversation, we talk about the history of Boingo and how they got into the business of airport wifi. We also talk about how they are working through aging infrastructure and growing traveler demands. Finally we wrap up talking about the future of airport connectivity and how they are preparing for the "always connected" traveler. For more information about Dawn & Boingo, check out the links below: Website:...


RNWY.VC 09: Starting a Technology Company in Aviation

On this episode of the Runway.VC podcast, we talk with Kerry Frank, the Founder and CEO of Comply 365 - a software company responsible for bringing airlines into the mobile age. Kerry and I talk about a number of different including: how she started a company in the industry with zero aviation or technical experience, the journey she wen through with her family and how they dealt with the struggles and celebrated the successes, and how she grew a business from only a few people to over 60...


RNWY.VC 07: Lyft's Aviation Journey & Future of Ridesharing at Airports

Baraki Brock is a Senior Director of Business Operations and Airports Policy Manager at Lyft. On this episode, we talk with Baraki about the history Lyft has had working with airports, its rocky start, and how he and the rest of his team is working to not only improve their relationships, but also help airports position themselves for the future. Baraki goes into detail about the process Lyft goes through before they offer service to an airport, as well as some of the roadblocks they face...


RNWY.VC 06: AAAE's Push for Airport Innovation

Chris Runde is the Director of the AAAE Airport Innovation Accelerator, an accelerator program designed to connect aviation related startup companies with airports and other industry organizations. In this episode, we talk with Chris about how airports are adapting to the evolving industry and more connected passengers. We also talk why airports are historically slow to adapt and what holds them back. He goes into detail about the qualities certain airports have that make them more prepare...


RNWY.VC Ep. 05 Pt 1: Starting Up GLO Airlines

This episode is the first part of a 2 part series featuring Trey Fayard, the CEO and Founder of GLO Airlines. Part 1 features the audio from a presentation Trey gave to the Loyola Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development’s Innovation Speaker Series. During the presentation, Trey talks about founding GLO, the state of current operations, and the trials and tribulations he's faced through an airline startup. Website Links: Loyola's Center for Entrepreneurship and Community...


RNWY.VC 04: Investing in the Future of Aviation

Van Espahbodi is a partner and co-founder of Starburst Accelerator, a business development, a startup incubator dedicated to technology in aerospace where leaders gather to decide the future of aviation. In this episode, we talk with Van about what it takes to invest in an aviation startup and what startups are shaking things up. We go past talking about the next "Uber of ..." and into what it means to push the barriers in aviation, despite heavy regulations. Van also gives out his advice...


RNWY.VC 03: Future of Airports

On this episode, we talk with Mario Rodriguez, who’s the Executive director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority. During the conversation, we talk about the future of airports and what directors should be doing to better position their airports as the doorway to their cities. We also talk about the adoption of new technology at airports and how airports can build a culture that’s not afraid to fail. If you want to see the Airport's newly designed website, check out:...


RNWY.VC 02: Future of GA Aircraft

On this episode we’d talk to Dave Brody and Charlie Johnson, 2 industry experts turned disruptors. Dave is the current founder and Chairman of a new company XTI Aircraft and Charlie is currently serving as the company’s CEO. Both have extensive experience leading the industry, Dave as the former founder of another aviation company called AVX Aircraft and Charlie as the former president & COO of Cessna. During the conversation, we talked about their journeys through the aviation industry...


RNWY.VC 01: Future of Diversity

Benét Wilson is an aviation travel journalist and the Air Travel Expert for and contributing writer for the Runway Girl Network. During this episode, we talk about her experiences as a woman covering the aviation industry, as well as what it means for a company today to be diverse. We go beyond the importance of “filling a quota” and dive into the benefits of bringing a different view to a project. Finally, we go social with social media and how it’s going to impact the future of...