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Two Weeks Feels Like Two Months (Ep. 17)

WESG, G2, ENCE, and Fnatic changes, and oh yeah, IEM Katowice. That all happened these past two weeks. Shorter episode, but I cover it all in this episode of the podcast. Make sure to give it a listen, rate it if you like it. The more people that interact with the podcast via ratings and reviews, the more people get to listen to it! See you guys on Monday with a special interview with neL! Links: Music by Saen:...


MegamanTV (Ep. 16)

The Megaman interview. I'm not spoiling anything with this one. Go listen. Enjoy a man who talks about anything and everything. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Don't Bet On It (Ep. 15)

On this week's pod, I give you guys the interview I did with Tarik and Tarik's family. I talk a little bit about esports betting and my thoughts on the pitfalls, benefits, and general needs that the counter-strike community should be aware of if and when it does eventually become legalized. I also briefly touch on the Phant0mLord-Twitch lawsuit. To wrap it all up, I debrief from the Starladder Season 4 tournament and the new meta that Team Liquid might be introducing with their addition of...


Zeus and NaVi (Ep. 14)

On this week's pod I release the short interview I did with Zeus of Natus Vincere, Brian comes back on the Pod to lament the woes of NaVi and how they are going to fare in StarSeries, and then I wrap up with some SK Gaming, Immortals transfer news, and then one last bit on the issue of racism within CS. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Past The Summit (Ep. 13)

In this weeks episode of the Rush B Podcast, I have a special interview with Jake "Stewie2k" Yip following Cloud9's victory over SK Gaming in the Boston Major. In it we talk everything from his comfort in calling mid-round to who takes the longest in the morning. I also talk a bit about the Misfits situation, Dennis to NiP, and then recap CS Summit. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Upon the Summit (Ep. 12)

On this week's episode (Which we recorded the Tuesday before Beyond the Summit started), I am joined by Elliot (@aizyesque) and we go over our prediction for this weekend's tournament, Cloud9's Major hangover, and some of the crazier transfers that happened. Links: Elliot: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Talking On Cloud9 with Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne (Ep. 11)

On today's episode I talk with Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne where we have a quick conversation about the state of Cloud9's CS team, the impact of streaming services in the longevity of professional video games, and how Cloud9 is looking to continue their success. Later in the pod, I talk about the recent roster changes, my amazement that we still don't know what is happening with the Misfits and CLG spots in Pro League, and the plan for the upcoming podcasts. Links:...


#SillySeason (Ep.10)

On the Special Edition episode I talk about the organizational issue with SoaR Gaming, Misfits, 100Thieves, and Counter Logic Gaming. I also dive into the player switch rumors in NA and then the Zywoo situation. A much shorter pod than usual, but I wanted to get something out for you guys to listen to. Links: Music by Saen: Artwork by Molli Udis


Boston Reactions (Ep. 9)

In this episode, I just give some straight off the top of my head reactions from the past weekend and let you all know what an absolutely crazy tournament it was. This episode is just to give you my perspective of the tournament as I was racing around trying to cover a Counter-Strike event (The biggest of the year) as my first media event ever. Interviews with Tarik, Rush, Stewie, Karrigan, Zeus, and even Cloud9 CEO, Jack Etienne are all to come in the next few weeks. So stay tuned to what...


Bronze is Best (Ep. 8)

Okay, maybe Bronze is more of an achievement than I thought. Brian returns for the final podcast episode in the lead up to the Major. In this episode we go over the absolute craziness that was QB Fire, how all the Legends have died, and our predictions for the upcoming Playoffs. In other news; I am now attending the major as a contributor for Thanks to @neLendirekt for helping me obtain the media pass. Check for my stuff out on their twitter and website. See you guys soon!...


Settling for Silver (Ep. 7)

@BraniCSG and I talk about our failed Pick 'Ems and lament how Vega Squadron and the rest of the CIS region had so absurdly dashed our dreams. We talked about all the action of the past weekend and then we get into how to salvage our Pick 'Ems and maybe get Silver (like my Matchmaking rank). We also go on to give our predictions for the next stage and try to see what two teams will go 0-3 and 3-0. I have some picks that Brian really disliked, and I still think Brian likes NaVi a little too...


Going For Gold (Ep. 6)

Special edition Major Qualifier Podcast! I bring on BraniCSG to talk about the Major Qualifier and our quest to get a Gold Pick 'em. We agree on most of the Shoo-ins for the Major Groups, but have some fights over who is actually getting there from the rest of the field. We rag on Flipside for never playing on LAN, we love the Misfits storyline, and lament that CIS region isn't producing any stronger team. Finally, I learn that someone in the world has paid more than $10,000 for a in-game...


TyLose (Ep. 5)

On the pod for this week, I talk about the Peacemaker situation and why Tyloo are no longer going to the Boston Major. I also touch on the recent ESEA MDL LAN, Global Challenge, Relegation Playoffs, and new age rule. I also give a life update (Skip the first five minutes if you don't care)! Links: Saen.:


ESL Pro League Finals Roundup (Ep. 4)

Episode 4! I talk and ramble on about ESL Pro League Finals, "That" Flusha Round versus Faze, player/org movement, and the difficulty in understanding roster locks for the major. Shorter podcast this week and I'll be back next week to


Rezolution (Ep. 3)

This week's podcast rounds up IEM Oakland (3:28) and all the fun, biased NA action that I watched in it. I talk about Rez and his ability to nitpick Faze Clan, NiP's ability to win a tournament out of no where, and the only way to actually beat the world #1 team. I also talk about some player movement and expand on Stanislaw's statement and why it's actually important (19:58). Finally, I get in-depth about player-contracts and the whys and hows certain organizations choose to give players...


Dignigone (Ep. 2)

On the pod, I have a slight emergency podcast as so much happened today I had to re-do my Sunday pod! I talk about Steel to Team Liquid, Stanislaw's future, a rant about Optic fans, Team Dignitas's options for CS:GO teams after their break-up, and a wrap-up of the last week in ESL.


The Cleveland Immortals (Ep. 1)

On the pod this week, I break down the EU and NA Minor, Virtus.Pro's resurgence at SL-I League Invitation at Shanghai, and the Immortals contract situation.


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