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Clever Name Podcast 48 - We Are Out Of Food And Getting Walked In On

Ryan and Dan start off the show by freaking out about a commercial they saw on tv ! The commercial was talking about a shortage of meat in the world and for people to stop eating meat on Mondays. Fuck that noise, Ryan and Dan talk about going out with a bang ! Then they talk about how they're so thankful for their fans and all of their support, They also talk about how a fan is going to send them a gift and they joke about it being a bomb ! Afterwords, they read stories about people getting...


Clever Name Hour Podcast #17 - Describing Porn

Dan will have to go out on the street and and embarrass himself because you guys commented and said you wanted it. Next Ryan talks about a Rush concert he went to when he was younger. He was kicked out for smoking weed and meet a strange man out front. Ryan describes the events that transpire. Then we get to the best part of the show when Dan and Ryan watch porn from Porn hub and try to describe them the best they can. This gets very gross so be warned. Lastly Ryan gets his devils advocate...


Clever Name Podcast 47 - Germans Are Dying From Masturbation

Comment if you want to see Dan do some man on the street interviews. Today we talk about the study that was released saying that 100 Germans are dying every year from masturbation. We discuss the stories resealed in this article. After we look at a snowmobile driving with no driver in Newfoundland. That's not all! We also tell you what the cure for baldness is!


Clever Name Hour Podcast #16 - Dan's Two Lies And A Truth & Sex Advice

Today we do Dans Two Lies and A Truth and Ryan and Crystal compete. The loser will have to go down on the winner. A heated battle ensues. Then we give the best sex advice known to the internet by answering the craziest sex questions we could find. Remember to follow us on Twitch to watch our live streams daily: twitch.tv/clevernamepodcast And enter our contest to win a gaming gift card by signing up for our news letter at clevernamepodcast.com


Clever Name Podcast 46 - Password

Ryan, Dan and Crystal are starting off the show talking about the old game show Password ! They plan on reincarnating and playing the game for their show. Before that game starts they sincerely thank the Patreon donators and all supporters for the show ! They also talk about the disappearance of one of their favourite fans Zach. If anybody finds him dm Clever Name Podcast. Afterwords, they start playing g the password game ! How the game works is one person ( Ryan ) gives one word hints to...


Clever Name Hour Podcast #15 - Who Is More Manly

We start the show by talking about an underage girl who was charged with distributing child pornography of herself. Then Ryan gives and update on his new job. A breaking update coming out of California. House parties are being illegal and to "bros" go to congress to stop this injustice. After that we tell you who is more slutty by pitting to slutty stories against each other and we determine who is the bigger slut. Lastly we spend find out who is the most manly on the show.


Clever Name Podcast 45 - Weridest Places To Masturbate

We have a new contest for a gaming gift card and all you have to do is sign up for our mailing list at clevernamepodcast.com. Then we talk about crystals hand and how she hurt it. If you want to see her hand you can watch it here on the main page of our website. The we spend the rest of the show talking to the weirdest places people have masturbated.


Clever Name Hour Podcast #14 - Impressions And Crazy Girlfriends

Ryan and Dan start off the show by talking about Dan's disgusting pimple on his face. Then Ryan talks about how he cheated to get his drivers test ( sucked the guys dick ) and we all had good chuckle. Somehow that conversation transitioned into senior discounts being a thing because grandmas can't cum anymore. Which led to 2 dicks going in one hole and if that made the guys gay for touching dicks. Anyways, after that we do a well thought out introduction to Ryan's girlfriend being on...


Clever Name Podcast 44 - Getting A U-haul DIRTY

Ryan starts the show with a story about a man who was charged with sexual assault for touching a girls breast during consensual sex. Then Ryan discusses the events that took place with crystal in a uhaul. The owls dying because of the marijuana boom is talked about and lastly we talk about another man burning down his house by trying to blow torch a spider.


Clever Name Hour Podcast #13 - Crazy Ex Girlfriends, Penis Problems And Ryans Work

Dan talks about his peeing issues and we are now streaming on twitch not youtube. Ryan Talks about zits in weird spots and what is going on with his work. Lastly we go over ryans ex girlfriend and the crazy girlfriends on the internet.


BONUS SHOW !!! Clever Name Podcast 43.5

We didnt want to stop our show so we made and extra show this week. Right after our last show we recorded this. Ryan talks about his "homework" that he had to do. Also how he has found a new "religion"


Clever Name Podcast 43 - Youtube And Shit

Youtube is fucking us again because they removed one of our videos for sexually explicit content and nudity. Now we can no longer live stream on youtube and if this happens again then we could be banned entirely. Then Ryan smokes a dab from his new bong and we discuss green poo.


Sports Quiz Crystal Vs Dan And Glory Holes - Clever Name Hour Podcast #12

Crystal is on the show today and we have a competition. We want to find out who knows more about sports Dan or Crystal. Ryan created a quiz with Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball questions and we find out who knows more about sports. Dan gets the first question and it is "how many points is a touchdown worth". Dan changes his answer multiple times but eventually gets the right answer of 6. Dan knowing very little about sports pulls ahead by a few points going into the second round....


Clever Name Podcast 42 - How To Have Sex

We talk about our new goal of 5000 subscribers by this time next year! Then we give the internet the sex advice it desperately needed by answering any question about sex.


Clever Name Hour Podcast #11 - Youtube Or PornHub Comment

We open the show with a news story about a new video game about called Harambe Kong. Then we give an update on ass play and crystals long nails. We have a conversation about if guys had vaginas. Then We play the PornHub Or YouTube Comment Game. This is where dan reads a comment from ether pornhub or youtube and Ryan has to guess where it came from. Its harder then you think. Finally Ryan tells an embarrassing story from his childhood that he really did not want to tell.


Clever Name Podcast 41 - Crystal Talks About Sex

Crystal is on the show again! We start the show talking about an man who got is testicle bitten off during "passionate love making". Then we ask crystal questions we all wanted to know and it turns very dirty.


DarkNet Price Is Right With Crystal - Clever Name Hour Podcast # 10

We talk about a man with a 19 inch penis and his every day struggles. Then Dan has to spin the punishment wheel. Lastly we get Crystal on the show and play Dark Net Price Is Right where we guess the price of illegal things you can buy on the internet.


Clever Name Podcast 40 - What Got Stuck In Someones Butt Mp3

We talk about Ryans unfortunate morning and how we have fixed our live streams. If you want to watch our show live subscribe to our patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/clevernamepodcast Then we play the game "Is it a Bad Tattoo or Something Stuck In A Butt" and Dan is an expert.


Christmas Show 2017 *Live

Ryan gives dan a gift then we talk about why we dislike Christmas. Then we answer some questions the internet has about Canada like "Is Canadian an easy language to learn". We close with some new stories about at home circumcisions and alien sex.


Clever Name Podcast 39 - High News With Cow Shit Powered Cars

We do our favorite segment "High News" where Ryans gets really high and we go over the most important news stories.


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