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Episode 15: Coping Mechanisms

HELP!!! In light of Stephen’s upcoming departure for the Peace Corps, Stephen and Jon discuss ways to cope with stress and loneliness. They hash out past mistakes and consider potential stumbling blocks. In the interest of taking care of yourself, don’t miss out on this episode! Advertisements

Duration: 00:45:37

Episode 14: Introspection

It’s getting awfully reflective up in this cast! In this long-awaited catch-up episode, Steph and Jon dig into big changes that have happened over latter 2016-2017. We discuss weight-loss, explore new research projects, and ponder the remaining lifetime of the show. Don’t miss out on the fun! Download link: August 3rd, 2017 Episode 14: […]

Duration: 01:06:51

Episode 13: Personalities

Who are you? It’s been a while, but Stephen and Jon come back with a bang! They welcome their long-time friends P and Stan as they all take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Join them as they discuss their strengths and weaknesses, ideal partners, and the magic peanut butter that makes them stick! Download link: […]

Duration: 00:59:57

Episode 12: Existential Crisis

Hellooooo world! Is there anyone out there? Why do we exist? In this brand new episode, Stephen and Jon explore these questions in a most enlightening discussion of “Existentialism”. We reflect on secret, unreleased episodes, our ups and downs, and the joys and pitfalls of living as a passionate individual. Download link: July 10th, […]

Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 11: Climate Control and Sexist Scientists

Hello, if you’re still tuned in, we just added a new voice to the mix. His name is Paramveer Singh (a.k.a. P) and…well we will let him introduce himself. Today we talk about how to tackle climate control like the brilliant sexist scientists we aspire to be. Download link: January 31st, 2016 Climate Control […]

Duration: 01:06:31

Episode 10: Update and Genome Editing

Welcome back! We’ve moved apart, but Stephen and Jon are still going strong in this reunion episode. We update our listeners on big changes in our lives and discuss a new strategy to end malaria with genome editing technologies. Download link: January 16th, 2016 Episode 10: Update and Genome Editing

Duration: 00:39:25

Episode 9: Religion

Do you believe it? Stephen and Jon knock back some picklebacks, give some very special performances, and discuss whether faith is black and white, or somewhere in between. Download link: May 17th, 2015 Episode 9: Religion

Duration: 01:01:09

Episode 8: World War III

The future is now. Stephen and Jon discuss the changing world order, get two drinks too deep into an argument on World War III, and discuss how we’d feel about going to war with Asian countries as Asian-Americans. Download link: April 19th, 2015 Episode 8: World War III

Duration: 00:58:23

Episode 7: NYC and Budgeting

Live from New York, it’s Stephen and Jon! In our special NYC broadcast, we discuss our adventures in Chinatown and an unfortunate fortune. Then we break into the joys of budgeting, working out, and hustling our way through Asia. Download link: April 12th, 2015 Episode 7: NYC and Budgeting

Duration: 00:34:44

Episode 6: Evolutionary Medicine

Get your brains warmed up. Stephen and Jon welcome a very special guest: Danny, an MD/PhD student with a passion for evolutionary medicine. We talk nipples and Halloween before exploring how Danny plans to change medicine- and the world. Download link: April 1st, 2015 Episode 6: Evolutionary Medicine

Duration: 00:38:42

Episode 5: Circumcision and Kirby

Bros get ready. Stephen and Jon welcome two special guests: Dillon, a mechanical engineer, and Giro, who’s in marketing. We draw on our mixed expertise to discuss, naturally, the ethics of male circumcision and our guests’ former lives as vacuum salesmen. Download link: March 29th, 2015 Episode 5: Circumcision and Kirby

Duration: 00:28:14

Episode 4: Burma

Stephen and Jon decide to do some good in this world. We discuss the history of a dynamic nation and share our plans to start a non-profit to support independent media in Burma. Download link: March 21st, 2015 Episode 4: Burma

Duration: 00:33:36

Episode 3: Time Capsule

Stephen and Jon create a snapshot of their lives in time. We discuss what it would be like to be president, efficiently designed apartments, and where we fall on a life-status scale from 1-10, 9 being oil tycoon. Download link: March 14th, 2015 Episode 3: Time Capsule

Duration: 00:31:07

Episode 2: Parenting

Stephen and Jon discuss the wonders of child rearing as only single, twenty-something guys can do. We tease a potential podcast name, talk thighs, debate the ethics of corporal punishment, and bring in experts to help us raise the next Mozarts. Download link: January 24th, 2015 Episode 2: Parenting

Duration: 00:46:27