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SEO & Google news, rumours and speculation

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Baidu takes China over Google - Or do they?!

Baidu has long been the preferred search engine in China, and it looks like it is still going to be like that. But how did Google “let” this happen, and is it even worth it to do SEO for the Chinese Google? Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼ What would you like to know more...

Duration: 00:04:49

Google has problems in South Korea?! Naver is leading by A LOT

The main South Korean search engine is outcompeting Google locally, and not just just by a small margin, but probably by more than any other search engine anywhere in the world. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼ What would you like to know more about? Tweet or comment with your...

Duration: 00:04:39

Google changes title tag & description lengths… AGAIN

The recent changes from Google include adjustments to the length of title tags and META descriptions shown in the organic SERP, aka positions in Google’s Search engine.

Duration: 00:04:07

Video based search coming soon? Google rumours after Anvato acquisition

Will search engines be able to index and search video contents in the future? Google has made an acquisition that suggests they are moving in that direction, and we will briefly discuss what it could mean for SEO and search rankings. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼ What would you like to know more about? Tweet...

Duration: 00:03:09

Is Google Smashing Donald Trump while Favouring Hillary Clinton?!

Google has been accused of favouring certain search phrases in their autosuggestions, that make Hillary Clinton look good, while suggestions for Donald Trump are much more negatively phrased. Let’s analyse the accusations, and discuss how it could affect the SEO community and the market. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼

Duration: 00:05:53

Will backlinks still be important in the future? | The future of SEO explained

We’ll discuss how important backlinks have been in search engine optimisation, and even go through the different methods SEO experts have utilised to gain links in the past, and how it has been abused. What is Google’s stand on the issue, and will they eventually abandon backlinks altogether, as a factor in their ranking algorithm? Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼

Duration: 00:06:45

SEO explained | Does Anchor Text Still Matter?

We take a close look at the development of linkbuilding, and why anchor text has been a very important factor in SEO and backlinks in the past, and further analyse whether or not anchor text still has a role to play in the SERPs and Google’s organic results. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼ What would you like...

Duration: 00:02:37

Will the new RealTime API by Google win over Twitter?

A quick breakthrough of the new RealTime API which is being developed by Google, and what impact it might have on SEO and how content marketing is perceived in the future, as content will now be able to be published and indexed immediately - something most people use Twitter for today, so will Google become the new ruler of real-time updates? Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼

Duration: 00:02:33

RankBrain’s algorithms | INSIDE GOOGLE’S SEO BRAIN

Today we are discussing the recently announced RankBrain and how it works with Google’s other SEO algorithm updates, such as the prominent Hummingbird, and what I think the function of RankBrain is now and what I think it could mean for the future. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼

Duration: 00:03:02

Introduction to RankScanner Podcast - Real Talk about SEO & Google

Welcome to the new podcast about SEO and Google, with all the latest rumours and speculation surrounding online marketing and the world of search engine optimisation. Please let us know about your questions and Twitter or in the comments below, and we will try to answer them in one of the upcoming podcasts. Check The Blog ► You Might Also Like ▼

Duration: 00:00:49