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SEO Bites is a low cost way to promote the Google ranking of your page. It focuses on creating and publishing original content to raise brand awareness.

SEO Bites is a low cost way to promote the Google ranking of your page. It focuses on creating and publishing original content to raise brand awareness.
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SEO Bites is a low cost way to promote the Google ranking of your page. It focuses on creating and publishing original content to raise brand awareness.






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EP 18: SEO Bites - A Digital Marketing Agency, Producers Of Authentic And Meaningful Content

“Putting your original content on social media has two worthwhile effects: The first is, it helps Google to evaluate the significance of what you are saying. And the second is, people seeing your product, brand name, and face as they go over their feed is very cheap and also an effective way to get a front-of-mind recognition.” - Wayne Bucklar, CEO SEO Bites

Duration: 00:07:29

EP 17: Interview with Kris Reid - The Coolest Guy in SEO

Kris Reid, known as the “Coolest Guy in SEO”, joins this episode to talk about Ardor SEO, a backlink provider company he built that offers high-end services for clients across the globe. Kris also shares his insights on how powerful backlinks are and the role it plays in getting your website to the right spot in Google.

Duration: 00:09:11

EP 16: Google's Advice to Create high quality and original content

Listen to CEO Wayne Bucklar as he explains SEO Bites’ guiding principles in creating original, meaningful content to achieve maximum online exposure and how YouTube videos are being used to promote website rankings.

Duration: 00:09:22

EP 15: SEO Updates 2017

Website owners always need to change their approach to ensure that the way they appear in the search engines is as good as it can be, that’s the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. In this episode, CEO Wayne Bucklar of SEO Bites gives emphasis on the 2017 trends and techniques to improve your SEO score. For more videos, you can visit our website blogs:

Duration: 00:08:18

EP 14: The Latest Updates in Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click is a charging method for all those ads that appear at the top of the page where the advertiser only gets charged when someone clicks on the ad. Google puts your ad on the page. The highest paid price per click gets shown the most exposure in Google. SEO Bites talks more about PPC and other updates in search engines. Visit our website:

Duration: 00:05:10

Online Reputation Management with Monte Huebsch

Online Reputation Management is a defensive activity that involves strategies focused on countering or defending your brand against the negative materials that are published on the internet. Learn more about it with Monte Huebsch. Websites you can visit:

Duration: 00:25:01

EP 13: Original Online Content Distribution Using The Hub and Spoke Model

The first part of Content Marketing is to create your story, to not just announce the product and let it be freestanding but to tell a story around the product, create the content about the product, and then publish the content through various websites in many different forms. This is the Hub-and-Spoke Model. Learn more from:

Duration: 00:07:09

EP 12: How Quality Backlinks Affect Your Website's Pagerank

To be an authoritative site, your page rank must be good enough to be recognized by Google. One of the factors that improve your website ranking is the so-called “Backlinks.” Discover the logic behind backlinks and its role in improving your page rank with Episode 12 of SEO Bites. Visit our website:

Duration: 00:11:04

EP 11: Online Reputation Management Tips For Your Business Website

When we talk about brand awareness, online reputation comes in. Online reputation is all about what your customers are saying about you and your business. This must be carefully managed as fixing past bad information that’s been published about you is a real problem. Learn more about online reputation management with SEO Bites. Visit out website:

Duration: 00:08:12

EP 10: How Video Interviews Help Improve Your Website's Google Search Results

One of the things that damages website ranking dramatically is if Google gets the impression that they are breaking the rules with regard to plagiarism, that is they’re copying content. Find out how content is considered as original by Google with this week’s episode of SEO Bites. Visit our website:

Duration: 00:11:52

EP 09: How Important Is It To Have A Search Engine Friendly Website

SEO Bites records a question and answer video via webcam with the business owner or manager, talking about their business without a script. The goal is to capture the essence of the business based from personal experiences of the interviewee. With this method, we produce original content taken from the horse’s mouth and be converted into valuable online content that follows Google’s requirements and important guidelines. Visit our website:

Duration: 00:14:15

EP 08: How Digital Marketing Improves Your Website's Google Ranking

Digital Marketing is making potential customers aware of your brand or products using digital media such as websites, search engines and so much more. In digital marketing, it is always a balance between optimum page loading time and optimum content. Find out more about how to improve your website’s Google rank using digital marketing. Video interview is available here: Website:

Duration: 00:09:25

EP 07: How Google's Algorithm Updates Affect Search Results For Your Website

In the good old days, the search engines relied on the number of times that a particular word would occur on a page to allocate rank. When Google came along, it was revolutionary. They’ve introduced the idea of page ranking, wherein 200 factors are considered to get your website a good ranking. SEO Bites’ Episode 7 talks about how the changes in the Google algorithm affects your website’s search results. Watch video interview here: Visit website...

Duration: 00:11:07

EP 05: How SEO Helps In Improving Your Website's Google Ranking

To watch the video of this episode, click this link: Google pays more attention to “Authoritative Sites” and to be considered as a domain authority for a certain keyword or knowledge, you have to gain a high score in Google on in YouTube. This week’s episode talks about how SEO Bites can help you in improving your website ranking on Google.

Duration: 00:11:13

EP 04: How Online Videos Help Businesses Get On The First Page On Google

Video SEO is the process of optimizing a video to increase the presence of your business. According to research, publishing video and optimizing it with the right keywords will increase your chances of landing on Google’s first page of the search results page by 50%. In this episode, SEO Bites explains more about Video SEO, its benefit to your business, plus the DO’s and DONT’s when filming the video interview about your business. To watch the video, click here:...

Duration: 00:08:45

EP 03: The Importance Of Having Good Google Page Ranking To Your Business

With our previous podcast episodes, CEO Wayne Bucklar explains what SEO Bites is and what it does. In this 3rd episode, Wayne explains how good Google page ranking will help your business grow and how important it is to be seen on Google’s front page. For more information, visit our website:

Duration: 00:06:56

EP 02: How Online Videos Help Businesses Get On The First Page On Google

SEO Bites is about educating Google that you are publishing original content frequently. By consistently publishing content, you teach the Google robot to figure out where and how to find your business. SEO Bites is not an SEO company, it’s a content creator to help your business website’s SEO. It’s a media company that publishes different forms of content to support your SEO efforts. For more information, visit our website:

Duration: 00:11:20

EP 01: How to get your website on first page of Google

One of the best ways to appear on the front page of Google is to frequently publish original content. This will boost your search rankings dramatically, however, it takes a lot of time and effort. SEO Bites have just the right solution for you. Listen to their CEO, Wayne Bucklar, as he discusses the services offered by SEO Bites and how they can help your business to be seen on the front page of Google.

Duration: 00:10:40