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Joe Daymond talks Netflix Original Series - Black Mirror, talking shit to little kids, Pharmacists + MORE - Episode 15

This week I talked about a bunch of things that had been up my backside for the last few weeks including the Netflix Original Series Black Mirror which I binge watched in 3 days, what the hell pharmacists do, being allowed to verbally abuse small children and a bunch of other things. Yes, this description is very half assed, oh well, if you wanted a novel, should’ve returned your library books on time so you’d be allowed to get library books out. In saying that, who the hell hires DVDs from...


Joe on Feminism, Cashless Tourists in NZ, 13th - the Oscar-Nominated Netflix Documentary, being objectified + MORE - Episode 14

This week I was pissed about a few things so decided yet again, to talk to myself again. This week we covered a lot of stuff. From the cashless tourists featured in the news all over New Zealand whom have shined lights on an entire movement of seeing New Zealand whilst utilising our resources reserved for the underprivileged. Also discussed 13th, the Oscar nominated Netflix original documentary that speaks on the systematic enslavement of young black men in the United States. Lastly, the...


Joe Daymond on Oprah running for president, working a 9-5 vs entrepreneurship and how to throw a party - Episode 13

This week Joe couldn’t get any guests because name dropping everyone that’s been on the show didn’t work so he’s resorted to another hour of absolute nonsense talking to himself. The sounds a bit off. Sorry about that. Anyway, this week (I’ll stop talking in 3rd person), I had a yarn about a lot of things that were requested including 9 to 5 work life vs pursuing entrepreneurial passions, how to throw a good party and lastly my thoughts on this political mess which includes Oprah...


Comedians Inosi Colavanua & Keegan Govind talk Tinder, Logan Paul, Fijians, their worst bombs + MORE - Episode 12

This week we had two of the country’s best up and coming stand up comedians, both of whom were nominated in different years for best newcomer by the New Zealand Comedy Guild. With all three of us being Fijian, you’ll notice a lot of the yarns were about Fijian shit. And boy were they hysterical. It ranged from Fijian’s inability to organise things, our thoughts on this whole Logan Paul rubbish, our worst bombs and more stand up comedy chat that you may or may not give a toss...


Infamous Kiwi Snapchatter Timmy Mullins aka. PUK joins to talk PUK Tours, his antics overseas, his resurgence as an entrepreneur + MORE – Episode 11

You saw in the title. This week we had notorious Kiwi Snapchatter Puk aka. Puk Life who became famous for his overseas antics he broadcasted on his Snapchat, and his cannon drinking method which coined the phrase, ‘Up the Puk’. We talked about his first business venture, PUK Tours which launching in May will start off as a group of tours he’s leading in May, June and July around central America. Also yarned about some of the backlash he’s faced and how he’s overcome it, as well as his...


Art Green & Matilda Rice talk her book, ‘Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living’, life after the Bachelor, their YouTube Vlogs + more - Episode 10

New Zealand’s favourite local power couple came in for a yarn after I annoyed Art enough times that he finally gave in and brought the real star along. We talked Matilda’s new book ‘Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living’, their experiences following The Bachelor, and a whole bunch of stuff that they’ve both been up to. I asked Art a lot of the same questions which I don’t think he was happy about but all in all, it was an awesome episode where I topped it off by making fun of the vlog they did for...


Guy Williams talks his experience at The Edge, Lavar Ball and the NBA, his stand-up comedy career + more - Episode 9

Jono and Ben at Ten sidekick, side piece, side chick Guy Williams joined the show. You may think he’s a dick, I sure do, but we actually had an epic conversation. We discussed our joint love for stand up comedy and where he is at this point in his comedy career. He talked about his experience at The Edge and what he does and doesn’t regret throughout his career. Obviously being a 6ft 5 New Zealand sized center, we discussed the NBA including my mate Steven Adams and everyone's favourite...


Joe talks Cardi B & overnight successes, why William Waiirua is important to NZ, being concerned about what people think + more - Episode 8

Wasn't doing much over New Years. The episode I had lined up didn't get cleared so just thought, f it, I'll hop on and actually do what the show has said I do all along, talk some SHXT. I talk about mistakes I've made in the past, why I hated high school, why William Waiirua is so important to New Zealand and how there is no such thing as an overnight success. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt Yeah...


Billy T Award Winner David Correos and Will Wood talk about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, high school experiences and their comedy stage at Rhythm & Vines - Episode 7

Billy T Award winner David Correos and producer of Giggle & Vines Will Wood join the show to give me a bit of a veteran comedians run through on how you play this game that is stand up comedy. We yarned about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is the stop for every legendary comedian you’ve ever known to test themselves and eventually make a name for themselves. Obviously this is SHXT TALK so we talked about having sex with chubby woman, our experiences in high school and...


Matt Jordan of Sh*t P*ss Monday on his Greatest All Black of All Time, Craigslist Classifieds and To Catch A Predator - Episode 6

Matt Jordan, the star of the viral Facebook sensation that is Sh*t P*ss Monday joins the show for some pretty outrageous yarns. We discuss the greatest All Black of all time and who is dark horse pick is, murder mysteries, to Catch a Predator, and somehow, someway get into talk of Craigslist Classifieds. To make things even worse, we obviously had to look through a couple and read out what’s on offer at the high end online marketplace that is a Craigslist Casual Encounters page. The chat...


Stand Up Comedians Matt Fleet and Ed Warren talk Marvel vs DC, Tinder nightmares, and Will Ferrell - Episode 5

After the first time we recorded didn’t record, we’re back at it again. That’s right, myself and two of NZs best upcoming stand-up comedians, and two very good friends of mine, Matt Fleet and Ed Warren come in for some good, friendly, awful yarns. We discussed why Marvel is giving DC a pounding worthy of payment, a few nightmare stories from Tinder, Will Ferrell’s best work and why you should never fall asleep on a train in New York. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK -...


Jay Reeve talks partying with Snoop Dogg, current state of NZ television and his second coming as a serial entrepreneur - Episode 4

We had a yarn to NZ icon, former MTV host Jay Reeve about life before, during and after his legendary career as one of NZ’s most recognisable presenters. He talked partying with Snoop Dogg, his current business interests alongside the likes of All Blacks Ali Williams, and his business inspirations including NZ vodka mogul, Geoff Ross, writer of the only book Joe has ever read. We also talked about our nipples and how much cocaine you have to do to render your swimmers useless. Follow us...


Logan Dodds talks about growing up with Warrior’s superstar Shaun Johnson, working with Samsung and Air New Zealand, and shares some epic travel stories - Episode 3

In this episode of SHXT TALK. We had a yarn with international renowned travel vlogger and Go-Pro slapper, Logan Dodds. We got a few yarns about his trips overseas, what its like travelling on other people’s dollar and the epic work he’s done with companies, and the most crack up part, tells us a couple stories from growing up with NRL Warrior’s superstar Shaun Johnson, great player, meh team. Doddsy (which I can call him since we’re buddies now) was an absolute legend, and I reckon you...


Art Green, former "The Bachelor NZ" on his fight with former All Black Zac Guilford, stories about The Bachelor NZ Season 1 and his partner Matilda Rice's new book - Episode 2

In this episode of SHXT TALK. We had a yarn to former NZ Bachelor Art Green. We asked some really stupid questions about the show, talked about his life growing up, what he does when he gets hated on by dick heads on the internet and that fight with former All Black Zac Guilford. Was a bloody great yarn, an awesome second episode to the series and we hope you lot enjoy it. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER -...


Grace Palmer, Former Shortland St star, on her latest project with Shailene Woodley, her move to Los Angeles in 2018 and what makes her SHXT herself - Episode 1

In this episode of SHXT TALK. We open up the series with former Shortland St star Grace Palmer (formerly Lucy on the show). She spoke a bit about her time growing up prior to fame on the show, what makes her SHXT herself, her upcoming film with Shailene Woodley that she shot in Fiji, her plans for her big move to LA where she’s moving in with fellow Kiwi actress Frankie Adams, and a whole bunch of other SHXT. Obviously, it’s the very first episode so its about as organised as a primary...