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Ep. 6: All About Email

This week, we are digging in to ways that work email can make you miserable and actionable steps about what to do about it. We also answer a listener question: what work settings do we work in? If you ever find yourself shuddering over that next email ding, overwhelmed by your inbox, or even repeatedly checking your email, this episode is for you! We’ll talk about how you may not be using your email well and how to make it work for you. We shared six email tips: 1. Turn off all notifications...


Ep. 5: When Self Care Doesn't Feel Good

This week, on Sarah’s first solo podcast, you’ll learn four situations in which self care doesn’t feel good. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a bit about switching a job setting, how to quit, or how to have tough conversations with others to draw boundaries. Sarah shares surprising ways to care for yourself that might not feel great in the moment, but are essential for your SLP survival. This episode ends with an SLP pep talk for all you SLPs out there who need to hear...


Ep. 4: Stress & Time

This week, we are digging into your relationship with time and how time impacts your stress level. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with to-dos or just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, this episode is for you! We’ll define a Hustle Season and give you some tips to get through it. We also discussed the definition of a work mantra and why you should find yours. Our SLP Wisdom this episode is understanding our connection between stress and time and how to identify a “found...


Ep. 3: Like Lists, Saying "No", and Lazy Lessons

In this episode we discuss a listener question: do you really have a happy hour while recording this podcast? We also talk about a “like list,” how it can help with workplace stress, and what’s on ours. We also share a lazy lesson (or is it an “efficient lesson?”) that we tried this week. Sarie shares her concept of a “Frankenstein job” and what it means. We also talk about what to do when you need to say no to your boss (!), and SLP advice that will encourage you to go for that goal you...


Ep. 2: Asking for Help

This week, a speech-language pathology conversation on asking for help. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to identify your helpers, hear about a lesson gone wrong (holy vulnerability!), and learn about how to increase courage and vulnerability as an SLP. Sarie really digs in to how she’s identified helpers in her work setting and how she’s learned to ask for help, even when it’s hard. Sarah shares a lesson that bombed big time, we talk about how we all make SLP mistakes.


Ep. 1: Welcome to SLP Happy Hour!

This week we are exploring guilty self-care pleasures and what to do when you have a bad speech-language pathology day. If you find yourself sorting through SLP situations where emotions are running high, or times when you are criticized for your work this episode is for you! We talk about strategies to deal with difficult days including: active listening, having an "SLP bubble," and what to ask yourself when someone criticizes you. Sarie also shared some SLP advice on how realizing we are...