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Sadly Lacking Radio shows include A Chat With The Miserable Bastard, Inebriation Nation, and Something To Hide.

Sadly Lacking Radio shows include A Chat With The Miserable Bastard, Inebriation Nation, and Something To Hide.
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Baltimore, MD


Sadly Lacking Radio shows include A Chat With The Miserable Bastard, Inebriation Nation, and Something To Hide.




Cold in July

Jonathan is happy that the Netflix algorithm is finally recommending good content. Mark reviews a few local breweries and compares one to Frass Canyon. We also discuss Jim Carrey, BTS conspiracy theories and more…

Duration: 01:17:00

Drunk Kevin’s Big Plans

Drunk Kevin calls in from his local pub. We discuss his big plans, which include buying a whale tourism ship and reinventing brewing.

Duration: 00:41:08

My Dad is poor

We start the show lobbying for a Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsorship. Jonathan explains how he coped with having to wear Pony shoes in the 90s. Mark looks back on some sage advice from his father. We also premiere a new segment!

Duration: 01:24:57

Imposingly Polite

Jonathan tells a story about an incident at a public restroom. Brian returns to lament his son’s recent struggles with Algebra because he can’t help him. We also discuss the hazards of being locked up abroad, fair weather fans, Stranger Things 2, Sicario and more…

Duration: 01:05:09

The Lawn Mower Incident

Still without a nickname, Mark Townsend joins The Miserable Bastard from his Pabst studio. We both give our side of the lawn mower incident, and you can decide who is telling the truth. We also talk about the most annoying sounds, a Japanese Serial Killer, missing Phil Chenier and more…

Duration: 01:13:59

The Shopping Cart Story

Mark Townsend laments the fact that he neither has a nickname nor has been chosen to be the best man at a wedding. Jonathan equates COSTCO shopping in Japan to to the courtship of a beautiful shallow woman. Mark also shares his legendary shopping cart story. Hey Joe - we’re thinking about you and wish you a speedy recovery.

Duration: 01:17:17

Podcast Review: The Adam Carolla Show

SLR Solo with @TheMiserableB

Duration: 00:28:00

Fatherly advice

Brian From VA is still tired, so Jason Veazey fills in. We discuss strategies to repel our daughters from weirdos, the Kaepernick collusion suit, how to make it in radio, fear of A/C going off in Arizona and more…

Duration: 01:05:43

The Expanse, Killjoys & Dark City

Movie Talk with @ScottFSowter

Duration: 00:46:16

What’s in your fridge?

Rotating guest hosts while Brian From VA is tired. This week we have Brian’s brother-in-law and The Miserable Bastard’s longtime friend Mark Townsend. We discuss Brian’s fatigue, Bukowski, consuming the news, and more. Plus! This week we premiere a new segment: What’s in your fridge?

Duration: 01:13:35

Japanese Graffiti

@ConfusedGaijin Episode 十八. Confused Gaijin and Sean (The Unhealthy Irishman) compare public transportation, convenience stores and trash disposal in Australia, Japan and the U.S.

Duration: 00:43:55

The Exit Strategy

Brian drops a bomb-shell. We will put out 10 more premium shows to fulfill our commitment to our premium subscribers.

Duration: 00:48:20

My brother is dumb-ass

Brian takes a culinary snob camping. Jonathan starts a new hobby. We open up the mailbag and discuss Rocco, RG3 and non-alcoholic beer. Next week is premium, so grab your sub today:

Duration: 01:07:11

Limited Edition Snark

Brian apologizes to his wife. Mark the Banker visits Japan and quickly devolves into a bogan. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon snark, Sergio Dipp, a strange Jim Carrey interview and more… Next week is the mailbag, so send us an e-mail:

Duration: 01:19:24

Brian feels left out

Brian wonders if he is being excluded from the family. Jonathan burns the roof of his mouth. We also talk Narcos, NFL and TI calculators.

Duration: 01:07:25

The worst job in the Navy

On today’s show we talk about the worst job in the Navy and the best job in business. Jonathan feels overwhelmed as he nears the completion of his Masters. Brian is annoyed by a Wednesday night birthday party. Next week is premium, so grab your sub today:

Duration: 01:04:34

Unlawful Trash Disposal

Jonathan displays civil disobedience in Japan. Brian unveils his most annoying family member. We open the mailbag and answer questions about a bizarre mystery in Copenhagen, 8 ounce gloves and the events in Virginia this week.

Duration: 01:25:43

Stop trying to sound smart

Accusations from abroad of Jonathan trying to sound smart. Brian finds a new pizza joint. We also talk two-sided tape, movies that scare children, Ozark and more…

Duration: 01:03:11

Lucky Whitehead

Brian reporting live from Ocean City Maryland! This week we discuss the strange case of Lucky Whitehead and a WaWa. Brian doesn’t have airconditioning in his car. We also talk about disgusting smokers and a strange vacation story from Jonathan’s past. Next week is premium - hope to see you there. Grab your sub today:

Duration: 01:04:55

Jonathan calls The Mike O’Meara Show

We open the mailbag! Forest fires in California, murders in Philly, road rage in Virginia. Brian attends a wedding. We recap Game of Thrones, talk Goldberg VHS and more!

Duration: 00:58:06

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