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Lena Dunham's Lamby and Adidas-style Racism

Writer Kyrell Grant and comedian Lauren Mitchell join the panel to talk about their favourite news stories of the year.

Duration: 00:33:43

Bad News Drip Drip and Segregating the Issue

Daily Xtra reporter Arshy Mann and iPolitics Parliamentary reporter Beatrice Britneff are on the pod to talk about Canada's dying/murdered newspaper industry, as well as the value of a public apology for past wrongs committed by the state. Follow Arshy on Twitter: @ArshyMann Follow Beatrice on Twitter: @bbritneff

Duration: 00:29:55

Canada's Broken Prison System

Reuters investigative reporter Anna Mehler Paperny joins Sharmeen Khan of the End Immigration Detention Network on the podcast this week to focus on the problems, reforms and future of Canada's prison system.

Duration: 00:33:49

Canadian TV and Blake Shelton's Sex Appeal

Chatelaine senior writer Sarah Boesveld and writer/comedian Jordan Sowunmi are here to dive into nostalgia for classic Canadian TV and why there are so few great Canadian shows being made today. Then the panelists puzzle over how Blake Shelton became People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" and whether country music is actually any good. Follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahBoesveld Follow Jordan on Twitter: @jordanisjoso

Duration: 00:28:30

Leaking from Paradise & Mona Lisa Contouring

Toronto Star investigative reporter Robert Cribb and J-Source managing editor H.G. Watson are here to talk about the Paradise Papers and how the global elite hide their wealth from the taxman, as well as whether the CBC's new version of The National can save the evening newscast. Also, Ishmael and Vicky talk about Drake's bizarre handbag habit. Follow Robert Cribb: @thecribby Follow H.G. Watson: @HG_Watson

Duration: 00:34:46

Captain Alberta and the Pizza Wars

National Post columnist Jen Gerson and Buzzfeed news reporter Jane Lytvynenko join the panel to talk about Jason Kenney's future in Alberta and whose job it is to keep foreign interference from ruining social media during elections.

Duration: 00:28:23

Justin Trudeau and the Terrible Twos

Two years after the 2015 election, Haudenosaunee comedian/policy wonk Courtney Skye and This magazine editor Erica Lenti join the panel to judge the Liberals from head to socks.

Duration: 00:39:37

Bill's Blind Trust and Jagmeet's Bare Feet

iPolitics reporter Janice Dickson and morning show maven Supriya Dwivedi join the panel to talk about Bill Morneau's very bad week and Quebec's very bad legislation this week.

Duration: 00:31:02

Corny White People and Yeezys for Dads

Hosts and producers of The Nod, Eric Eddings and Britanny Luse (formerly of For Coloured Nerds) are on the panel this week along with a special guest host, Sajae Elder, for an all-black power hour. They chat about Harvery Weinstein, Eminem's cypher and how much cheese is too much cheese.

Duration: 00:29:44

The Dreadful Whiteness of the NHL and Black America's Quarterback

Sports writer and activist Shireen Ahmed joins Toronto Star sports and business reporter Morgan Campbell are on the panel this week to talk about sticking to sports, Cam Newton and the greatness of arrogance.

Duration: 00:29:48

Mike Pence's Canada and the End of Anthems

Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo and Macleans associate editor Murad Hemmadi join Vicky and Ishamel to talk about the future of Uber and what lies ahead in the federal NDP leadership race.

Duration: 00:27:52

Barbie Politics and the Wright Brothers of Pooping

Writers Sarah Hagi and Ashley Csanady join Safe Space to talk about Barbie politics, the tax changes debate and the ongoing saga of Senator Lynn Beyak. Welcome back for season two!

Duration: 00:30:02

Our Worst Takes, In Front Of A Live Audience

Vicky and Ishmael were joined by comedian Monica Heisey (@monicaheisey) and sports writer Alex Wong (@steven_lebron) for a special edition of Takeaways, live on stage. Safe Space was one of five podcasts to take part in a live taping of CBC's Podcast Playlist at the Hot Docs Theatre in Toronto on June 15. Follow the show on Twitter @itsasafespace.

Duration: 00:11:28

Checking In For Season 2

Safe Space is coming back for another season, so Vicky and Ishmael are checking in and saying hello. New full episodes start September 22nd. Follow the show on Twitter @itsasafespace.

Duration: 00:01:51

The Third Hemsworth Brother and The Next British Prime Minister

On the season finale of Safe Space, policy analyst Lauren Dobson Hughes (@ldobsonhughes) and HuffPo blogs editor Michael Scholars (@scholarsenic) join the panel to talk about changes to the Criminal Code. Canada's new foreign policy swagger and what's been happening in the British election campaign. Follow the show on Twitter @itsasafespace.

Duration: 00:45:23

Stephen Harper's Heir And The Looming NDP Family Feud

Policy wonk Brittany Andrew-Amofah and comedian Ryan McMahon are on Safe Space to talk about the changing of the political guard in Ottawa and in British Columbia, as well as the ongoing failure of the federal government to properly fund social welfare for First Nations children. Vicky and Ishmael also talk about why Celine Dion should have a central role in Canada 150 celebrations. Find Brittany on Twitter @BrittanyAmofah. Connect with Ryan on Twitter @RMComedy and check out Indian &...

Duration: 00:40:38

Libertarians and Murderous Babysitters

On this week's show, Toronto Star national politics reporter Alex Boutilier and comedy writer Nick Zarzycki join Vicky and Ishmael to talk about the Conservative leadership convention and whether there was ~FOREIGN INFLUENCE~ in our last federal election in 2015. The panel also dives into why Canada's liquor laws are so restrictive and terrible, and what John A. Macdonald's babysitter has to do with it.

Duration: 00:42:38

Late Night Tweets and Brand Management

Toronto Star columnist Shree Paradkar and human rights activist Amira Elghawaby are on Safe Space to talk about the "Appropriation Prize" controversy, and whether Jagmeet Singh can save the NDP with his sharp suits and killer Instagram pics. The panel also talk about what a tough year it's been for Canadian Muslims, even though we now have full Sharia law thanks to Justin Trudeau's government. Vicky is away this week, so Ishmael is joined by guest co-host Elamin Abdelmahmoud.

Duration: 00:46:35

Cardboard Cut-Outs and Angry Beavers

This week, restaurateur Jen Agg and comedian Rebecca Kohler are on the podcast to play a special game of Would You Rather, using stories plucked from the week's news. Plus, Vicky and Ishmael discuss why editorial cartoons in Canada's newspapers are terrible and only likely to get worse.

Duration: 00:36:01

Wise Owls And Columnist Fouls

Parliamentary reporter Kady O'Malley joins Ishmael and Vicky to talk about the Senate's children's book and the Harjit Sajjan debacle. The panel debates an omnibus bill that may just improve Canadian democracy.

Duration: 00:32:10

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