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Participation Marketing - Norty Cohen - SCT #281

As in sales, there have been significant changes in marketing over the past few years. Old-style advertising, where companies simply use an “I’ll tell you about my business” model, is no longer as effective as it once was, in today’s relationship-centered business environment. On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, you’ll learn about Participation Marketing from the man who wrote the book "The Participation Game", our very special guest, Norty Cohen. This is what you’ll hear on this show: •...

Duration: 00:51:33

The Loyalist Team - Linda Adams SCT #280

For your business to flourish, you need for your team to be pulling together toward the company goals, supporting each other, holding one another accountable, enjoying fulfilling relationships and having fun. Our very special guest on the episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Linda Evans. Linda and her co-authors have written a book titled “The Loyalist Team” the explores the various types of team dynamics and gives you a blueprint for building an effective, productive, prosperous team that Linda...

Duration: 00:36:56

The Compass Solution - Tim Cole - SCT #279

The Compass Solution - Tim Cole - SCT #279 by Hugh Liddle - THE Sales Wizard

Duration: 00:45:58

Design Thinking - Ashley Welch & Justin Jones - SCT #278

Selling is a game, much like life, that’s played primarily in the 6 inches between your ears. It’s not just a matter of thinking; everyone does that. It’s a matter of WHAT you think and HOW you think that’s important! On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, you get to listen to a couple of sales experts, Ashley Welch and Justin Jones, who have created a concept they call Design Thinking. This episode will give you ideas that will absolutely make your sales grow and your business flourish, if...

Duration: 00:36:09

Doing Great Business - Chuck Bartok - SCT # 277

To be successful in your business and your life as quickly as possible, it takes more than simply reading the newest book or listening to the latest “guru” out there. You’ll want to get advice and counsel from people who have actually accomplished the things you want to, who have been where you want to go. Such a gentleman is our special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk. Chuck Bartok is a tremendous salesman, a horse expert, coaches business owners in online selling, provides...

Duration: 00:51:01

Mapping Motivation - James Sale - SCT #276

What motivates you most? What motivates you least? Money, recognition, relationship, control, helping others? Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, James Sale, is a world-renowned expert on the subject of motivation. It’s quite likely that you don’t even realize what motivates YOU, let alone your family, your employees and your friends. So James has invented an incredible tool called a Motivational Map to discover what a person’s main motivators are, and what least...

Duration: 00:57:24

SCT 275 Tom Hopkins

SCT 275 Tom Hopkins by Hugh Liddle - THE Sales Wizard

Duration: 00:30:17

Find And Onboard Great Salespeople - Eric Clapper - SCT # 274 - Copy

One of the most difficult challenges that business owners face is finding excellent salespeople who can and will do a tremendous job of bringing new ideal clients into the business. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Eric Clapper, Vice President of Sales and Sales Operations at Badger Maps. He worked his way up the corporate ladder in a very short time, starting as an intern, becoming a sales rep, who was so excellent at selling that he was promoted to sales...

Duration: 00:36:55

Winning Sales Strategy - Gary Morton - SCT #273

Selling is both an art and a science. To be great at it is much more than just being a good talker, or being persuasive or having impeccable product knowledge. There is planning and strategy and practice that must be undertaken to become truly exceptional at sales. Our very special guest on this session of Sales Chalk Talk is Gary Morton. Gary is a West Point graduate. As a tank commander, he was part of the maneuver task force that won every battle in which they engaged at the grueling...

Duration: 00:47:24

Conflict Resolution - Karen Valencic - SCT #266

In all of our lives and businesses, there are times when relationships, conversations and interactions with family, friends, co-workers, employees and even strangers don’t go smoothly, and conflicts result. Resolving conflict in a way that’s a win for both parties and meets everyone’s needs is truly an art. And on this session, we are most fortunate to have a very special guest, who is a conflict resolution artist. She’s Karen Valencic, martial artist, leadership and conflict resolution...

Duration: 00:58:04

The Evangelist & THE Wizards - Donald Kelly - SCT #272

The lifeblood of your business is profitability, profits are driven by revenue and revenue is driven by sales. Often business owners and even professional salespeople struggle with keeping sales results where they need to be. Usually that’s because they lack the knowledge of how to have a fun, effective sales conversation and they don’t have a process to follow to lead to consistent success. So now it’s time for The Sales Evangelist, Donald Kelly, and THE Sales Wizards, Hugh and Murphy to...

Duration: 00:50:32

Blogging & Podacasting - Rich Keller - SCT #269

As a business owner, making your business, your product or service and yourself as visible and memorable as possible. Two of the best ways to accomplish that objective are blogging and podcasting. On this episode of Sales Chalk Talk, we’re very fortunate to have a very special guest, who is an expert in both of those talents. Rich Keller is a best-selling author, podcast producer, speaker and blog writer. On this show, he shares some tremendous ideas and insights about how to market...

Duration: 00:45:14

Delegating Like a Pro - Lisa Mallis - SCT#240

You’re so busy that you hardly know which end is up! There are so many tasks that must be done, and they have to be done right. It’s concerning to think about having anyone else take care of the stack of work that has to be done because they might mess it up. So you do it yourself and you don’t have time for much else except work. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can delegate to others intelligently the things they can do well and oversee the work effectively. You can spend your time...

Duration: 00:46:45

Sales Route Mapping - Steve Benson - SCT #239

If you work out in the field doing B2B sales, or have a team of outside or route salespeople, one of the biggest drains on the profitability of your team and the profitability of your company is inefficient or nonexistent planning of daily travel and activities. Now it doesn’t have to be that way. Our special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is Steve Benson, the founder of Badger Maps, the #1 sales app in the Apple App Store. It’s a tremendous efficiency tool that helps...

Duration: 00:58:05

Freelance Online Entrepreneurs - Halley Gray - SCT #267

Starting your own business is a fun exhilarating experience. And it can also get really scary really quickly, if you don’t have a steady stream of qualified, ideal prospects with whom to have conversations and sell. Without enough prospective clients, there aren’t enough sales, there isn’t enough revenue and staying in business can become difficult or impossible. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! Our special guest on this episode of Chalk Talk is Halley Gray, a...

Duration: 01:04:45

Overcoming Fear - Jacqueline Huynh - SCT #268

The major obstacle to success in business, sales and life is fear. It stifles creativity, gets in the way of the action that’s necessary to make the good stuff happen, keeps relationships from being joyous and fulfilling and destroys self-images. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! There are ways to move past our fears and create the businesses, the sales, the relationships and the lives that we really want. Our very special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk is...

Duration: 01:04:45

Link In and Sell - Mike Shelah - SCT #271

The most effective social media platform for connecting and doing business with other business owners is Linked In. You can literally find and have conversations with your ideal clients. Using Linked In effectively is another thing. You have to utilize the right search parameters, write the best copy and avoid the common mistakes if you want Linked In to help you grow your business. Fortunately, you have some expert help right here in Sales Chalk Talk! Our special guest for this episode is...

Duration: 00:48:00

Turn Your Business Around - Bob Bethel - SCT #270

A large percentage of small businesses that start up with big dreams and plans fail in a short time. The owners had great ideas, awesome products or services and high hopes for success, and it just didn’t work out. Sales and revenues weren’t what were anticipated and the businesses had to shut the doors. That’s tragic, and especially in the helping professions like chiropractic and coaching, where the services rendered are so valuable for so many people. It doesn’t have to be that way in...

Duration: 01:00:38

Hey, Take The Trash Out! -Jonathan Manske - SCT #256

Hey, Take the Trash Out! “Hey, take the trash out!” Hopefully your mom, your significant other or your roommate doesn’t have to say that to you too often. After all, if you don’t take it out frequently, it stinks. And the same is true of head trash. If we aren’t in the habit of taking it out regularly, our thinking and attitudes start to stink too. So we’re most fortunate to have our very special guest, Jonathan Manske, on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk. Jonathan is the World’s Only...

Duration: 01:04:45

Build Your Sales Attitudes And Skills - Tom Hopkins - SCT 264

The life of your business depends on revenue. Without it, there is no profit. Keeping the doors open is nearly impossible and without your business you won’t support your family, your employees, your practice members or clients and yourself in the way you want. You won’t enjoy the peace of mind, fulfillment and joyfulness you really deserve. And here’s an important bulletin for you: you won’t generate substantial revenue without selling. The better you are at sales, the more revenue you’ll...

Duration: 01:02:46

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