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Samurai Says!

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The only show that ends the world every week.

The only show that ends the world every week.
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The only show that ends the world every week.






Samurai Says #49: Overwhelming Machismo

Perhaps our most many fight ever, breaking into car shows, and the world ends not with a bang, but with a fart. Hi Jeff!

Duration: 02:05:32

Samurai Says IN Exile #5: Good Graphics Suck

The Samurai joins the Maverick Via Satalite from the distant land of South carolina as they discuss WW1, how good graphics are ruining video games, Colliding nuetron stars, mysterios messages from insane nuns and the what the heck we’re donna do when the world ends two differnet ways at once! Holy Crap on a crutch is that even legal?1 hi Jeff

Duration: 02:17:23

Samurai Says #48: The Best and Worst Heston Ever

I AM ALIVE!! Despite rumors to the contrary the Samurai has not fallen to the t-virus nor been sent back to magic Kindergarden. I live! I love! and I end the world! This epp we have a battle of the beards, talk about the Superhero films that never made it out of hollywood and Algie steps up to bring it all to an end. Taye Diggs would be proud.

Duration: 02:26:09

Samurai Says IN EXILE #4: Slow Moving Tourists

The samurai is out on his adventures once again, so it’s time for an EXILE show! But don’t worry, we don’t forget to end the world.

Duration: 01:33:58

Samurai Says #47: Heaven Needs Robert Englund

Which batman is best? We’ll tell you this episode. As well as bizarre letters, strange cheese news and of course, the end of the world.

Duration: 02:04:58

Samurai Says #46: B-Movies are Serious Business

Joining the Samurai in his lair This week is Jeffery Sass Author, filmaker, and internet inovator. We also talk about end of the world gambling, fights between comedy legend and some cheerful Cheese news for a change. Don’t miss out! The Samurai Demands your Allegence!

Duration: 02:03:53

Samurai Says #45: Quark Extra Stout

As promised this is the episode where John Delancy beats himself up. Seriously, is there anything more I need to say to sell you on this? Oh, we also end the world. as always.

Duration: 02:10:25

Samurai Says #44: Banana Bomb

This week we discuss criminals who blew them selves up, or burned down a pizzaria. We also explore the music of the cast of every star trek series, inlcuding the surprising talent of two of the Captains. The fight this time is a big one, because size matters and this week the world ends once again.

Duration: 01:30:58

Episode 41 *Tasteful political content*

This is the edition of Samurai says 41 with a raw bit of political content, Hilarious but if you’re looking to forget election woes, listend to another version and build a wall around this one. (We’ll pay for it)

Duration: 02:28:11

Samurai Says IN EXILE #2: Space Knife

The Samurai, still ruling in exile, talks about his brother’s wacky wedding, a slew of space-based weapons, sewage suckers, and bizarre coded messages. This week we also learn why the world hasn’t ended despite our best efforts: holy Mountains, and prayer batteries!

Duration: 01:20:58

Samurai Says IN EXILE #!: Escape from Laredo!

The Samurai Has been trapped in the dark Kingdom of Larendo, Texas but escaped to Washington Missouri, where Chris Maverick uses his technical Wizardry to contact the Samurai and record an episode while the Samurai is still . . .in exile. Hear the thrilling tale of how the Samurai survived the lethal intentions of two vehicles, and the zit that almost spelled doom for us all! And because it’s tradition, we end the world, this time revisting a classic apocalypse: The Runaway Grain...

Duration: 01:08:37

Samurai Says #37: The Strange Case of Frank Dux

Who is Frank Dux? Globe trotting martial arts super-warrior or poser supreme? It’s up to you to decide, becuase of a lack of solid Info, the Samurai just plain can’t tell. Also, two of the best fighters in real history square up, as Muhamed Ali Takes on the one and only Bruce Lee. And how will the world end? With a lack of elbow room of course. And of course, vidoe games, stupid criminals and all things weird.

Duration: 02:18:30

Samurai Says #32: Flat Earth Hysteria

Brandy joins us in the studio to discuss the prospects of hypnotizing Mike Tyson, the dangers of singing musical numbers with a lisp and helps us and the world after the world’s most notrious killers fight it out. . . or not. And yes, the world ends, this time with craziness.

Duration: 02:34:08

Samurai Says #31: Stop Eating my feet

The Samurai and Chris Maverick return to the studio to discuss Martian politics, crapping in the woods, and the dangers of simply running out of time. Life gets interesting when the leftover eggnog makes everything blur, and the world ends as always. Follow the show on Twitter at @samuraisayspod and The Trucker Brony on Tumblr. Hi Jeff!

Duration: 02:27:38

Samurai Says #28: Most Metal Death Ever

New soundboard, but the same level of sheer Madness. Join the Samurai and his cohort in ‘casting Chris Maverick as the sound quality goes up, and so do the stakes. This week we explore the True Power of gun toting rednecks, and the explore memories of Massive fighting robots and the wars they wage. Two Space-based slobs lazily battle ot the death, and the world ends with the most dangerous trick-or-treat in history. If you miss this one, then it means the World has already ended . . .which...

Duration: 02:17:42

Samurai Says #27: Annoying Franky

Behold! The samurai gets himself a shiny new microphone so you can hear his show all the better. We talk bout some more bathroom violations, and two master mages square off in a duel of arcane superiority. And in this episode a real-life warning from a high level mason triggers our concern about the end of the world. Take a head-first dive into the bizarre with the Samurai!

Duration: 01:58:27

Samurai Says #26: New Horizons has a Coke

Coke has advertised just enough to make to reach the end of the solar system. We talk about a bushel of tiny countries and the battle is real and raw as two of the greatest mimics appeared out of nowhere to throw down just before a theoretical brain virus ends the world. That’s right, the world ends, just like every week. Don’t miss this one. Hi Jeff

Duration: 02:15:49

Samurai Says #25: Brave the Bush

The Samurai and Chris Maverick take on their greatest enemy yet: Martinis and Eva, Queen of the wasteland takes the wheel to save the show. The world is not enough for Batman, as he takes on the man with the licence to kill and as always, We end the world. This time Mars gets in on the fun.

Duration: 02:45:11

Samurai Says #22: Geeks Night out, Live at the Fast Lane!

Live from the Fast lane Barberton Ohio, the Samurai takes on a crowd of rowdy nerds and a microphone destined to fail . . .but as always he comes through with the laughs we all demand. Featuring Brandy and Chris maverick, and a drunken Batman.

Duration: 01:35:01

Samurai Says #21: The best songs we can’t play

We take a trip down the Fury road, packing plenty of old Star Trek Games and stopping off at a Dwarf Fortress overrun with giant sponges. . .along the way we stop to celebrate Scatmon Crother’s Birthday by no playing his best music. This time mad Scientists end the world, and we give you a lesson in laughing like them.

Duration: 02:29:46

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