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Episode 155: Run with a Machete and you’ll Fall on Gordon!

(NSFW) What happens when a scheduled show falls through the cracks? You call on friends to come over and make it all better. We are so happy to be joined on this show by Larry Monasakanian of Fall Brewing, Doug Hasker of Gordon Biersch, and Eddie Trejo of Machete Beer House. We are also joined for a short time […]


Episode 154: 2018 SD Homebrew Festival and Competition

(NSFW) It may seem like déjà vu, however, Episode 154 is from the 2018 San Diego Homebrew Festival and Competition. Last week you heard from the 2017 festival and this week we are very happy to give you more homebrewers. We start the show off with a voicemail and the news so that, after a […]


Episode 153: 2017 SD Homebrew Fest & In The News

(NSFW) Since the show we recorded did not come out to our standards, we reached into the vault and pulled out an unreleased show. This episode is from the 2017 San Diego Homebrew Festival and Competition. We first talked to Sean Thompson and Doug Brown. Sean talks about his cider that was entered and Doug talks about […]


Episode 152: Setting Sun Sake Bottle Horizontal

(NSFW) We find out selves back at the Miralani Makers District. We also find ourselves back at Setting Sun Sake for a, let’s say, “horizontal” tasting of every bottle of sake that was produced by Josh. There was only one bottle we didn’t try, the special edition Bock that you can buy with the Setting Sun comic […]


Episode 151: Esthela Likes to Drink

(NSFW) We are excited to finally officially introduce our new co-host, Esthela Davila. She’s been on the show since the beginning of the year, but since we already had scheduled the shows we never got a chance to really find out more about her. We start with the usual question of what was her first craft […]


Episode 150: Brandon Hernández

(NSFW) It’s Episode 150 and we are joined by one of the biggest beer writers in San Diego, Brandon Hernández. While you would most likely see Brandon’s articles in West Coaster, he has written for many San Diego blogs and magazines over the years. Whether you like his opinions on beer or not, he is usually one of […]


Episode 149: Gravity Heights

(NSFW) You all know that we love to be one of the first people to try new beers or new breweries. Well, how about 10-11 months before they open? We are interviewing Gravity Heights which is a brewpub planning to open up around October/November timeframe. You’ll hear a bet being made at the end of […]


Episode 148: Wild Barrel Brewing with Dr. Bill Sysak

(NSFW) We have a returning guest, now at a new brewery. We welcome Dr. Bill Sysak back on the show. The last time we had Dr. Bill on the show, he was with Stone Brewing and he was on to talk about the SDSU Business of Craft Beer program. Since then Bill has left Stone and […]


Episode 147: Thunderhawk Alements

(NSFW) In Episode 147, we are joined by Bill Lindsay & Jonathan Barbarin from Thunderhawk Alements. This fairly unknown brewery is inside the Miralani Makers District which includes three other breweries, two wineries, sake, mead, cider, food, coffee, and possibly spirits soon. Also called Beeralani, this stretch of Miramar has a lot for craft enthusiasts to […]


Episode 146: Alpine Beer Co. Tasting Room Live Show

(NSFW) We are back with our second live show in two weeks. This time we make the trek over to the Alpine Beer Co. tasting room and are joined by Shawn McIlhenney and Dylan Brown. We are very appreciative of the fans that came out during a day and night where San Diego actually had […]


Episode 145: Pariah Brewing

(NSFW) It’s 2018 and we are back with a something new and exciting! Before we get to our guest, we wanted to give a very warm welcome to our new co-host, Esthela Davila! Esthela is a craft beer enthusiast who not only has a love for everything craft beer but also has been working with PushPins Media which […]


Episode 144: Smells Like Burgeon!

(NSFW) This show was recorded on August 21st, 2017 and released to our Patrons on September 15th, 2017. Since Beagle is on vacation, we wanted to release this as our last episode of 2017 for all our listeners. We’ll catch you all next year with new episodes! We wanted to give some love to our Patrons […]


Episode 143: 2018 Beer Predictions

(NSFW) We recorded Episode 143 right after 142 when we were at Intergalactic. We are joined again by Noah Scoville from Stone Brewing, Ian Cheesman, and Travis Hudson to go over our 2018 beer predictions for San Diego. 2018 Predictions Greg: There will be consolidation in #SDBeer in 2018. Some bigger brewery like Stone, Grene Flash, Coronado […]


Episode 142: Noah Scoville from Stone Brewing

(NSFW) Topics Ready for a sour show, or at least a show that starts with sours? We are joined again by Ian Cheesman and Travis Hudson to help drink all these sour beers, hint: Ian and Travis aren’t sour drinkers but they power through it pretty well. The reason we have sour beers on the show […]


Episode 141: The Hopscotch, Duct Taped Together Episode

(NSFW) Topics This week we are joined by Travis Hudson, Ian Cheesman, and Liz Bauer, one of our patrons and owner of HopsBauer. In this show we go over some of the best breweries in 2017. After everyone goes through their list, we take a break and go through the entire West Coaster 17 in ’17: Best […]


Episode 140: Just the Two of Us

(NSFW) News and Topics We have not done a show with just Brian and Greg for a long time. Earlier in the night, we were interviewed by the Lucha Undead podcast (Twitter) so we decided to record this show with just the two of us. We start the show off with a beer from Bottle Logic […]


Episode #139: Ebullition Brew Works (and What’s on Draft)

(NSFW) We are back to The Brew Project this week for our show. We are interviewing Ebullition Brew Works for a slightly different show. While it may seem like most other shows we’ve done, this show was organized by Tom from What’s On Draft. Tom was there filming Ebullition during a taste test with The […]


Episode #138: Rouleur Brewing Company

(NSFW) Back during San Diego Beer Week, we did a live interview with Rawley Macias from Rouleur Brewing Company. If you are not aware, Rouleur is one of the breweries that is leasing out the Brewery Igniter program at their Carlsbad location. Their neighbor was Wiseguy brewing, who unfortunately closed five months into their lease. We will talk […]


Episode #137: #SDBeer All-stars Collaboration with Longship

(NSFW) We were very honored to be asked to collaborate on a beer with Longship Brewery. This was dubbed the #SDBeer All-star flight and we were not the only ones included. Longship asked Craft Beer Me, Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life, and Craftbeeray to all make a beer and then the public would vote for the winner. […]


Episode #136: Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout Vertical

(NSFW) It’s that time of the year, it’s San Diego Beer Week! We wanted to start off the week with something sessionable and low-key….Ya right! We have all the Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout beers starting with 1.0 also known as the 2013 version and ending with the w00tstout brewed in Stone’s Berlin brewery. If you are unaware of […]


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