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Episode #125: Barons Market

(NSFW) Our first grocery store is our focus on this week’s show. We are joined by Jeff Slankard, the Beer and Wine Director, and Rachel Shemirani, the Vice President of Marketing of Barons Market. Barons is a smaller grocery store that focuses on organic food and over the years has made it a mission to have available […]

Duration: 01:33:19

Episode #124: Green Flash, Cellar 3, & Treasure Chest Festival

(NSFW) We are back at Green Flash! In Episode 41, we recorded at Cellar 3, this time we are at Green Flash’s Miramar location up in their conference room upstairs. We are joined by Erik Jensen, the Brewmaster, and Dave Adams, the Director of Beer Education. Please enjoy this show with one of San Diego’s oldest breweries. Interview Since […]

Duration: 01:38:35

Episode #123: Cutwater Spirits

(NSFW) San Diego SpiritsTalk Radio is back for another show. Well, okay, not really, but San Diego BeerTalk is at Cutwater Spirits this week for a look back in time with someone who has been around the industry since the 90s. We are with Yuseff Cherney from Cutwater Spirits, he was formally the COO of Ballast […]

Duration: 01:48:16

Episode #122: Beer with Pleasant Strangers, Growler Hour, and Friends!

(NSFW) We gather a bunch of old and new friends on this episode. We welcome long-time guests (and co-hosts) Ryan DeBusk and Travis Hudson on the show. Adding to the craziness that is this show, we also have new guests Chris Vascellaro, Matt, and Alex Mortensen from Growler Hour and Joel Manahan from Beer with Pleasant Strangers […]

Duration: 01:51:36

Episode #121: Benchmark Brewing

(NSFW) No anniversary party, no podcast collab, and no recorded presentation, this podcast is back to our roots as we interview Rachael and Matt Akin from Benchmark Brewing. We get into their ethos of “Beer Flavored Beer” and how they stay the course in this hazy world. Interview Per usual, we ask them about their […]

Duration: 01:48:16

Episode #120: Mapping the Hop Genome

(NSFW) This episode is very different from any other show we have done. We were lucky enough to be invited to a presentation about mapping the genome of hops. This presentation was held in collaboration between Pacific Biosciences of California, the USDA, Oregon State University, and Sierra Nevada Brewing. The presentations you will hear are from John […]

Duration: 01:09:28

Episode #119: Super Mega Pod Part 1 with Three B Zine

(NSFW) Are ou ready for the Super Mega Pod? We are joined by the guys from Three B Zine so we can start this collaboration podcast on our show and then move over to their show on Part 2. We are joined by Cody Thompson and Tom Prichard from 3B as well as Travis Hudson, […]

Duration: 00:59:47

Episode #118: Longship Brewery’s 1st Anniversary

(NSFW) We have another anniversary show, that’s two in a row! Last week we got the opportunity to celebrate with Societe and this week we were invited to help celebrate a newer brewery, Longship Brewery. We are joined by their owner and head brewer Dan Jachimowicz, the tasting room manager and event coordinator Ryan Celeste, and assistant […]

Duration: 02:10:36

Episode #117: Societe’s 5th Anniversary

(NSFW) Societe Brewing celebrated its quinquennial anniversary on June 24th and we were there! The folks at Societe were nice enough to invite us for the festival. While last year Societe hosted The First Quadrennial Brewers’ Games, where different breweries competed in different events to win awards, this year’s festival was more traditional with unlimited […]

Duration: 01:29:09

Episode #116: What’s the verdict on aging Council bottles?

(NSFW) This episode is all about Council Brewing! Just not what you think it is, it’s all about their beers. Mainly, the beers that Beagle and myself have been saving since 2014. Some of the beers are new and some are years old, how do they fair? We are joined by Jeffrey Crane from Council […]

Duration: 01:33:43

Episode #115: Sanctum Ale House, Chula Vista Brewery, & Thr3e Punk Ales

(NSFW) We travel down to Chula Vista and are joined by a trifecta of craft beer. We originally booked this show to focus on Sanctum Ale House and their owner Mando Medina. Mando wanted to pump up the show and was able to get Russell Clements from Chula Vista Brewery and Steve Garcia from Thr3e Punk Ales […]

Duration: 01:30:21

Episode #114: It’s Bottle Share Time!

(NSFW) We decided to have another bottle share at The Brew Project. This show is shorter than most as we wanted to hang out with the fans of the show a little more than usual. We drink beers that we brought, beers from fans, and beers brought to the bottle share. Enjoy! In the News! […]

Duration: 01:03:23

Episode #113: Sleepaway Brew Co. & What’s on Draft?

(NSFW) Surprise! We have released this episode early. We are back at The Brew Project after a long string of episodes at breweries and tasting rooms. We are joined by the “chillest” people in San Diego craft beer, Sleepaway Brew Co. We are joined by the co-founder Tommy K., head brewer or brewmaster Scotty, and brewer […]

Duration: 01:31:47

Episode #112: Legacy Brewing Co.

(NSFW) We are recording at one of (if not THE) most northern brewery in San Diego county. We head up to Legacy Brewing Co. to talk to JJ Synder and Andrew Baer. JJ is the co-founder, CFO, and Operation Manager while Andrew is their Assistant Brewer and Graphics Designer. Interview Like most of the shows, […]

Duration: 01:12:16

Episode #111: Saturation of Craft Beer in San Diego

(NSFW) The Show Episode 111 is quite a different show than what you are used to. In this episode, we have a panel of people in the industry and the subject for the show is if there is saturation of the craft beer industry in San Diego. We are joined by: Tommaso Maggiore – Acoustic […]

Duration: 01:47:15

Episode #110: Barrel Republic

(NSFW) Barrel Republic is a very different experience when it comes to a craft beer restaurant. Their draft lines are set up as a pour-it-yourself system where you pour your own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and coffee. You walk in, get yourself a bracelet that is personalized to you, and then grab a glass and […]

Duration: 01:30:08

Episode #109: Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival, Part 2

(NSFW) We come back and finish up our interviews at the Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival. Before the show starts, we recorded from a future podcast the news from last week. Even though we try and get all the news, we did miss a “New Brewery Alert” in the news, Smoking Cannon Brewery […]

Duration: 01:18:44

Episode #109: Mission Valley Craft Beer & Food Festival, Part 1

(NSFW) We are back at the Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival, an annual tradition. Like most of the festivals run by PushPins Media, it was really laid back and flowed really well. As with previous festivals, we were given the VIP time to go around and try the beers, spirits, and food that […]

Duration: 01:06:16

Episode #108: Barrel Harbor Brew Co.

(NSFW) We travel up to Vista and through some pretty heavy traffic to head up to Barrel Harbor Brew Co. We are joined by the owners Tim St. Martin, the brewmaster Lance McCoy, and beertender and social media coordinator Kelsee. Interview As usual, we start with everyone’s intro to craft beers. From there we get into […]

Duration: 01:25:25

Episode #107: Half Door Brewing Co.

(NSFW) We head to Downtown San Diego just before the Padres have their opening weekend to visit Half Door Brewing. In this episode, we are joined by guest co-host Derek Gillespie, from Mash Heads, Andy Newbom, coffee entrepreneur and guest of Alt Brew Show Episode 4, and our guest Dan Drayne, the Brewmaster of Half Door. […]

Duration: 01:29:27

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