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Episode 53 – Season 2 Premiere

SEASON 2!!! Yes, it’s the Season Premiere! So we’re looking forward into 2018 and talking about our plans for this coming year, both with SDS as a group and something new coming on the podcast! We also have a TLJ interview with Josiah & Daniel from the Force Sports Podcast! … Continue reading

Duration: 02:03:22

Episode 52 – Season 1 Finale

This marks the end of our first year of podcasting! In our Season 1 finale, we reflect back on all the things that have happened in this last year – and it was a lot more than we thought! Marina joins us to help with this herculean effort, as well… Continue reading

Duration: 03:01:01

Episode 51 – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We kick off 2018 by talking about what we were thankful for in 2017, a few more comments on The Last Jedi, a reaction from Mike Moriarty from Home One Hangout, and then an interview with Brandon Boylan from Clashing Sabers. Shout-outs to: Mike Moriarty (@TheFanboyAwaits) from… Continue reading

Duration: 01:45:24

Episode 50 – Merry Sithmas

Merry Sithmas everyone! This week – yeah, shocker – we’re talking more about The Last Jedi! We also participated in the Star Wars Commonwealth Sithmas gift exchange, and we’re opening those secret sith gifts on-air. We include some first reaction clips from other folks, as well as a reaction interview… Continue reading

Duration: 01:51:32

Episode 49 – The Last Jedi Instant Reaction

*** SPOILERS *** If you have not watched Star Wars The Last Jedi, we recommend you come back to this after you have seen the movie!! Okay. Wow. Breathe. Just Breathe. To kick off this instant reaction episode, we do a couple minutes of final pre-game before entering our… Continue reading

Duration: 00:57:46

Episode 48 – The Last Podcast (Before TLJ)

We’re absolutely on the edges of our seats with anticipation for The Last Jedi. It’s mere days away and we can’t have a conversation with anyone we know without talking about it somehow! So we took time out at practice to get our final, last, pre-TLJ thoughts out for this… Continue reading

Duration: 00:55:44

Episode 47 – With Great Power

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – ok, not trying to cross into the MCU, but being an effective fighter also means being safe. On the heels of talking about tournaments last week, this week we dive into safety – not only reviewing gear, and how we’ve seen it evolve… Continue reading

Duration: 01:23:27

Episode 46 – Lightsaber School Tips

We were recently asked if we could throw some tips out about how to run a lightsaber training school as well as how to run tournaments. We brought Loring & Marina on to the show this week to talk with Eric, Robert, & Steve about how we’ve organized our group … Continue reading

Duration: 01:18:19

Episode 45 – Fall Tournament Roundup

We’ve finished up our fall tournaments, with Lightspeed Saber League and Knights of the New Order. So this week we have Virgil & Loring on our show to talk about how those tournaments went. If you like our show, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes, Google, or … Continue reading

Duration: 00:30:43

Episode 44 – Swords & Sabers vol 2

On this week’s episode, we go deep again! We’re back talking about the cross-over between real-world martial arts, swordplay, and lightsabers! We’re re-joined by the Main Man himself, Fode, from the Star-B-Q podcast, and also joined by our friend Keith, head of the Hawaii Saber Academy and Precision Parkour! There’s … Continue reading

Duration: 02:36:13

Episode 43 – What If… Luke & Leia (pt3)

Finally – the conclusion of what has become a trilogy! It’s been a long ride down the rabbit hole, but really have had a ton of fun with this “What If…” posed to us by Kyle from Tumbling Saber! This week we finish it up by pondering on if Luke … Continue reading

Duration: 00:39:17

Episode 42 – Rebels, Bro!

This week, Robert walks us through the opening episodes of the final season of Star Wars Rebels! It’s fun & goofy and let’s you catch up on what’s going on. DISCLAIMER: The audio quality isn’t up to our normal standards; there was a lot of background noise (more than normal … Continue reading

Duration: 00:50:59

Episode 41 – What-If #2 (part 2)

It’s time to continue down the rabbit-hole as we resume our discussion of “What if Luke & Leia’s positions were swapped at birth?” Remember to check us out on our website, If you like our show, give us a review on iTunes, Google, where ever you listen! Facebook: San Diego … Continue reading

Duration: 00:37:39

Episode 40 – SD Maker Faire

About a week ago (Oct 7-8, 2017, that is) we exhibited/demo’d/sparred at San Diego Maker Faire! We had a fantastic time – it was busy, it was intense, it was incredible! We talk about our experience this year (our 2nd year there), with a few tangents & rabbit holes along … Continue reading

Duration: 00:46:54

Special Episode Charlie – The TLJ Trailer

We had to. We had no choice. We couldn’t help ourselves. The Star Wars Episode 8 “The Last Jedi” trailer was finally released – so we do what all good Star Wars geeks do, we talk about it. At length! We hope you enjoy our over-analysis and goof-ball way of … Continue reading

Duration: 01:06:34

Episode 39 – A Masters Deathmatch

We haven’t done a Deathmatch in a long time! So this week Eric pulls together two of his favorite characters and pits them against each other in the Geonosian Arena! Remember to check us out on our website, If you like our show, give us a review on … Continue reading

Duration: 00:25:54

Episode 38 – What If… Luke & Leia (pt1)

Apparently we did so well last time, Kyle from TumblingSaber sent us another What-If scenario! This time around we start to explore how everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – changes if Luke and Leia had swapped places when they were split up at birth. Let that sink in … Continue reading

Duration: 00:31:16

Episode 37 – Directors & Trolls

For those who depend on us for their Star Wars news – you might want to re-think your life. Definitely avoid deathsticks. Meanwhile, this week we do a quick catch-up on recent Star Wars news. Just this once, though. We do this as a public service. Remember to check … Continue reading

Duration: 00:31:02

Episode 36 – Books You Say?

Another episode inspired by one of our team who wanted to know what are the new canon books that are worth reading. You might not know the entirety of the list of new canon books (since Disney’s “reset”). We do a walk through of all the non-young-adult/non-kid novels (in the … Continue reading

Duration: 00:37:59

Episode 35 – Swords & Sabers

A very special episode this week – We have Fode from the Star-B-Q podcast back with us, and also Alan Venable from Phoenix Saber Academy & Saber Knights returns to the show. Both are skilled martial artists with rich backgrounds, and together with Eric, our Battlemaster, we tackle a question … Continue reading

Duration: 02:07:36

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