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Episode 084 | 20 Years of Being Real

Leading up to a weekend of celebration in honor of the 20th anniversary of Sandals Church, Pastor Matt and Tammy Brown sit down to talk through where the church has been and where it’s headed.

Duration: 00:59:05

Episode 083 | The Beginning and the End (And Everything In Between)

Does the Old Testament say that racism is ok? How do you see eye to eye with loved ones who view things differently than you? How do we become better noticers or less socially awkward? Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie tackle all kinds of follow-up and off-topic questions.

Duration: 01:01:39

Episode 082 | How to Respond to Tragedy

Why does God allow terrible things like the shooting in Las Vegas happen? How should (or shouldn’t) we respond? What’s the responsibility of the church in times of crisis and pain? Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie answer your questions about how and why we should respond to tragedy.

Duration: 01:04:27

Episode 081 | A Real Conversation About Race pt. 2

Pastor Matt Brown and Dex Alexander continue their discussion about race and answer your questions about forgiveness, foolishness and how to make a difference.

Duration: 01:16:09

Episode 080 | A Real Conversation About Race pt. 1

Is the church a place where we should talk about race? How do we know where we’ve been too sensitive or not sensitive enough when it comes to our differences? Listen in as Pastor Matt and Sandals Church creative director Dex Alexander begin a conversation about race, ignorance and how to move forward together.

Duration: 01:18:05

Episode 079 | Sex-Ed

Does God want you to have a better sex life? How do you talk to your kids about porn - or stop watching it yourself? What are the best guidelines for sexual activity when you’re not married? Listen in as Pastor Matt tackles your questions on how to be wise when it comes to sex.

Duration: 01:13:25

Episode 078 | This One’s About You

What if lust isn’t really about sex, gluttony isn’t really about food and greed doesn’t have anything to do with money? Have you ever wondered what really makes you so angry or so scared? Listen in as Pastor Matt and special guest, Tammy Brown, unpack how to figure out how you really work. Because let’s be honest, we’re all a little foolish somewhere.

Duration: 01:29:38

Episode 077 | How to Handle Your Money

How we spend our money shows what we value. If you end some months not sure where your paycheck went, or aren’t sure if God is cool with how you’re spending your money, listen in for an honest conversation about how to handle your finances.

Duration: 00:59:41

Episode 076 | This Is How We Do It

How do you raise children to love instead of hate? How do you learn to have wise feelings? How did Pastor Matt accidentally stab someone? Questions need answers, and this episode is full of them. Listen in for a talk on wisdom, racism, education and parenting.

Duration: 01:03:29

Episode 075 | Charlottesville: How to Respond to Hate

When racial tension erupts, is there a wise way to respond? And if love is the best weapon to use against hate, how do you wield it? Pastor Matt Brown talks through what happened in Charlottesville, ways to be wise and how to find the facts in a world run by feelings.

Duration: 01:07:07

Episode 073 | Dumped for Trump

Pastor Matt and the crew are joined by Claude Hickman for a recap of the Supernatural series, all about rediscovering who God really is. The conversation ranges from how to better understand God to the many things we may never really understand about him.

Duration: 01:01:12

Best of The Debrief #2

What’s the difference between good and bad stress? Or guilt and shame? Can you really ever forgive someone who abused you? Pastor Matt has given some great answers to these tough questions over the first 70 episodes of The Debrief, listen in to hear his thoughts on divorce, his tips on studying the Bible with ADD and what he and Tammy have to say about being married.

Duration: 00:48:57

Best of The Debrief #1

If you’ve ever wondered if you can lose your salvation, if there are different levels of heaven or hell or what happens when a Christian commits suicide, we’ve talked about it here. We’ve also thrown in Pastor Matt’s take on homosexuality and the church, how Christians should interact with drugs and alcohol and whether Jesus was killed or chose to die.

Duration: 00:50:12

Episode 072 | But Why?

Have you ever wondered why? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why did a so-called perfect God create a clearly imperfect world? And why does the Old Testament still matter if Jesus changed everything? On this week’s episode, Pastor Matt, Tim and Stephanie walk through questions that all start with “why?”

Duration: 00:53:52

Cold Gold: Volume 3

Lots happens behind the mics before each episode of The Debrief begins. Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin, Stephanie and lots of guests have some fun before getting to the tough questions.

Duration: 00:22:43

Episode 071 | Beyond Anxiety

Anxiety is a real thing, and it’s possible well-meaning Christians have been giving the wrong advice about it for a long time. Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie share their own experiences with anxiety and answer questions about what to do when “just pray about it” just doesn’t work.

Duration: 01:10:35

Episode 070 | Livin’ on a Prayer

What’s so bad about wanting to be perfect? What’s the right way to pray? And how do you know when it’s time to step out in faith or wait for better circumstances? This week Pastor Matt tackles tough questions about perfection, prayer and preparedness.

Duration: 01:15:17

Episode 069 | Happiness is a Real Problem

What does it mean to be happy? How do you know if you’ve heard the voice of God or just your own subconscious? And how on earth can an a-hole, well, stop being an a-hole? Pastor Matt Brown gives real answers to tough questions about happiness.

Duration: 01:16:04

Episode 068 | When Work Isn’t Working

What do you do when work isn’t working for you? How can you find meaning in your job - no matter what it is - and how do you know if God wants you to find a new place to work? Pastor Matt tackles real questions about happiness in the workplace.

Duration: 01:02:26

Episode 067 | How to Be Happy

How can we really be happy when we’re in the midst of parenting small children or working in a job that is anything but what we dreamed it would be? Was Jesus actually happy when he was on earth? Listen in as Pastor Matt answers our questions and shares some of the secrets to real happiness.

Duration: 01:12:17

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