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Sarcasm City Podcast "People Have A Terrible Sports IQ"

The Sarcasm City Podcast returns after being gone for a while, the hosts start off the podcast by discussing the Mayweather Vs McGregor bout & all the excuses some McGregor fans made after the bout. The hosts also discussed what is going on with Adrien Broner as well as Jon Jones being busted for using steroids also Tox talks about why he turned vegetarian. Other topics discussed were the state of UK battle rap & battle rappers Shox & Cojay arguing on social media. To end the show as always...

Duration: 01:13:51

Sarcasm City Podcast "You Need To Learn Jersey"

On this edition of the Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts kick off the show discussing & disagreeing on if Paulie Malignaggi was wrong to be a sparring partner for Connor McGregor. The hosts continue on the sporting side of things speaking on if Anthony Joshua slept with Amir Khan's wife, Jon Jones Vs Daniel Cormier, Neymar's move to PSG plus more.

Duration: 01:21:12

Sarcasm City Podcast "You're Supposed To Wipe From Front To Back" With Lauren

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, Flawless welcomes his fellow RealTalk MCR panelist & co-host of The What We Talking Podcast Lauren onto the podcast. Flawless & Lauren start off the podcast by speaking about the season finale of RealTalk MCR & The What We Talking Podcast, they also speak about R Kelly's sex cult, Usher being sued for 1.1 million for giving a female herpes, Kevin Hart cheating on his wife, Power plus more.

Duration: 00:55:25

Sarcasm City Podcast "I'm Taking All Bets"

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts start off the podcast by discussing Floyd Mayweather Vs Connor McGregor & if McGregor's comments were racist. The hosts also recap Flawless's battle vs I-Kid on Don't Flop's Revival 9 card & Zen 3-0'ing Cojay on that same event, Flawless & Tox also discuss P Money vs Dot Rotten, Mz Bratt's response video to the whole situation, Meek Mill Vs Safaree, Manchester Utd signing Lukaku plus more.

Duration: 01:50:57

Sarcasm City Podcast "UKBL Is The Marvins Room Of Leagues" With Cojay

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts welcome a person who they have had battle rap issues with as of late, UKBL league owner Cojay onto the show. The podcast starts off heated with the hosts & Cojay discussing if UKBL's first card was a Don't Flop card & Flawless & Tox state that Cojay isn't willing to build from the ground up with UKBL, Cojay disputes this. Cojay also talks about what happened with UKBL's Broken Silence Event, further topics included UKBL making...

Duration: 01:24:21

Sarcasm City Podcast "For Fucks Sake" With Danny Jaqq

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by battle rapper & Don't Flop staff member Danny Jaqq. With all the drama that has been going on within the Don't Flop ranks recently the show starts with Danny Jaqq stating wether or not he is leaving Don't Flop & what exactly is going on with Training Days. Danny Jaqq speaks on his relationship with Eurgh, his opinion on the way Callum left, Briggzy leaving, Crugers current issues with Don't Flop, smaller leagues failing to...

Duration: 01:06:37

Sarcasm City Podcast "I Woke Up & Danny Was At The Bottom Of The Bed" With Briggzy

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by musician, battler & Don't Flop staff member Briggzy. The podcast starts off with TakeNote Tox explaining why he turned down the Cojay battle, Briggzy speaks on battling in South Africa, the Revival 9 Event & his big plans for the Revival 10 event. The podcast continues with battle rap topics, Briggzy talks about his friendly rivalry with Danny Jaqq, his issues with Battle Rap Resume host Tom & dealing with booking battlers...

Duration: 01:16:11

Sarcasm City Podcast "Just Spit On It"

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, Flawless is joined by Mr Fulla Hype TV & Sarcasm City Podcast regular Leroy. The show begins with Fulla Hype explaining why he created RealTalk MCR & his thought process behind it & the hilarious story of the female who got naked in his shop. Flawless, FullaHype & Leroy recap all the released episodes of RealTalk MCR & give their views on all of the topics & Leroy gives further details of his charity boxing event which is all in aid of Cancer...

Duration: 00:52:37

Sarcasm City Podcast "I'm Sorry" With P Solja

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by Leeds Grime MC & battler P Solja. Before the hosts got into the show with P they promoted TakeNote Tox Vs Scoop which is out on Don't Flop & RealTalk MCR a new debate show which has Flawless as one of the main panelists. P Solja kicks off the topics by stating The Sarcasm City Podcast is now his main media outlet to speak his mind, not getting international battles in the UK & admitting he is a wind up merchant & put's the...

Duration: 01:25:52

Sarcasm City Podcast "You Need To Stop Being A Dickhead Init"

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, the hosts kick off podcast by playing & then discussing the recorded phonecall of battle rapper Cloudy Saprano crying. The podcast continues on the battle rap theme when Tox explains what happened between him & Chuckie P. The hosts continue the hilarious start to the podcast when discussing the new Durex advert which claims 2 out of 3 women do not climax during sex, Flawless speaks about the new debate show he is involved in 'RealTalk MCR' & the...

Duration: 01:31:42

Sarcasm City Podcast "As Much As He's Spitting He's Sucking" Episode With Rivers

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts welcome special guest Mr Gift Of The Gab himself, Rivers onto the show & they cover plenty of topics. Rivers speaks on why he has been quiet recently and what future plans he has going on, as well as what is currently happening with Gift Of The Gab & the future plans for the league. Rivers speaks on Templar Surfer ducking him, 'ScreenShot Gate' & certain battlers letting wins 'go to their heads'. The hosts & Rivers also discuss battling...

Duration: 01:57:29

Sarcasm City Podcast "The Whole RarseClart Roster Fam" With Scoop

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, Flawless welcomes battler, Mr I'll Follow You Home For The Charger aka Scoop onto the podcast. Flawless speaks briefly on RealTalk MCR which is a new debate show coming out soon were he is one of the panelists. Scoop talks about his battle coming up vs DNA on Don't Flop's CheckPoint 4 card, Scoop also gives his predictions on the rest of the CheckPoint 4 card & jokingly talks about stealing memes online from Take Note. Flawless throws battlers...

Duration: 01:12:55

Sarcasm City Podcast "Rock Out Init" Episode

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, to begin with Flawless gives a shout out to the ATG Radio squad, the hosts discuss Drake's More Life Album, Tox says that Skepta & Giggs missed their shot on Drake's album & Kendrick Lamar receiving backlash over him saying he prefers 'natural' looking women. The hosts also bring up 'The Rock Out Regiment' which includes carrying yourself with confidence, using your strengths etc & they also speak on Donald Trump launching missiles at Syria. On...

Duration: 01:20:30

Sarcasm City Podcast " I Will Spin His Clart On Grime " With Willzy

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, Flawless is joined by battle rapper, Grime MC & 1/3 of the Let's Be Honest Podcast Willzy. Willzy speaks on how & why The Let's Just Be Honest Podcast was started, his battle Vs Scoop & he also gives his opinions on Don't Flop's North Vs South card. Willzy also talks about his 2 on 2 partner Soljistu and when they both will be returning, he also speaks about Tony D & gives his predictions on CheckPoint 4 matchups, Tony D Vs Arsonal, Soul Vs Shox...

Duration: 01:24:23

Sarcasm City Podcast " The Beginning Of The End " With Skorpz

On the " Beginning Of The End " episode alongside Skorpz the hosts recap Don't Flop's North Vs South Event, preview Don't Flop's CheckPoint 4 Event, as well as another Meek Mill meltdown & Donald Trump Vs Snoop Dogg. On the sporting side of things the hosts discuss Manchester City getting knocked out of the Champions League, Arsenal's continuous troubles, referee's making errors plus more.

Duration: 01:20:44

Sarcasm City Podcast Ep.15

On this edition of The Sarcasm City the hosts discuss multiple topics including Remy Maa's diss track to Nicki Minaj, Drake's interview were he addressed the Meek Mill situation + more, Chris Brown pulling out of the Soulja Boy boxing match & Sean Kingston allegedly being rushed by The Migos. The hosts also speak on Aye Verb retiring, the ' Hurt Bae ' video & they take a trip down memory lane having a laugh at Gerrard's slip & Liverpool FC. On the sporting topics Flawless & Tox debate &...

Duration: 01:26:35

Sarcasm City Podcast Ep.14

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts open up the show by thanking everyone who shows supports & listens to the podcast. Flawless & Tox also discuss the Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Drake situation, the new Hip-Hop fans '140 characters generation' 50 Cent sueing his lawyers & his son dropping a diss track against him. On the battle rap side of things the hosts have a laugh & go down memory lane discussing past Take Note issues, Skeptical Vs Kraft D going on Gift Of The Gab media...

Duration: 01:18:26

Sarcasm City Podcast Ep.7

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, the hosts speak on numerous topics including Tox trolling & memeing Cojay, Flawless defends himself & says he don’t terrorise or bully anyone & Arsenal bottling it yet again. Also Tox talks on his battle coming up Vs Scoop on North Vs South next year, Flawless speaks on I-Kid calling him out for North Vs South & the lack of grudge matches & rivalries in battle rap. The hosts also discuss some boxing topics including Anthony Joshua Vs David Haye...

Duration: 01:02:24

Sarcasm City Podcast Ep.5 With Fulla Hype

On this edition The Sarcasm City Podcast meets Fulla Hype TV. On this hilarious episode the hosts alongside Fulla Hype discuss various topics including Fulla Hype's Turtle Bay Video, Fulla Hype's potential link up with Rants N Bants, Young Ma's photoshop pic with weave & make-up on. As well as how FullaHype TV got started, a Fulla Hype Film in the works, Tinder & POF, Drake & Kid Cudi 'Beef', getting wheel ups on old school Manchester grime sets, the female who got boyfriends name tatted...

Duration: 00:58:34

Sarcasm City Podcast Ep.4 With JJ & Dale

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast Flawless without TakeNote Tox is joined by JJ & Dale. On the show some of the topics were, Flawless briefly speaking on Don't Flop's Next In Line Event, Designer Vagina's, Is Dale a spiceboy?, Adrien Broner's suicidal posts, ghostwriting in Hip Hop & Flawless being a top wingman. As well as Drake singing on Hip Hop tracks, do aninmals commit suicide, the Triple B Show + more.

Duration: 00:39:22

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