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"KOTD Need Chalked Out More Than Chalked Out Need KOTD"

The hosts discuss the concept of restoring accountability to UK Battle Rap, Tony D's recent battle with Soul and Debate whether he Is in the GOAT conversation or not they also summarise why KOTD's merger with Chalked Out is not in the best interest of UK Battle Rap plus more.


The Premier Battles Podcast "You Wrote More In This Apology Than You Got Out In Material"

The hosts give a full comprehensive run down of the Premier Battles inaugural Matchday 001 event, they discuss who their picks are for performance of the night and Tox has some stern words for Cojay plus more.


Shotty Horroh & Briggzy - "You Won You Can F**k Off" Premier Battles Matchday 001 Event Review

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by the co owners & co creators of Premier Battles Shotty Horroh & Briggzy to recap Premier Battles Matchday 001 plus more.


Bison Briggz - The Premier Battles Podcast "Managers Can Get Sacked In This"

On this special edition of The Premier Battles Podcast, Flawless is joined by Premier Battles co-owner Bison Briggz to talk about Premier Battles first event this weekend & everything else Premier Battles. Flawless & Briggzy discuss many topics including how matchday 001 is going to work, the matchday 002 card which will be announced at the matchday 001 event, managers of teams being eligible for the sack, a full update on The Premier Battles Network, Premier Battles launching another...


"If Your Woman Enough To Be Getting Your P***y Ate On Marble Surfaces" With L Dogg

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, for the first time both Tox & Flawless are joined by a female guest, L Dogg. The topics dicsussed were the Azziz Ansari case, what is sexual consent, the transgender conversation continues from last week plus more.


The Premier Battles Podcast - Season Preview

The hosts give a season preview of Premier Battles.


Sarcasm City Podcast "Virgin Ginger Poet"

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts start the podcast in hilarious fashion talking about the Raptor Vs Craft D battle & a fan paying Raptor for Craft D to actually get the battle. Tox & Flawless also discuss sex robots, the Azziz Ansari story, H n M scandal with the black model wearing the coolest monkey in the jungle top, the transgender issue on Big Brother involving Ginuwine, Sanchez to Utd plus more.


Dialect - The Premier Battles Podcast "I'm Looking To Wig Him Blud"

On this edition of Sarcasm City Presents The Premier Battles Podcast the hosts are joined by well respected battler & grime MC Dialect. Dialect speaks on many different topics including qutting his job to devote his time towards music, people not supporting his music but supporting the nonsense, his upcoming battle vs Frankie Phraser, why Knights will do well in Premier Battles, Premier Battles being his main priority plus more.


Sarcasm City Podcast "Lionel Jesse/Messi Jesse" With Mr Fenn

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast, Flawless is joined by his fellow MicCheckMCR team member Mr Fenn. Flawless & Mr Fenn discuss a range of sporting topics including Jesse Lingard's great recent form, also Lingard allegedly cheating on his woman, Liverpool signing Van Dyk & selling Coutinho to Barcelona plus more.


Chris Leese - The Premier Battles Podcast "Speaking Of Battle Rappers Birds Being Shagged"

On this edition of Sarcasm City Presents The Premier Battles Podcast, the hosts are joined by veteran battle rapper Chris Leese. The hosts alongside Chris Leese cover a number of topics including why he left battle rap & Premier Battles bringing his hunger back, not being mentioned as one of the best even though he believes he has beat the best, wanting to battle an international, Shotty's team being the only team he would have joined on Premier Battles plus more.


Sarcasm City Podcast "We Got More Than A Few Corners, We Got 2 Borough's" With Willzy

On the first edition of the new year, The Sarcasm City Podcast hosts are joined by battle rapper & 1/3 of The Lets Be Honest Podcast Willzy. The podcast starts with Willzy explaining issues with one of the hosts on The Lets Be Honest Podcast, Willzy also speaks on Jamil getting chin checked & calls him a coon, Bobby Rex's first round vs Tony D containing content that he has himself said, there being a difference between battle rap fans & Don't Flop fans, fans wanting to start a crowd...


Sarcasm City Podcast Introduction

The hosts Tox & Flawless give a quick introduction into what The Sarcasm City Podcast is all about.


Sarcasm City Podcast - Some Of The Best Bits 2017

Some of the best clips from The Sarcasm City Podcast 2017.


The Premier Battles Podcast "Why You Getting Coke To Make The Drink Look Pretty Bruv" With Soljistu

On this edition of The Premier Battles Podcast, Flawless welcomes Soljistu onto the show. Soljistu speaks on a number of topics, including the recent Gift Of The Gab card that went horribly wrong, Soljistu also states he thinks certain people at the event wanted to see Gab fail & that Gift Of The Gab welcomes everybody but nobody welcomes them. On The Premier Battles side of things, Soljistu states he would consider being on a team for Premier Battles next season, his predictions for match...


Sarcasm City Podcast "Shake My Hand Now Or You Die In This Street" With Jack

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by Jack on the first part of the podcast. Jack dicusses the fight he was involved in with fellow battle rapper Jamil, why it happened & what happened afterwards. After Jack leaves the hosts discuss the Keaton Jones video that went viral, Sarcasm City being available as a visual platform, Stormzy's old tweets dissing gay people, the students who snitched on their teacher who was trying to sleep with students, Troopz Vs Des...


The Premier Battles Podcast "I Ain't Tried To Win A Battle Since Unan" With Tony D

On this edition of Sarcasm City Presents The Premier Battles Podcast, the hosts are joined by battle rap legend & former Don't Flop champion Tony D. The podcast starts with Tony D responding to Wilzy's recent episode on Sarcasm City & after that the topic of conversation switches to Premier Battles. Tony explains how he was approached to become a manager for Premier Battles, his plans on not being a hands on manager, why he selected the battlers he did for his team, Gemini being the sub...


Premier Battles Podcast "Looking Like The Abused Wives Who Survived Eurgh" With Unan

On the 2nd ever edition of Sarcasm City Presents The Premier Battles Podcast, the hosts are joined by veteran battle rapper Unan, never far from some form of drama the podcast starts with Unan explaining why he was in former Don't Flop staff member, Callum Martin's inbox & that he was wrong for lashing out at I-Kid after finding out I-Kid had slept with his ex. Unan goes on to talk about why his relationship with the fans is so bad, pulling out of battles because he wants to be at his...


"I Left Someone My Goldfish Bowl I've Comeback & All The Fish Are Floating At The Top" With Rivers

On this edition of The Sarcasm City Podcast the hosts are joined by battle rapper & one of The Gift Of The Gab kings Rivers. As outspoken as always the podcast starts with Rivers giving his opinions on, The Gift Of The Gab card that didn't go well because of all the dropouts. Rivers states that he believes some of the batttlers who didn't turn up just didn't care & alongside the hosts, Rivers goes through the name of every battler who didn't turn up & if he had heard a reason as to why....


"Sarcasm City, Premier Battles Would Like To Thank To Absolutely Fucking Nobody With Shotty Horroh"

On the first ever edition of Sarcasm City Presents The Premier Battles Podcast, the hosts Tox & Flawless are joined by, international superstar artist/battle rapper, recently signed to Sony Records & Premier Battles League co creator & owner, Shotty Horroh. The podcast starts off with Shotty explaining how the idea for Premier Battles came about, how the Premier Battles format & match days will work & incorporating the tribalism of football into a battle rap format. The hosts & Shotty...


Sarcasm City Podcast "Petty Four Seven" With Kim Marie

On this edition of The Sarcasm Ciy Podcast hosted by Flawless & Skorpz, two members of Take Note were joined by Rappers Comp Ireland CEO, Kim Marie. The podcast starts with Kim Marie explaining what exactly Rappers Comp Ireland is & that it's much more than just a battle rap league & her annoyance at battle rappers not promoting cards they are scheduled to be on. Kim also brings up the topic of Irish battlers not being happy with not being paid for battling on Rappers Comp Ireland because...


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