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The ideal way to start your Saturday Morning Featuring the best rock , lively conversation On Saturday Breakfast were talking to every who wastes time in the office on a Saturday.




Living the life creative - the music of Jascha Heifetz

This morning we met Jay Heifetz and enjoyed some incredible music from his father, Jascha Heifetz, considered by many to have been the best violinist in the world. You can listen back to that fabulous interview and music here... Download audio

Duration: 00:21:31

Looking to the future - how will technology change our world?

This morning author and futurist Steve Sammartino joined Di Darmody to talk technology and the future. Could technology cause major disruption for our governments? Have a listen here... Download audio

Duration: 00:09:23

The Follies of a Young Man

Are you the kind of person who likes to fossick through antique shops or browse swap meets on the weekend? What is the most interesting item you have stumbled across? Many of us love to keep photos, letters and postcards in an old shoebox or chest and you wonder who might end up with them further down the track. Sarah Di Domenico is a storyteller, copywriter and designer based in Montreal, Canada. She made a fascinating discovery when she purchased a tin trunk at an antique store with a...

Duration: 00:09:24

Cottesloe Beach Lifesavers

Broadcasting live from Cottesloe beach at Sculptures by the Sea this morning, Tracy Vo hosted an incredible reunion between rescuers Gary Matier and his daughter Lara, and Steve Plain- the man whose life they saved at Cottesloe Beach in December 2014. Download audio

Duration: 00:13:23

Let Maggie Dent take you back to the basics

Maggie Dent - Back to Basics Everyone wants their child to be successful. Sports classes, extra tuition, music lessons, private gets busy! But at what cost? Maggie Dent is the QUEEN of common sense and joined James Lush to strip back the complexities of parenting in the 21st Century. Wind back the clock with the Saturday Breakfast team and remember the basics of your childhood. Bare feet, lemonade stalls, cubby houses and long bike rides to name just a few.

Duration: 00:10:52

Out of work? Some tips to help

The End of financial year means redundancies are on the card. The mining industry has been slow, and even after a year many people are still struggling to find work. The first thing is to lose the attitute "there are no jobs out there". As soon as you say that, the job market is controlling you, you are not controlling it. Being out of work is not nice, it can lead to a loss of identint, self confidence, financial stresses, problems with family, all sorts of things. And it is hard to watch...

Duration: 00:09:42

How to deal with media's bad News.

Shark attack, plane crash, wars, poverty, rapes, murder. How do you feel after you hear or read the news? If we read the Guiness Book of Records, we can think that everyone in the world is a bit quirky and does strange thing. It will skew our reality of the world. In the same way, Jason Clarke from Minds at Work, says watching and listening to the news can do the same thing and make us think the world is bad. James Lush and Jason look at how to absorb media and news, without letting it...

Duration: 00:12:46

Startup Spring with Google Australia’s Alan Noble

Why is the startup community so helpful and willing to share ideas and support? Alan Noble is head of engineering for Google Australia and is a founding board member of Startup Aus. Earlier this week they kicked off Startup Spring, a three week Australia-wide festival, celebrating and promoting the startup community with the hope of encouraging more Australians to take the leap. Alan Noble speak to James Lush on the tech boom and what it potentially means for the Australian economy....

Duration: 00:13:23

Jason Clarke joins Di Darmody to talk about the fine art of decision making

Decision making. For everyone's gripes about our politicians it really is fantastic to be able to make your voice heard and vote today, but will it be an easy decision? For some people there is no decision to make, it's set in stone, but for others it's something they will only decide on the day. Jason Clarke spoke to Di Darmody on the difference between choices and decisions and why flipping a coin really could be the best way to make a decision! Jason Clarke Sep 7

Duration: 00:14:41

Extraordinary result with an ordinary build with Josh Byrne

JOSH BYRNE Two homes built with ordinary building materials and an average build cost and time frame. The difference? A 90% reduction of a typical home’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while using only a third of the normal scheme water. So what’s been done differently? Josh Byrne talks to James Lush on his new project and asks why every new home isn't cashing in, with more than $3,000 in savings per year on energy and water bills. If you’d like to have a look at Josh’s...

Duration: 00:15:28

Local Plastic surgeon's Laos challenge

Interplast Australia & New Zealand are celebrating their 30th anniversary. Local plastic surgeon James Savundra has just returned from Laos where he worked in a remote hospital with a team of volunteers. Since 2001 James has volunteered throughout the Asia Pacific region, training local medical staff in plastic surgery while treating anything from burns victims to children and adults with cleft palates. He talks to James Lush and explains why plastic surgery is such a portable...

Duration: 00:12:57

A crowd for the crown with Jason Clarke

Wonderful to celebrate but very strange once you break it down. What is it about the human psyche that draws a huge crowd to celebrate the birth of a royal? The World Health Organisation said that 200,000 babies were born on the same day as Prince George, so why do we choose just the one newborn to pour our hopes and expectations onto? Download audio

Duration: 00:11:33

Smith's creative path to Manhattan School of Music

23 year old Rebecca Erin Smith is four weeks away from starting a prestigious two year master’s course at the Manhattan School of Music. Rebecca talks to James Lush about her chosen path of composing, her work with the WA Youth Orchestra and the pure joy in seeing her pieces performed by a full orchestra. Rebecca has a Facebook page for anyone who wishes to follow her journey to New York and beyond. Download audio

Duration: 00:11:33

Jason Clarke on the new normal

A forced change can cause panic and massive disruption, but how long before a new way of doing things becomes the norm? The simple act of changing the wrist you wear your watch will give you the answer. Download audio

Duration: 00:11:45

Keep the light alive in children's eyes

Gillian McAuliffe, founder and director of Bold Park Community School discusses her close ties with the Northern Italian town of Reggio Emilia. The town developed an education philosophy for early childhood education based on respect, responsibility, and the importance of community and environment after WWII. Gillian says many of the Bold Park Community School’s overarching philosophy can be integrated into standard schools, allowing children the same benefits. These include moving some...

Duration: 00:15:47

All we need is right here with Peter Kenyon

All We Need Is Right really shouldn’t be a radical idea but it is. Using what we already have to make our communities a better place to live. James Lush speaks to Peter Kenyon about the amazing project taking shape within the shire of Kalamunda. Download audio

Duration: 00:15:03

Maggie Dent on why some countries don't have ADHD

In a recent article on the Psychology Today website, Marilyn Wedge looked at why ADHD diagnosis was so low in France (less than 0.5% of school-aged children) compared to the USA. The queen of common sense, Maggie Dent looks at the role of boundaries in creating a sense of safety and security for children and “micro moments of connections” for time-strapped parents. Download audio

Duration: 00:11:40

Navigating uncertainty with Jason Clarke

In this topsy-turvy week, Jason Clarke looks at how we can best navigate a world of uncertainty. How can we make personal choices that will eliminate doubt and the anxiety it can cause? Download audio

Duration: 00:11:05

To engage students just ask two easy questions

USA education innovator Dr Yong Zhao spoke to James Lush about making the most of our education system. He believes that the most cost effective and efficient way to teach is to personalise the method so that we get the best out of each individual student. “What motivates people...number one thing is a sense of accomplishment. Human beings are really wired to achieve something... and that makes you feel good. Number two is the need to please others....if we don’t provide those two things...

Duration: 00:11:33

Aussie Cop Knighted for Cambodian bomb clearing

Det-Sgt Tony Langer has made many trips to Cambodia over the past four years helping locals deal with the remnants of war, unexploded bombs and landmines. In February this year Tony trained 35 locals to clear unexploded bombs from fields and rivers. The conditions were difficult, with the rivers having little visibility and many of the volunteers unable to swim before they started training. Much to his surprise, Tony was knighted by the Cambodian Prime Minister at the end of the course. Tony...

Duration: 00:15:06

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