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Saturday Extra

ABC (Australia)

With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.

With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.
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Sydney, NSW


With a focus on international politics and business, Saturday Extra talks to expert commentators about the things that matter to Australians. Presented by Geraldine Doogue.




Saturday Extra ABC Radio National GPO Box 9994 Sydney 2001 (02) 8333 1650


Turkey's pivot; Rupert Murdoch; future of VE; Henry David Thoreau

Turkey's pivot from the west to the east; a new centre for Western Civilisation; changing vocational education to suit future jobs; green building and the legacy of American writer Henry David Thoreau.

Duration: 01:24:10

Israel's domestic tensions, Australia's screen future, Saudia Arabia at war with itself and 1947: when now begins.

Israeli internal politics. Reportage from Midwest Trump supporters: Make America Great Again. Australia's screen future. Saudi Arabia and the region. 1947: When now begins. Impact of the Russian Revolution on Australia's left.

Duration: 01:24:27

Marty Natalegawa; Citizenship debacle; US Democrats; Russian Revolution and drought in Australia

Marty Natalegawa on democracy and ASEAN; superannuation fees; wider implications of the dual citizenship debacle; the future of the US Democrats; anniversary of the Russian Revolution and drought in Australia.

Duration: 01:23:39

Remembering the Reformation, Barnaby Joyce faces byelection; Kokoda campaign anniversary and A Foreign Affair

Reformation divided. Implications for Turnbull government after High Court citizenship ruling. Kokoda 75th anniversary. A foreign affair. The aftermath of the Reformation. Reformation tours.

Duration: 01:24:22

UK politics; George Megalogenis; Midwest Trump supporters and Man Booker winner George Saunders.

Brexit talks and UK politics; the shift to a Eurasian nation; where are Asian-Australians in public life; midwest Trump voters on race and immigration and Man Booker winner George Saunders on tolerance, politics and race

Duration: 01:23:54

Russia's opposition; CCP Congress; protecting gig workers; asylum by boat; US jobs and Caroline Chisolm

Putin's opposition; Xi Jinping's hold on power; is it possible to unionise gig workers; Malcolm Fraser's dealing with unauthorised asylum seekers; Trump voters on US jobs and economy and remembering Caroline Chisolm.

Duration: 01:24:12

Unified Palestine; Southeast Asia conflict; pokies court case; frontier wars; guns and Trump supporters and Singaporean hawkers

Gaza talks between Hamas and Fatah; Southeast Asia power and conflict; pokies court case decision pending; commemorating frontier wars; Midwest Trump supporters and gun legislation and the changing face of the hawker scene in Singapore.

Duration: 01:23:53

Electric trucking; charities commission; Gareth Evans; A Foreign Affair

Tesla semis and the future of trucking; a review of the Charities Commission; Gareth Evans' on his political memoir; A Foreign Affair and the committed Tiger fans.

Duration: 01:24:22

Indian pharmaceuticals; NZ and German elections; class division and South Sudan

Pharmacy of the developing world; New Zealand and German elections; overcoming class cluelessness in the US and an on the ground report from South Sudan.

Duration: 01:25:10

UN Security Council; market concentration; the US and fear; Christina Lamb and the age of the horse

UN security council; market concentration; why are Americans so fearful; Christina Lamb on the war on women in Afghanistan and the age of the horse.

Duration: 01:23:30

Peace and conflict in Asia, solutions to refugee crisis, and business opportunities on China's Belt and Road project

Belt and Road business opportunities. Rohingya crisis. Peace and conflict in Asia. Israeli journalist Nir Baram. Managing the refugee crisis.

Duration: 01:24:10

North Qld solar; North Korean defectors; degree apprenticeships; Frank Dikotter on China and the controversial Gordon Bennett.

Renewable energy projects in North Qld; North Korean defectors learning English in Sydney; lessons from the UK on improving vocational education; China scholar Frank Dikotter; FC Barcelona opens football school in Australia and the controversy continues over Gordon Bennett and the fall of Singapore.

Duration: 01:24:45

Harvard study on Exxon Mobil's climate change communications, German elections, Kazakhstan's future and foreign policy strategies with Anne-Marie Slaughter

German election 2017. Harvard study on ExxonMobil's climate change communication. Anne-Marie Slaughter on foreign policy strategies. A Foreign Affair. Kazakhstan's Future.

Duration: 01:24:07

Steve Bannon sacked; post work super; 70 years since Pakistan's partition; market pressures on Australian sport, and Scotland's first female gamekeeper

Germany's diesel car industry tarnished . Post work superannuation. The business of sport. Steve Bannon exits team Trump. Politics of partition. Scotland’s first female gamekeeper .

Duration: 01:23:50

Implications of AUSTRAC CBA case; extremism in Mindanao; benefit corporations and India's answer to Games of Thrones

Australian leaders not ready to do business in Asia. Extremism in Mindanao and Marawi. Will China act on North Korean aggression? The CBA, money laundering and who knew what. Benefit corporations. Acclaim for southern Indian films.

Duration: 01:24:13

US State Department dysfunction; new solutions to inequality, Uber v London cabbies and Helen Clarke on UN reform

Dysfunctional State Department. Airlines want better airport infrastructure and lower charges. New solutions to inequality. Populism and London's cabbie wars. Helen Clark on the UN.

Duration: 01:23:49

Poland; Jim Clapper and intelligence reforms; building quantum computers; identity and populism, and A Foreign Affair

Protests in Poland over threat to judiciary system; Barak Obama's intelligence chief James Clapper on Australia's intelligence reforms; Australian universities take part in the race to build the world's first quantum computer; identity, politics and populism and A Foreign Affair.

Duration: 01:24:55

New White House comms team; India's GST, Australia's agriculture boom, refugee resettlement, dispatches from Syria and farming in Singapore.

India's GST replaces "mindboggling" tax system. Agriculture boom could get even bigger. Global refugee settlement research. Anthony Scaramucci: Trump's new communications head. War correspondent Janine Di Giovanni. Singapore's farming life.

Duration: 01:24:38

Indonesian human rights; Liu Xiaobo; saving Arrium; backpacker exploitation; Brexit explainer and Andy Ford

Indonesian human rights; Liu Xiaobo; saving Arrium; backpacker exploitation; Brexit explainer and Andy Ford

Duration: 01:24:31

Landmark treaty banning nuclear weapons; trust and democracy; Controversial new tax on empty homes and expat life in Singapore

UN bans nuclear weapons. Australian Education City proposal for Werribee. Controversial new tax on empty homes. Democracy and trust. Clever lands. What's expat life like in Singapore?

Duration: 01:24:54

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