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A podcast celebrating and reviewing the Savage Dragon comic and all things Erik Larsen.




Savage FINcast – Episode 61: News, Conversations, & More 225

A topic so massive, we had to talk about it twice! Continuing from where last episode’s titanic interview with Erik Larsen left off, Craig, Jim, and Raven return to follow up on the latest Erik Larsen & Savage Dragon news. Your FINteresting Conversation responses. And even more Savage Dragon 225 reviewing! Also this episodes we … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:50:49

Savage FINCast – Episode 60: A Bevy of Leggy Podcasters

On this episode of the Savage FINcast, Craig, Jim, and Raven are joined by Savage Dragon creator, writer, and artist to talk about the 25th Anniversary of Savage Dragon, the titanic events Savage Dragon 225, his new Marvel Omnibus, and the future of Savage Dragon!

Duration: 01:19:12

Savage FINcast: Episode 59 – Crisis on FINfinite Earths!

It’s the Savage FINcast, the only podcast dedicated to the ongoing comic book adventures of the Savage Dragon and its creator Erik Larsen. This episode hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven have a front row seat for the end of the multiverse in Savage Dragon 224! Its an insane mish-mash of reality and the Savage FINcast … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:02:41

Savage FINcast – Episode 58: Mighty MANcast

We take a break from our regularly scheduled Savage Dragon to experience the bold new adventures of the World’s Mightiest Man, little Betty Bradford! The Mighty Man #1 one-shot, originally released in black and white at Athenscon 2016, has been re-released in color via Image Comics, so Craig, Jim, Raven, and Zac are all on … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:41:52

Savage FINcast – Episode 57: Dimension Ex-Girlfriend

The electronic postman has come on the Savage FINcast with hosts Craig, Jim & Raven buried alive under a mountain of FINteresting Fanmail! Opinions will be shared about Savage Dragon characters that need protection from their creator, favorite Savage Dragon covers of all time, and favorite crossovers. Then in the pages of Savage Dragon 223 … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:30:34

Savage FINcast – Episode 56: We are NOT calling this episode ‘Sideways Monkey Mouth’!

Issue 222? More like issue XXX! Savage Dragon rocks out with its small fiery cocks out, and the Savage FINcast does its best not to blush. Craig, Jim, and Raven discus sex in comics, sex in Savage Dragon, and all the non-sex stuff that also occurs in this issue. Dragon gets reacquainted with old flames, … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:49:36

Savage FINcast – Episode 55: Jennifer Ruins EVERYTHING

Jim, Raven, and Zac of the Savage FINcast welcomes back a most beloved and often missed supporting cast member to pages of Savage Dragon. And also Jennifer is apparently back. Adventures in Dimension X, Dimension Ex-es, throw downs with demons from below, and the most lovable grampa in comics. The Savage FINcast dives in head … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:05:57

Savage FINcast – Episode 54: Thanks Obama!

Pardon our mess, the Savage FINcast is hailing the chief is this exciting action packed episode of The Savage FINcast. Jim, Raven, & Zac tackle SAVAGE DRAGON 220 where adventure hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until the end. Wardrobe malfunctions, presidential intervention, action in other dimensions… and Glum, the Savage FINcast takes a … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:07:41

Savage FINcast – Episode 53: An Evening with Erik Larsen

The Savage FINcast hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven are once again joined by Savage Dragon creator, and Image Founder, Erik Larsen for another exciting interview of all things Savage Dragon. Topics include, the dramatic turn of Savage Dragon 218, the fates of certain random Vicious Circle goons, Mr. Glum’s trial in the latest Savage Dragon … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:40:57

Savage FINcast – Episode 52: ‘Lo, There Shall Come… an Ending!’

Its all come down to this. Spawn, Malcolm Dragon, and Ant vs the power of the Mighty One, Alzayah Stone. And the Savage FINcast have front row seats! Craig, Raven, and Jim take a brief look down memory lane at Erik’s run on Spawn and what has lead to this Savage Dragon team-up extravaganza, then dig … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:17:07

Savage FINcast – Episode 51: Narration Nightmares!

It’s a mega super explosion of Erik Larsen goodness in the latest issue of the Savage FIncast! Raven & Jim are joined by friend of the show Zac to tackle everything we’ve missed over the summer. Starting with Spawn 263 & 264, Spawn is out of hell and nearly powerless, and there are caption boxes… … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:28:06

Savage FINcast – Episode 50: Adventures in Babysitting

After an unexpected summer hiatus, Savage FINcasters Jim & Raven finally return to take a look at SAVAGE DRAGON 215 where Dart shows everyone she is the greatest babysitter in all of Chicago! An explosive climax between Dart and Malcolm analyzed as only the Savage FINcast can! And stick with us after the episode as Raven and Jim spend some time lamenting the impending end of Robert Kirkman's Invincible, and reminisce about its past. Also, this episode we present FINteresting Conversations,...

Duration: 01:58:17

Savage FINcast – Episode 49: Barry’s Wild & Crazy Weekend!

It's an epic showdown on the Savage FINcast! Your hosts Craig, Jim, and Raven run commentary across the pages of SAVAGE DRAGON 214. While Malcolm is facing down the mysterious Tantrum, the deadly Dart makes her move. But she's run up against the one angry mommy she probably shouldn't have. And what's the deal with Barry any way? Its non-stop action in this episode of the Savage FINcast! Plus, News & Funnies! Also, this episode we present FINteresting Conversations, where you, the listener,...

Duration: 01:35:15

Savage FINcast – Episode 48: Talking about Spawn, Malcolm, and Malcolm’s Spawn – An interview with Erik Larsen

Savage Dragon's pretty crazy at the moment, and you're sure to have questions. Heck, we've got questions. Where better to get answers to those questions then asking the man himself? Craig, Jim, and Raven sit down with the one and only Erik Larsen to play catch-up on all the crazy stuff that has happened in Savage Dragon over the last year and the bomb-babyt-astic adventures in the latest issue, Savage Dragon 213! Plus, what has Erik got planned for Spawn now that the war in hell is over...

Duration: 01:42:01

Savage FINcast – Episode 47: Babies, In HELL!

Its babies babies everywhere in the latest episode of the SAVAGE FINCAST! Jim and Raven descend into the depths of Hell itself to take a double look at SPAWN 260 and 261. Spawn is taking on the legions of the damned, while Wanda tries to protect her secret from the Devil himself. But over in the main event, SAVAGE DRAGON 212 Dragon baby mysteries abound. With Angel and Maxine are on the case! All this. plus Hack O'Hara and Funnies! Also,this episode we present FINteresting Conversations,...

Duration: 01:51:32

Savage FINcast: Episode 46: Deja Vu, All Over Again!

Its Malcolm's first day on the force! Again! Craig, Jim, and Raven grab their microphones to once again talk about SAVAGE DRAGON. What's old is new in Savage Dragon 211 as the content of FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015 arrives in the pages of Savage Dragon just in time for FCBD 2016! What's new? What's different? What is recontextualized for us bold readers of the future?! Actually more then you'd might think! Also,this episode we present FINteresting Conversations, where you, the listener, are...

Duration: 01:37:34

Savage FINcast – Episode 45: Basket Case Hosts

Its adventures in tangent land with the Savage FINcast! Will Craig, Jim, and Raven ever be able to stay on task and review the events of Savage Dragon 210? Probably not, but that won't stop them from trying any way! Newly weds Maxine and Malcolm face tikis in Hawaii! Powerhouse, Fever, and Flash Mercury face monsters abroad! And Spawn comes face to face with the Devil himself! Also,this episode we present FINteresting Conversations, where you, the listener, are asked to write in with...

Duration: 01:48:36

Savage FINcast – Episode 44: BRAKKA-DA-WOMB!

Wedding bells are ringing as the Savage FINcast celebrates Malcolm Dragon andMaxine Jung Lai finally getting hitched in Savage Dragon 209! Jim & Raven are on the scene to record the play by play of the big day. What guest stars will be there? What villains will crash there party? Who will die?! When Erik … Continue reading »

Duration: 02:18:55

Savage FINcast – Episode 43: Dimension X Double-Feature!

It’s a Dimension X Double Feature! The Savage Fincast plays catch up with the back to back action that took place in Savage Dragon 207 & 208! Dimension X castaway, Raven and FINcast co-pioneer Nick Justus pour over the fornication, fisticuffs, and Frakachaks of Malcolm and Angel’s disasterous bid to bring Mr. Glum and “Evil” … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:46:18

Savage FINcast – Episode 42: Everyone Eats at Oscars

Get ready to get hungry, because the SavageFINcastis going to Oscars for the greatest hamburgers in Berkeley! Craig and Jim are rejoined by FINcast co-pioneer Nick Justus to bring you adventures in grilling and graduation in SAVAGE DRAGON 206! Malcolm Dragon is graduating high school and you that means his life will never be the … Continue reading »

Duration: 01:30:12

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