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Say Something Nice Podcast - Film, TV, and Music Talk From a Multicultural Perspective!

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his is a feed for only the Say Something Nice Podcast. The show was previously submitted in January 2016, and the previously submitted feed has been converted to a multi-show network feed.

his is a feed for only the Say Something Nice Podcast. The show was previously submitted in January 2016, and the previously submitted feed has been converted to a multi-show network feed.
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his is a feed for only the Say Something Nice Podcast. The show was previously submitted in January 2016, and the previously submitted feed has been converted to a multi-show network feed.








#223 | He Was Inappropriate with the Fairies | #saysomethingnew

The wave of shocking sexual harassment allegation continues to wash over Hollywood, and this time it's left many of our childhoods washed up on the shore. The SSN Crew discusses John Lasseter leaving Disney/Pixar behind decades' worth of sexual harassment allegations, Matt Lauer being fired from NBC News for harassing and assaulting women in an office with a secret electronic lock, and Bryan Singer doing no-call-no-shows on Fox's Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic. In addition, we also review and...

Duration: 02:04:38

SSNPod #222 | “She’s Gotta Have It”: The Ultimate Spike Lee Joint (feat. Carolyn, LaTria & Alasha) | #sayhowyoufeel

Three decades after taking the worlds of Black cinema and indie film by storm, iconic filmmaker Spike Lee has revisited his first feature film, "She's Gotta Have It," as a ten-episode series for Netflix. Both projects explore the world of Fort Green, Brooklyn resident Nola Darling as she juggles multiple lovers, a career in art and what it means to be a modern Black woman. The SSN Crew is joined by three familiar voices - Carolyn from The C-Dubb Show, LaTria, and Alasha - to discuss the 1986...

Duration: 02:14:43

SSNPod #221 | The “Crisis on Earth-X” Spoilerific Review Show

"Crisis on Earth-X," the 2017 crossover event between the CW's DCTV shows - "Supergirl," "Arrow," "The Flash" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" - is the "Justice League" movie we should have gotten in the theaters but instead got on TV. Long as we got it tho, we good. In this episode, the SSN Crew gives non-spoiler and spoiler reviews and recaps of the four-hour miniseries that brings together Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Caity Lotz, and a ton of their co-stars from the other...

Duration: 02:00:49

SSNPod #220 | Christina Aguilera is the White Jennifer Hudson | #saysomethingnew

Now that you've had your turkey and dressing and are spending the weekend fighting for $79 TVs, be sure to take a little time to hang with your folks in the SSN Crew and special guest LaTria. In this episode, we discuss Jordan Peele's "Get Out" being submitted to the Golden Globes in the Musical/Comedy category, Fox courting more suitors than Princess Jasmine, Jennifer Hudson's personal and professional break-ups, and a few live updates from the American Music Awards as Whitney Houston's...

Duration: 01:44:05

SSNPod #219 | The “Justice League” Spoilerific Review Show (feat. LaTria) | #sayhowyoufeel

The Day Hath Come! "Justice League," after a decade of planning and fanfare, has finally been released to theaters. The SSN Crew and special guest LaTria all saw it opening weekend like dutiful comic book and film fans. And what did we think of it, pray tell? We wouldn't dare spoil it. Actually, we would. But only after first giving our non-spoiler assessments of the film. We also discuss the film's box office performance and the future DCEU films. Finally, we discuss Wonder Woman herself,...

Duration: 02:15:23

SSNPod #218 | Does This Make Boo-Boo Kitty a Disney Princess? | #saysomethingnew

We live in a time of great turmoil in the entertainment business arena. AT&T has already been trying to buy Time Warner, and now Disney, hungry for streaming content, wants to buy much of what's left of 21st Century Fox. Now, granted, this would mean that Marvel Studios could get the film rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four back, but what other consequences could such a deal have? The SSN Crew discusses this topic and more, including a review of both the 2017 and 1974 versions of...

Duration: 02:13:00

SSNPod #217 | “Be-League-red”: A Primer & Prayer for the “Justice League” Movie | #saysomethingreal

The Day of Reckoning is almost upon us. No, we're not talking about the book of Revelations. We're talking about DC Comics' latest film, Justice League. In this episode, the SSN Crew gears up to go #ALLIN by exploring the history of DC's premier superhero team throughout comics and television. We also discuss the long and winding road that took us from a canceled 2008 film that would have starred Armie Hammer and Common to the $300 million-plus (!) epic (we hope) that will decide not only...

Duration: 02:06:45

SSNPod #216 | As The Tyrese Turns | #saysomethingnew

Do you remember 1999? "Star Wars: Episode I" washed over multiplexes like a tidal wave of disappointment, Kevin Spacey gave an Oscar-winning performance as a sexual predator, and Tyrese was best known for singing Coca-Cola jingles. Eighteen years later, the newest "Star Wars" film is forcing movie theaters to give Disney extra money, Kevin Spacey is being run out of Hollywood because he actually IS (allegedly) a sexual predator, and Tyrese is on Instagram every day revealing far too many...

Duration: 02:15:40

SSNPod #215 | The “Thor: Ragnarok” Spoilerific Review Show (feat. @itsdonte) | #sayhowyoufeel

Marvel Studios' Thor, The God of Thunder, has rarely electrified audiences. His previous films, "Thor" and "Thor: The Dark World," aren't the brightest spots in the legacy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, "Thor: Ragnarok," under the guiding hand of director Taika Watiti, is poised to change this. Is the third try the charm for Chris Hemsworth and company? The SSN Crew, joined by our friend Donte, discuss the 17th film in the MCU in spoiler-free and spoilerific segments. Join us...

Duration: 01:34:47

#214 | Disney, Lee, Spielberg, Lucas: One Must Have Never Existed | #saysomethingreal

George Lucas. Steven Spielberg. Stan Lee. Walt Disney. Each is an icon of the entertainment history, credited for a bevy of innovations and iconic works. But what if, in "Back to the Future"/"Legends of Tomorrow" fashion, the timeline were accidentally altered where one of them never existed. The SSN crew plays a dangerous game of chance with these titans of the entertainment industry, debating who to save and whose life and work will be erased from the annals of pop culture history. Join...

Duration: 01:14:32

SSNPod #213 | …And You Get an Allegation! …And You Get an Allegation! Everybody Gets an Allegation! | #saysomethingnew

From the beginning of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many were clear to point out that his alleged actions were indicative of a larger problem with sexual abuse in Hollywood. Over the following weeks, numerous other Hollywood luminaries have been accused of sexual misconduct. In this episode, the SSN Crew discusses allegations levied against David O. Russell, Mark Halperin of "Morning Joe," and - during a post-show segment recorded just as the story broke - Kevin Spacey. In addition, we...

Duration: 02:19:30

SSNPod #212 | Wakandan Fish Plate Special (feat. LaTria) | #saysomethingnew

The latest "Black Panther" trailer has now broken the Internet (again!). Judging from fan reactions, by February we're guessing the film will break bank accounts as fans worldwide gear up to turn up in the cineplex. The SSN Crew, with special guest LaTria, discusses the "Black Panther" hype, as well as the nominations for the 2017 American Music Awards, "The Good Place," "The Snowman," "Ghosted," the latest developments in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Tyrese making a hip-hop album no one...

Duration: 01:21:38

SSNPod #211 | The “Marshall”/”Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” Spoilerific Review Show (feat. LaTria) #sayhowyoufeel

The hosts at the Say Something Nice Podcast have an eclectic collective range of interests, but it's not every month we get two new biopics that relate two of our favorite things: Black history and comic books. In this episode, the SSN Crew is joined by special guest LaTria to review "Marshall," Reginald Hudlin's film starring Chadwick Boseman as a not-quite-light-skinned young Thurgood Marshall - who fights with Josh Gad's character for screen time in his own movie - and "Professor...

Duration: 01:54:27

#210 | Eyes Wide Shut: Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Casting Couch Culture (feat. Cheena, LaTria & Alasha) | #saysomethingreal

With the publication of three explosive, long-in-the-works exposés in the New York Times and The New Yorker on his sexual misconduct, the empire of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein began to crumble. In light of the allegations, dozens of women – including stars like Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan - have stepped forward with stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape. Of course, Weinstein's alleged crimes are not unique to him. Many women – and some men – have shared their own stories, citing...

Duration: 01:45:15

#209 | This is My Country | #saysomethingnew

Lionel Richie announcing his intent to make a Curtis Mayfield biopic couldn't have come at a better time. With the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue threatening to revoke NBC's broadcast license and Jemele Hill getting suspended from ESPN for speaking out against white supremacy, we need all of the quality Negrotainment we can get. Hi, BET! The SSN Crew discusses these topics, along with the financial failure of "Blade Runner 2049," Netflix's adaptation of Stephen King's novel,...

Duration: 01:23:27

#208 | Donny Osmond Slathers Soul Music in Mayonnaise | #saysomethingnew

Can one search for classic soul music on YouTube in Peace? Not if Donny Osmond has anything to say about it! This week, the SSN Crew discusses the whitewashing of R&B music by well-meaning white folks. In addition to those shenanigans, we also talk about FOX's "The Gifted," "black-ish" and "The Mayor." In other music news, we discuss Little Richard claiming (again) to be #delivert from an alternative lifestyle and Terence Trent D'Arby adopting an alternate personae to deal with the...

Duration: 01:52:23

#207 | The “Blade Runner”/”Blade Runner 2049” Spoilerific Review Show | #sayhowyoufeel

Thirty-five years ago, then up-and-coming film director Ridley Scott took a Philip J. Dick novel about a police officer hunting rogue androids in the future and gave the world "Blade Runner." While the dystopian sci-fi film polarized critics and audiences in 1982, over the years it became a highly influential cult classic - a cult classic that has inspired a sequel from director Denis Villenuve, "Blade Runner 2049." In this episode, the SSN Crew discusses both "Blade Runner" films, the...

Duration: 02:04:45

#206.5 | Do We Really Need a “Shazam!” Movie? | #saysomethingextra

Between an old man leading a boy into an abandoned subway, an adult superhero with the mind of a child, a talking tiger, and a small army of orphaned sidekicks, there are a few things about Captain Marvel (Billy Batson, not Carol Danvers) and "The Power of Shazam!" comic legacy that may not have aged well. As director David F. Sandberg starts production on the DC Comics Extended Universe live-action "Shazam!" movie, the SSN Crew, but mainly super-fan Brandon, discusses the viability of the...

Duration: 00:55:31

#206 | An Upstairs Battle: The Judy Winslow Story (feat. @kuroverse) | #saysomethingnew

In honor of Hulu adding ABC's legendary "TGIF" lineup to the streaming service – including shows like "Full House," "Step By Step," and more, Entertainment Weekly did a reunion of TV's other favorite Black family – The Winslows! The SSN Crew, joined by Tim of the Kuroverse Corporation, discuss the "Family Matters" reunion and Jaimee Foxworth - who wasn't invited - raising hell about her to-go plate. In addition, we also discuss the return of "This is Us" and "Will & Grace," Megan Kelly's...

Duration: 02:22:26

#205 | Everything’s “Archie”: From Pep Comics to “Riverdale” (feat. @TVMovieMistress) | #saysomethingreal

As The CW's prime-time soap opera "Riverdale" enters its second season, the SSN Crew, joined by special guest Moji from the TV Movie Mistress podcast, takes a trip into the town of Riverdale in search of egg creams, relationship drama, and people of color for us to identify with beyond Chuck Clayton as we explore the media history of Archie Andrews and his friends Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and more. Our discussion includes coverage of the original Bob Montana "Archie" comics, Dan...

Duration: 02:56:47

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