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#201.5 | “Insecure” Season 2 Finale Review: “Hella Perspective” (feat. Alasha & Lamar) | #sayhowyoufeel

Another season of "Insecure" has come to an end, and with it - for now - our series of recaps of the misadventures of two awkward Black girls and one awkward Black boy. The SSN Crew, joined by special guests Alasha and Lamar, break down the unusual "Rashomon" style of the extended season finale, the, our thoughts on the season as a whole, and of course, the surprise compilation of the awesome show within a show, "Due North." WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following...

Duration: 01:51:52

#201 | #NotAllAliens (feat. Alasha) | #saysomethingnew

A feature-film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” has arrived in theaters to critical acclaim, record-setting box office, and a guarantee to ruin income for actual clowns everywhere. The SSN Crew, joined by special guest Alasha, review both the new 2017 “It” feature and the first part of the 1990 miniseries version of the story. We also discuss “Shazam!” going into pre-production, castings for DC’s “Titans” series, the “Game of Thrones” season 7 finale, the London West End cast album for...

Duration: 02:17:56

#200 | The Original Songs vs. Covers Showdown, Part I (feat. Alasha) | #saysomethingreal

[Mixed company] we made it! Our very special 200th episode of the Say Something Nice Podcast finds the crew, with special guest Alasha, discussing one of our favorite topics – old school music covers as compared to their original recordings. Which versions of "With a Little Help from My Friends," "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," "Walk on By," and more do you prefer? You'll find our answers here, plus a discussion of covers songs that many people don't know are actually covers. WHERE TO...

Duration: 02:20:56

#199.5 | “Insecure” S02E07 Review: “Hella Disrespectful” | #sayhowyoufeel

After last week’s eye-raising events, this week’s episode of Insecure makes us feel the sting of the bad decisions that Issa, Molly and Lawrence have made over the course of season 2. In episode 7, things come to a head at a dinner party where the cast has to swallow some bitter truths - bitter truths that also caused our crew to debate sex, politics, dating, friendship and the true nature of this damn show. WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services:...

Duration: 01:50:32

#199.6 | Best Of: Brilliant But Overlooked – Cult TV Shows | #saysomethingextra

(Since we just had "Brilliant But Overlooked II" a few weeks ago, let's revisit the original in this special flashback episode!) In the first of a continuing series of episodes highlighting cult classics of all types - film, TV, music, and more - John, Brandon, Ken & Ali each share one of their favorite TV shows that unfortunately came and went without the fanfare and accolades it deserved. Each co-host picked one episode for everyone to watch, and that episode is used as the basis for a...

Duration: 01:31:42

#199.5 | “Insecure” S02E06 Review: “Hella Blows” (feat. @knockturnalpro) | #sayhowyoufeel

A half-hour of television that launched a thousand thinkpieces, memes, and spirited social media reactions, episode 6 of the second season of Insecure shows Issa's "hoe-tation" plans literally blowing up in her face. And we do mean literally. Special guest Carolyn and a returning Kareem join the SSN Crew for a discussion of not just Issa's widely disseminated troubles, but also Lawrence's work drama and Molly settling a bit too quickly into being a mistress to a man in an open marriage (or...

Duration: 01:57:33

#199 | It’s “Driving Miss Daisy”…But He’s the Car (feat. @knockturnalpro) | #saysomethingnew

If the 2017 Summer Movie Season has taught us anything, it's that Hollywood may have run out of ideas to recycle. In our latest episode, the SSN crew and returning guest Carolyn discuss the proposed "Knight Rider" film starring John Cena and Kevin Hart as KIT, and Warner Bros/ DC Comics continuing to flounder by developing two different Joker projects and putting the viability of its multiverse of properties in question. We also discuss Showtime's revealing Whitney Houston documentary,...

Duration: 01:39:26

#198 | Marvel’s “The Defenders” Spoilerific Review Show | #sayhowyoufeel

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and that guy Iron Fist. Alone, these heroes delighted and entertained us as part of Netflix’s slate of superhero shoes. Now, they’ve teamed up for Marvel’s "The Defenders," an 8-episode mini-series. Are these heroes more than the sum of their parts, or just a poor man’s version of The Avengers? Ken and Brandon discuss the good, the bad, and the lack of an actual budget in our review of the adventures of this street-level superhero dream team. SHOW...

Duration: 01:23:57

#197.5 | “Insecure” S02E05 Review: “Hella Shook” | #sayhowyoufeel

Episode 5 of the second season of Insecure almost took us all the way out! Issa is continuing to add men to her hoe-tation, but being dickmatized might be doing her more harm than good. Molly realizes that all that glitters ain’t gold at her parent’s wedding anniversary party. Finally, Lawrence gets a long overdue reality check concerning his relationship with Issa and his own f-boy tendencies. WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services: #iTunes:...

Duration: 01:20:08

#197 | You Told Shonda to Leave Me! (feat. @tREBLEFREE) | #saysomethingnew

The Disney/Netflix divorce may have started on reasonable terms, but it's turning ugly with the announcement that Disney/ABC's hitmaker Shonda Rhimes will be pulling a LeBron and signing an exclusive deal with the streaming service. The SSN Crew, with special guest Greg aka tREBLEFREE, discuss what this means for not just Shonda Rhimes, but Black TV creatives writ large. In addition, we also discuss the classic films "Singing' in the Rain," "Top Hat," and "My Fair Lady," Moviepass going to...

Duration: 02:39:32

#196 | Ain’t Nobody Comin’ to See You, Otis: Myth-Busting “The Temptations” Miniseries (feat. @CoffeeLiteSweet & @tREBLEFREE) | #saysomethingreal

In 1998, NBC and Suzanne de Passe created a mini-series based on the legacy of the Motown Sound powerhouses The Temptations. That mini-series went on to become part of the Black pop culture landscape and defined the group for future generations, but what is the truth? How much of the lives of Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and David Ruffin – not to mention other members such as Al Bryant and Dennis Edwards - was true and how much of it was just a producer’s...

Duration: 03:03:18

#195.5 | “Insecure” S02E04 Review: “Hella LA” | #sayhowyoufeel

The SSN Crew reviews episode 4 of the second season of Issa Rae's acclaimed HBO comedy series, "Insecure." A Kiss-n-Grind, a tense police situation, some shade from a wack dude, falling back in line (again!) with your ex, and a Black man being used like a sex toy by two white (?) women are all on the table this go-round. Also, a new meaning is given to the term "finger foods." WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services: #iTunes:

Duration: 01:08:03

#195 | “A Goofy Movie” Black AF Watch Party (feat. Shanna of MTR Network) | #sayhowyoufeel

One of our favorite 90's Disney animated movies is one that isn't generally listed alongside the "Beauty and the Beasts," "Aladdins," and "Lion Kings" of the world. An upgraded spin-off of Disney's popular TV cartoon "Goof Troop," "A Goofy Movie" combined a father-son road trip, high school antics, and the most lit R&B concert in animation history to become a beloved 90s-kid classic. The SSN Crew is joined by Shanna from the MTR Network to review, discuss, and celebrate "A Goofy Movie" in...

Duration: 01:32:30

#194 | Even Your Name is a Threesome! | #saysomethingnew

With two final great and hilarious episodes, NBC's "The Carmichael Show" draws to a close after three seasons of socially and politically charged sitcom humor. The SSN Crew discusses the show's two-episode finale, as well as updates with "Game of Thrones," the catalog of Sam Cooke, Sony dropping "Bad Boys 3" from its production schedule, the racist cops upon whom "Detroit" is based upon considering lawsuits, and the, um, itchy situation Usher has found himself in. SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00:...

Duration: 01:28:51

#193.5 | “Insecure” S02E03 Review: “Hella Open” | #sayhowyoufeel

The SSN Crew reviews episode 3 of the second season of Issa Rae's acclaimed HBO comedy series, "Insecure." Family picnics, Evelyn "Champagne" King club couture, being a, er, "eff negro" who thinks he's a good guy, scrambles for sex toys, and trysts with oddly-shaped-head dudes across the pool abound. WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: #aCast:...

Duration: 01:17:55

#193 | Brilliant But Overlooked Part Deux: Cult Show Boogaloo | #saysomethingreal

We really enjoyed doing episode #107, "Brilliant But Overlooked: Cult TV Shows," where we discussed brilliant shows that get the love they deserved. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to do it again! Join the SSN Crew for a second round of "Brilliant But Overlooked" picks, as we dissect five more shows that didn't get (or aren't getting) their just due - "The LA Complex," "30 Rock," "American Crime," "Man Seeking Woman," and "Better Call Saul." SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00: "The LA...

Duration: 01:45:33

#192.5 | “Game of Thrones” S07E03 Review: “The Queen’s Justice” | #sayhowyoufeel

Poison, dragons and politics: John, Ali, and Kareem recap episode 3 of this season's "Game of Thrones." We also talk about our predictions for the end of the season and how we think the show may wrap up. WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: #aCast: You can also find our show at Please rate us five stars if you...

Duration: 00:36:53

#192 | Soulless “Detroit” b/w Make Angelina Jolie Great Again | #saysomethingnew

Everything ain't for everybody! And that is especially true when it comes to the historical drama "Detroit." In fact, we're wondering what audience Kathryn Bigelow was hoping to appeal towards with this exploitive film. In addition to this conundrum, and the return of show host Jamison, we discuss Beyoncé joining the live action "Lion King" film, the recent HBO hack, "Queen Sugar" exploring the horrors of police brutality, the controversy from Angelina Jolie's Vanity Fair profile, and...

Duration: 02:27:07

#191.75 | “Detroit” Initial Reaction | #sayhowyoufeel

Before recording our official review of “Detroit,” the historical drama the 1967 Detroit riots, Brandon shared a few of his thoughts about the film. He may or may not be a little upset. WHERE TO FIND US: You can subscribe to our show at the following services: #iTunes: #GooglePlay: #Stitcher: #aCast: You can also find our show at Please rate us five stars if you love us on iTunes...

Duration: 00:11:00

#191.5 | “Insecure” Season 2 Episode 2 Recap | #sayhowyoufeel

Get your tacos and your jalapeno poppers ready for SSN's review of episode two of Issa Rae's hit HBO series "Insecure." Issa's gone Nancy Drew trying to get the 411 on tig-ole-bittied Tasha, Lawrence is struggling with moving on with his life, Molly is struggling to get into the boys' club at work and Chad is just being the worst. Put your big girl panties on and join us as we unpack Issa and Lawrence's broken romance, along with their other interpersonal relationships. WHERE TO FIND US:...

Duration: 00:50:43

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