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SNN: Going Devoe in the Arrowverse

Greetings Nerds! We are back with a final Arrowverse discussion before heading in a short winter season hiatus. The SNN crew talk about frustrating inconsistencies, nit-picks, and more with new Guest Co-Host, Nick. SNN Producer, Will Polk finds himself favoring Black Lightning over his other superhero favorites, not to mention starting a bromance with Nick. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself stuck in some episode breakdown rambles and can't get over Devoe's creepy hovering...


SNN: Tales of the Thinker with Veronica Rose

Greetings Nerds! We are back talking all things The Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning, and This is Us (unintentionally). The crew kicks off the new year with brand new Guest Co-Host, Veronica Rose, whom they met over Twitter. She talks highs and lows of online fandom and Sons of Anarchy with us. Meanwhile our SNN Producer, Will Polk can't help but talk The Flash during our Arrow discussion. And SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds her self rearranging the rundown on the fly. We rant, we rave, and we...


SNN: Arrowverse Returns & Other Tangents

Greetings nerds. We are back celebrating our Mister Producer, Will Polk's one year podcasting anniversary, and talking all things the Arrowverse. Regular Guest Host, Patricia Miller returns to convince us that all Harrison Wells go by the same name. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself running through the content and being setup for some great one-liners. We rant, we rave, this is Scene N' Nerd. Spoiler Alert: Supergirl 3x11 “Fort Rozz” The Flash 4x11 “The Elongated Knight...


SNN: Spring TV & TVAfterDark

Greetings Nerds! The crew is back to present to you our Spring '18 expectations for the Arrowverse, Krypton, and Jessica Jones season 2. The nerds are joined this week by the ever agreeable TV After Dark Editor-In-Cheif, Reagen Pierce, who drops some serious Supergirl knowledge. Meanwhile SNN Co-host, Will Polk tries to predict next half or The Flash and Sarah doesn't even attempt to do the same for Arrow. We bicker, banter, and rant about our TV opinions...because this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: War of Stars & Nerds

Happy new year! Tonight SNN Co-hosts Sarah Belmont and Will Polk debate, discuss, and rant about Star Wars The Last Jedi. Yes, this topic has been discussed everywhere, but we wanted to share our fresh thoughts on both the film and franchise. Things get a bit heated between the dynamic duo, but we are talking about Kylo Ren's strength; Rey's character type; and Finn's weakness. This is Scene N' Nerd in 2018!


SNN: The Punisher Season 1 Rants & a Review

Greetings nerds. The Scene N' Nerd crew is back to rant, rave, and breakdown the first season of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix. The show may have been out for a while, but our special guest host, Patricia Miller has a lot to say on the matter. Meanwhile, SNN host, Sarah Belmont gets on her shipper soapbox about Frank and Karen. Our SNN Producer, Will Polk, explains why he just doesn't "get it". We rant, rave, and review...this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: Year's End, MCU & DCEU Debate

Greetings nerds! This a very special episode featuring a midseason review of The Gifted & more. Our SNN Producer, Will Polk, finally gives his Justice League review and opens a discussion about the DCEU outlook. Then SNN Host, Sarah Belmont breaks down the Avengers Infinity War trailer, while looking ahead for more marvelous gifts. We laugh, debate, and rant...this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: Mr. Robot Season 3 Finale Featuring GrantRose & Friend

Holiday greetings nerds! We are back breaking down the Mr Robot season 3 finale with some very special guests! Akira Spann from the Unmasked podcast serves as a guest host to provide a deeper perspective on Sam Esmail's universe. Meanwhile Mr Robot actor, Grant Chang joins the crew to give us the inside scoop; although he can neither confirm nor deny any Mr Robot fact. SNN hosts Sarah Belmont and Will Polk bicker, banter, and debate their own perspectives on this recording circus...this is...


SNN: Arrowverse Midseason Spoilers

Holiday greetings nerds! The SNN crew is back talking all things Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow after surviving a high expectation midseason finale week. Our heroes may have gone on hiatus until January, but they left us a whole lot of spoilers to unbox. Guest host, Patricia Miller continues to step up her game as our Legends of Tomorrow expert. SNN Producer, Will Polk relishes in The Flash delivering a midseason high and nailing his prediction from the previous week....


SNN: Crisis on Earth X

Greetings Nerds! We are back talking all things DCTV and the Crisis on Earth X Arrowverse crossover event. To help us unpack this epic for episode arc Who Would Win Podcast host Jay Sandlin crashes the podcast to drop a smoking arrow. Reoccurring Guest Host Patricia Miller serves as our resident Legends of Tomorrow expert and cries about a certain hero's death. Meanwhile our Mister Producer, Will Polk debates the merits of a double wedding with Sarah Belmont. The gang and friends are all...


SNN: Mr Robot & TV Tangents

This is a very, very special SNN episode that almost didn't happen due to inconvenient Skype updates. Recorded after a long week, tiresome TV, and right before our hosts take off for the holidays. Tonight SNN host, Sarah Belmont barely puts up a fight against Mister Producer, Will Polk about the differences between Mr Robot (3x06) and Mr Robot (3x07). Then after a drop call our hosts switch gears and direct their anger at this week's superhero lineup. What happen to the Flash? Why does...


SNN: Runtime Puddles

Greetings listeners, we are back talking all things Mr Robot season 3 with super fan Alyssa! Spoilers warning for episodes 3, 4, & 5. Our crew does some major theory spirals that were specifically approved by Alyssa prior to the show. SNN Mister Producer, Will Polk attempts to explain ribs to the crew. Meanwhile, Sarah can't find her own way out of the terrorized E-Corp building, due to all of Alyssa's fan knowledge drops. We debate, rant, and rave, because this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: Arrowverse & The Gifted Hype Overload

We are back talking all things Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, & The Gifted. Have no fear, because Guest Co-Host, Patricia Miller will not let the crew skip talking about the Legends of Tomorrow. Meanwhile our resident Producer, Will Polk argues The Flash season four upcoming redemption episodes and justice for Wally West. SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself wrapped up in a Felicity Smoak babble during our Arrow discussion. Have we mentioned how much The Gifted is delivering a strong first...


SNN: Stranger Things IRL with Bobby Del Rio

Greetings listeners! We are back with a special Guest Co-Host, Bobby Del Rio (IRL The Series) and our crew will never be the same again. We talk about show runners and gain a whole new understanding about the economics behind the entertainment business. SNN Producer, Will Polk, gets caught up in the IRL series. Meanwhile, SNN Co-Host, Sarah Belmont gets tongue-tied while breaking down Stranger Things Season 2. We ramble, rant, and steal each other's thunder; this is Scene'N'Nerd.


SNN: H3ll0 Fr13Nd Mr Robot S3 EP1-2

Hello friend, Mr. Robot season 3 has begun and we are dying to talk about the series! We even called in our local Mr Robot expert, Akira (Unmasked Podcast host) who proved to be on a first name basis with the bot. Our Mister Producer, Will Polk argues against those pesky time travel theories. Meanwhile SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself in a black hole of season 1 goodness. We talk Whitehorse, Darlene, and more on this episode of Scene N' Nerd. Spoiler Warning for the following...


SNN: The Arrowverse & The Banter is Back!

We're back and the gang is all here! The crew gives listeners some never before heard insight into their production meetings, while reviewing the season returns of Supergirl, The Flash, & Arrow. Guest Co-Host Patricia Miller does give a quick review about Legends of Tomorrow too! Meanwhile, our Mister Producer, Will Polk serves as our local Flash apologist for some missed opportunities. Oddly enough Sarah Belmont spends more time gushing about The Gifted second episode than the Arrow...


SNN Hiatus Season Wrap Up Featuring Bus Driving!

Greetings listeners! The crew is all here to banter, throw each under the bus, and wrap up the hiatus season. We review the Future Man, The Runaways, and Raising Dion trailers. Then our Mister Producer, Will Polk completely geeks out during his review of Star Trek Discovery's third episode. Show host, Sarah Belmont gushes about Fox's X-Men series The Gifted. While Guest Host, Patricia Miller finds herself in The Good Place [Spoiler Alert she hasn't seen season 2]. We bicker, banter, and...


SNN Hiatus Week #15: Fall TV Preview

Hello listeners, tonight we are breaking down the fall TV preview and dropping some serious speculation about our favorite shows. Our SNN Mister Producer, Will Polk, gushes about Star Trek Discovery and then heads over to Central City for Crisis on Earth X. SNN host, Sarah Belmont laughs off her latest binge-watch, American Vandal, then delves into a full rant about Mr Robot season 3. We rant, we rave, we gush, we tease...this is Scene N' Nerd! TV Trailers discussed: American Vandal:...


SNN Hiatus Week #14: Fall 2017 Movie Preview

Hello listeners! This week our crew breaks down the fall blockbuster and indie film scene with Guest Host, Patricia Miller. SNN Producer, Will Polk continues his Ozark pitch, while Sarah finds herself obsessing over the movie IT (Spoiler Alter: she hasn't seen it). Meanwhile, Patricia finds herself in The Good Place, until the crew discusses movies that she isn't anticipating this fall. Listen as we talk Thor, Justice League, Marshall, Battle of the Sexes, and more on this episode of Scene...


SNN Hiatus Week #13: All Fire, Thrones, & Ozark with Jackie Dallas

Greetings listeners, we are back with an all new TV-packed episodes! Indie filmmaker and actress, Jackie Dallas joins the recording to give us a production update on her film, Look Into the Fire. Co-hosts Sarah Belmont and Will Polk then catch up Jackie on their current hiatus binges. Sarah declares herself a Targaryen sympathizer during her discussion with Jackie about the Game of Thrones finale. Then both Will and Jackie team up to convince Sarah about giving Ozark a second chance. We...


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