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Learn How to Podcast The School of Podcasting helps you create a message that will inspire your audience, as well as tackle the technology, flatten the learning curve and help you face your fears.






Creating Events For Your Audience Part 1

The fastest way to connect with your audience is face to face. You may be thinking of creating a meetup, or a workshop, or yearly event around your topic/show. How do you go about doing it? Today we have Chris Krimitsos who is the organizer of, Nick Seuberling of Cincinnati Soccer Talk, and Darryl E. McCullough who just organized his first event National Podcast Power. Darryl also hosts the Full Circle Podcast. In today's episode you will hear: About Nick taking his audience on...

Duration: 00:44:15

Juggling the Podcaster Attitude

The podcaster attitude can be a tricky one to juggle. You care about your content, you care about your audience, but at times you might want to try something new, and that means your audience may not like it. If you like it, should you do it? Amy Pohler says yes. Success is achieved through Ambivalence This episode originate at Because of My Podcast - Dave Jackson My podcast has opened many doors over the 12 years I've been podcast. When I got home from...

Duration: 00:35:29

How To Compete with the Big Networks

Glenn the Geek Hebert (from )shares what he learns from talking to "Radio People" from Podcast Movement. We discuss being more focused with our podcast, so I bring on Addy Saucedo who is the author of The Podcast Planner ($37.99 on Amazon) and we talk about how you have less stress and more downloads by having a better plan for your podcast. This is episode 583 of the School of Podcasting and originates from Dr. Ryan Gray Stops...

Duration: 00:49:59

Um, Yeah, NO! - Keeping Bad Content Away From Your Audience

Every month I ask my audience a question. This month is have you ever been approached by someone who OBVIOUSLY has NO CLUE about your show? Special Thanks To: Bernie from Bernie the Cat Show Lee Silverstein from the Colon Cancer Podcast has people wanting to talk about Cancer conspiracies. Glenn Hebert from the Horse Radio Network had someone ask for a donation if he didn't want to be on the show. Matthew McClain does an audio drama (obviously no guests) but still gets solicited to...

Duration: 00:39:18

Podcast Movement 2017 Refrelections

I'm back from podcast movement, and I had a blast. I also have insights from one of the hardest assignments I've done in a long time. My Impression of Podcast Movement 2017 Nothing cooler than being picked up at that airport by fellow podcasters Marcus Couch from WordPress Plugins A to Z. We haven't seen each other face to face in about 10 years. We cranked some cool metal on the way to the Marriot and it was like old times. Then I get the then Marriot and I get to meet my co-host Jim...

Duration: 00:43:56

Sound Devices MixPre-3 Review

Full show notes can be seen at Why Keeping It Simple is a Good idea I do a show every Saturday call Ask the Podcast Coach with Jim Collison from and at one point I decided to connect with Jim over Google hangouts, as well as have a Call In Number for the phone. I had to send a mix to Jim that had myself and the caller (but not Jim) while sending a mix to the caller than had myself and Jim (but not the caller). For those up on the lingo, I...

Duration: 00:38:13

Three Years After Starting a Podcast He Has a Six Figure Income

Darren Dake of the Coroner Talk podcast started a podcast in 2013, and started a podcast, but it didn't last. He really loves being a death scene investigator so he started the Coroner Talk podcast 2014. This lead to numerous opportunities: He started to make connections with people He now gets around 15,000 download a month He was asked the be the trainer supervisor for his state. He wrote a few books that has lead him to speak at conferences multiple times He includes going to...

Duration: 00:44:18

No Longer Trapped in Radio, Phillip Keller Turns His Spotlight on Real People with Real Miracles

Because of My Podcast Randy Goers of the Drone Radio Show When you start a podcast you are seen as a digital influencer and today's example of something that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't because of their podcast is from Randy Goers who produces the Drone Radio Show. He explains how he is able to make great connections, and be able to attend Drone events with a press pass. He recently was able to interview one of the senior vice presidents of Intel who is in charge of directing...

Duration: 00:44:49

What Did You Change In Your Podcast and Why

Each month I ask my audience a question and they answer and we all learn together. This month I asked, "What have you changed about your show and why?" Some people added/removed co-hosts. Some people updated artwork and intro music. Others start/stopped writing out their podcasts. Some adjusted their attitude, or cut back on some of the podcast promotion. The following people contributed Win from Brad from Anna From Authentic...

Duration: 01:05:22

She Does a Podcast About What?! Alexandra Harbushka interview

Because of My Podcast Danny Peña’ is Now on Danny is a Hall of Fame podcaster who shared his story about how he started off with a cassette deck (see episode 506), and ended up playing video games with Bill Gates, and getting a spot on CBS Radio. Well, he has some more good news. He is not partnered with has evolved its reputation as the world’s leading social video platform and community for video game culture to now encompass an array of emerging content...

Duration: 00:44:03

His Podcast Brought Him So Much Business His Supplier Can't Keep Up - Bill Strand of Chameleon Breeder

King of the Niche Podcasts Bill Strand of In this 20 minute interview we hear how: Bill has been involved with Chameleon's For Over 40 Years His Podcast Has Lead His Audience to Trust Him and Engage with him on Social Media This trust has to lead to more sales than when he produced an Ezine (back in the day) His supplier can't keep up with the orders and Bill no longer mentions his Chameleon Cages on his show How Bill keeps his family supporting his show His...

Duration: 00:40:28

Are Podcasters Entertainers?

I went to two concerts this weekend and underneath all the education and information, podcasters are entertainers. If you're not entertaining your audience, you're losing them. defines entertain as, "to hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably; divert; amuse." We need to hold people's attention. The concerts I saw this weekend were Jonny Lang and King's X. Two Concerts by musicians with track records going all the way back to 1980 (King's X) and 1995 (Lang). Jonny Lang...

Duration: 00:36:23

It's a Lot of Work To Sound This Boring - Drew Ackerman of Sleep with Me Podcast

Today I talk with Drew Ackerman of the Sleep with Me Podcast. I met him at and I was amazed at the amount of detail he puts into a show that has a singular goal of putting you to sleep. In the interview you will hear: Washington Post Check out Drew's Sleep With Me Podcast at Trying Hard to Be Everything and Succeeding at.... I took another look at now that you can create a podcast for free. This is another great example of a...

Duration: 00:49:38

How Many Strikes Do Podcasters Get?

Even though I asked, "How many strikes do you give a podcast before turning out?" nobody answered with a number. Instead, the answers were "it depends." It sounds that you are going to get more strikes if you are delivering Contributors to the show Cliff from Tim From the Sled Dog Podcast Jenny from (personal journal podcast) Kyle from Reckoneer is your #1 resource for the race promoter who didn't major in business. Darren from...

Duration: 00:48:41

Bumper Sticker Reflections

We seem to think we don't know what to do, when in truth we don't do what we know. This week I attended Ray Edwards copyrighting academy, and it was pretty cool. I went there as I will be updating the School of Podcasting's website later this year. Also, people that are learning to write copy, probably have a product. People who have a product need customers, a great way to attract customers is via a podcast. So when you hear me say go to where your target audience is, make friends with...

Duration: 00:18:32

How Improv Skills Can Boost Your Podcasting Attitude

Becuase of my Podcast: Clay From Fish Nerds Clay has had some very cool things happen on his Fish Nerds Show including having a touring opera singer invite clay to do a show at a theater. Check out Clay at The Sometimes Condescending Nature of Radio People Towards Podcasting There are some really cool people from the radio industry that get podcasting. People like Eric K Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach and the Podcast Review Show, Michael Sharkey from the Talent...

Duration: 00:49:31

What Podcasters Can Learn From Kevin Hart

New Apple Specs Coming In the future, Apple Podcasts app will support some new features including: One the podcast level you will have Seasons Serial and Episodic podcast types On the Episode level Title, episode number, and season number Summary and episode notes Trailers and bonus content GUID (don’t change it!) I am worried when I read the text, "New subscribers will receive the first episode in their Library, or the current season if using seasons. " As we don't know what...

Duration: 00:48:19

Marketing Your Podcast - How Long Does it Take?

Understand Before Being Understood About a month ago I left a comment on the Spreaker Live show, and this comment resulted in a response from the host that in a conversation he had with me was "Disproportional." So after we both hissed at each I set up a time when we could talk about this and see how we pushed each other's buttons. We did and it was a great interview. The bad news is my SD Card ran out of room, and my backup (mp3 skype recorder) didn't get it either. I could call Alex...

Duration: 00:53:30

Why are You Podcasting? The Other F-Word

I asked the question: Are you podcasting? If so where and why? If you quit podcasting, why? If you haven't started yet, why? Matt from the Author Inside You Sleep Whispers Podcast Simple Money Solutions Steve Stewart Podcast Editor Jeff had a blog that didn't get traction (for every 2000 blogs there is ONE podcast), he wants his show to be perfect (if you miss perfect you land on really good), is it viable to spend more money (we spend money on bowling, golfing), and what about Web...

Duration: 00:51:52

Great Podcasting Begins with Listening to Your Audience -Jonathan Oakes Interview

Comments? 888-56-33228 Podcasting Microphone Shootout Microphone 1 - Audio Technica ATR2100 $59 (Here is Bundle with Boom arm) Microphone 2 - Audio Technica ATR2005 $79 Microphone 3 - Samson Q2U $54 (with headphones) Microphone 4 - Knox Dynamic USB Microphone $39 (here is a bundle with boom arm) Microphone 5 - Audi Technica 3035 $179 Microphone 6 - Heil Pr40 $327 Engage, Listen, and Grow Your Audience with Jonathan Oakes Jonathan Oakes has been producing the Trivial Warfare for...

Duration: 00:57:58

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