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About Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, and debunk some junk Science along the way with guests including Lawrence Krauss and Dr Carin Bondar.

About Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, and debunk some junk Science along the way with guests including Lawrence Krauss and Dr Carin Bondar.
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About Strap yourself in as Byrne and Wade take a look at the complex scientific issues, from time travel and black holes to the wacky world of animal sex, and debunk some junk Science along the way with guests including Lawrence Krauss and Dr Carin Bondar.






Season 6 Episode 5: Gettin' Down with Cara Santa Maria

In this episode Byrne and Wade chat with the awesome Talk Nerdy host Cara Santa Maria. The three discuss everything; from her battle with mental illness and how her training in psychology has assisted her understanding of the condition, to what it's like to be a part of skepticism royalty as the new member of Skeptics Guide to the Universe. They even discuss Rasputin's alleged penis and Cara's ousting as an atheist to her Mormon family with all the usual laughs along the way.

Duration: 00:39:53

Season 6 Episode 4: Science & Faith Part I with Vatican Astronomer Father Gabriele Gionti

This is the first of a two part where Byrne and Wade ask a series of questions to two Physicists about how their research into the workings of the Universe have influenced their belief, or lack thereof, in a god. In this episode the guys are joined by Vatican Astronomer/String Theorist Farther Dr. Gabriele Gionti.

Duration: 00:31:32

Sci-gasm Answers your Questions

From communism to cancer to Einstein's performance in the bedroom. Byrne and Wade try to answer some questions sent in from our followers. How did we do? Leave a comment and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your ideas and ask more questions!

Duration: 00:27:37

Season 6: Episode 2- Can We Still Trust Science? with Professor Brian Nosek

Byrne freaks out as he learns of a psychology paper that found less than 40% of psych studies can actually have their results repeated. Byrne begins to question the scientific method as well as his motives for creating a science podcast. In an attempt to help Byrne with his existential crisis, Wade decides to organise an interview with the lead author of the paper that is responsible for not only changing the face of psychology, but scientific research as a whole, Professor Brian Nosek.

Duration: 00:34:03

Season 6: Episode 1- Being Highly Logical with the Logical Libertarian

In this episode Byrne and Wade put on their Spock ears and talk to the blogger and social media warrior the 'Logical Libertarian' about how one can be rational and skeptical with no formal Scientific training.

Duration: 00:49:30

A Bunch of Enthusiasts have a Sci-gasm: A Chat with The Science Enthusiast Podcast

Byrne & Wade have a Google Hangout with Nat & Dan from The Science Enthusiasts Podcast and discuss everything from Ken Ham to the Paris Agreement and why you shouldn't listen to certain celebrities telling you to put things in your Vagina.

Duration: 00:22:54

Season 5 Episode 14 - From Fission Bombs to Fukushima: How Dangerous is Nuclear Power?

This episode Wade and Byrne look at the costs and causes of serious nuclear catastrophes. They discuss whether nuclear power is safe enough to deliver our future energy needs and how radiation is a real downer for the brains and balls of humans and birds alike.

Duration: 00:38:59

Season 5 Episode 13: Can We Live Forever?

Wade gets upset when he finds a grey hair, so Byrne decides to research if Wade can live forever. The guys discuss stem cells, bioethics, the mechanisms of age and if we can upload ourselves to the internet to live forever, and not just a below average quality Youtube video.

Duration: 00:31:38

Season 5 Episode 12: It's About Time

In this episode Wade talks to Byrne about the concept of time. What is time? Does it have a beginning? How do we know it exists? Is it the same everywhere in the Universe? Why did Einstein want to bang his cousin? Is Byrne married to his sister? All these questions and more are answered in this episode.

Duration: 00:31:30

Season 5 Episode 11: Why Do We Dream When We Sleep?

In this episode Byrne opens up the dream journal as he tells Wade what dreams are, why some scientists believe we have them, and how they help us understand the workings of the human brain.

Duration: 00:26:22

Season 5 Episode 9: Funny Science F#!k Ups

In this episode Byrne & Wade discuss the times when Science has hilariously fu#!ked up. From NASA "losing" a Mars probe because of a failed unit conversion to the metric system, to the misdiagnosis of women that would eventually lead the to the invention of the vibrator- the guys don't hold back.

Duration: 00:22:14

Season 5 Episode 9 - Having a Beer with Lawrence Krauss

Wade and Byrne are joined by the one and only Lawrence Krauss. He discusses his new book as well as the inflationary theory of the Universe, Science education in the modern world and Star Trek captains, all over a cold one! Get lost in his voice, just like we did...

Duration: 00:23:44

Season 5 Episode 8: The Scienterrific Method

In this episode Wade and Byrne discuss the scientific method. They look at its benefits and flaws, and what to look out for in order to identify bullshit studies. Byrne uses the Deepak Chopra quote generator to find inspiration whilst Wade explains his thoughts on Flat-Earthers.

Duration: 00:40:33

Season 5 Episode 6: Climate Models: Sexy Science or Heated Hogwash

Wade and Byrne talk to climate scientist Dr Angela Maharaj about the climate around climate science. They discuss the accuracy of climate models as well as the evidence scientists use to conclude humans are causing recent climate change.

Duration: 00:42:59

Season 5 Episode 5: Phobias - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Sex Robot

Byrne and Wade take a look at some of the strangest phobias going around and ask: Why do we have phobias? Are men or women more likely to get phobias? What does the Science say is the best way of treating a phobia? Why does the title of this episode mention Sex Robots? Byrne and Wade discuss phobias in a manner that only Sci-gasm can.

Duration: 00:41:07

Season 5 Episode 4: Medicinal Marijuana- Is it Worth the Hype?

Are there any health benefits in getting on the 'Ganga'? Byrne and Wade look at the merit of some health claims behind smoking/ingesting Marijuana, and its chemical compounds. They also discuss why there's still so much that we don't know.

Duration: 00:27:31

Season 5 Episode 3- Should You Trust Your Own Memory?

I think in this episode Byrne & Wade explore just how flawed our recollection of events and past experiences can be. They take a look at how false memories can be ‘implanted’ in a person, and how ‘Forgotten Baby Syndrome’ is far more common than you may think

Duration: 00:27:08

Season 5 Episode 2- Are Humans Still Evolving?

Are we still evolving, or have we removed ourselves from selection pressures? Byrne and Wade discuss how we can observe human evolution around us even today, and Wade learns why he'll never become Wolverine.

Duration: 00:31:56

Season 5 Episode 1- What Will Kill You

Wondering what the odds are of that peanut butter sandwich killing you? Or maybe that Banana in the fruit bowl? In this episode Byrne and Wade look at the odds of being killed when engaging in certain activities, and why scientists actually have a unit of measurement for your untimely death.

Duration: 00:26:27

Season 4 Episode 10 - Neonicotinoids: A Bee's Dick of Certainty

The buzz around is that bee's are in trouble. Wade and Byrne look at some of the different reasons people bee-lieve this and what Science says about the pesticides bee-ing used on our food crops.

Duration: 00:35:16

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