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A podcast that covers science fiction film both good and bad. We analyze storytelling through film, story structure, direction, and performances, but I promise we aren't stuffy film critic rejects. We'll make you laugh and we may point something out that you missed. Give us a listen!

A podcast that covers science fiction film both good and bad. We analyze storytelling through film, story structure, direction, and performances, but I promise we aren't stuffy film critic rejects. We'll make you laugh and we may point something out that you missed. Give us a listen!
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A podcast that covers science fiction film both good and bad. We analyze storytelling through film, story structure, direction, and performances, but I promise we aren't stuffy film critic rejects. We'll make you laugh and we may point something out that you missed. Give us a listen!




#226: The Goonies

Matthew and Dean take another swing at an 80s classic. Are you 80s'd out yet? We may be approaching our limit on nostalgia. This episode is replete with outrageous nonsense, read: The Italian man who is so overwhelmed with a woman's hotness that he can't have sex with her -- he has to call his mother. The lads also talk about fat kids, Asian accents, pantie-shots, the apparent gullibility of Spanish-speaking people, and an imagined world in which Donner and Spielberg are terrible people. The...

Duration: 01:57:25

#225: Bone Tomahawk

Matthew and Dean get into tribalism, savagery, and the primal reality of living in the American frontier. Where is the line between nature and civilization? "You are always a breath away from being out there." Matthew proclaims, and Dean agrees. The lads also ponder why Bone Tomahawk wasn't talked about more, and they ask the question, "Is the brutality over the top or does it work in the setting?" All this and more with this week's discussion of Bone Tomahawk. Follow Dean on Twitter....

Duration: 01:56:15

1-2: Doctor Who "The End of the World"

Jessica and Dean dive into Doctor Who at the request of Ane De Assis who bountied this episode and "The Girl in the Fireplace" (coming soon!). Dean and Jessica were both impressed with the acting, British camp, and overall feeling of their viewing experience. Dean imagined exploits in Great Britain that involved meat pies and the "girl next door", and Jessica managed to link Doctor Who to her love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks again to Ane for bringing us this charming British...

Duration: 00:57:05

#223: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dean shocks Matthew by revealing to him that he has never seen Dawn of the Dead, and doesn't revere George Romero like most people seem to do. Dean does start to understand the appeal towards the end of the episode. Apparently, Matthew's unabashed enjoyment of this flick got Dean's attention, like a well-timed zombie bite (yuck yuck). The lads get into the zombie sub-genre quite a bit, but don't worry, they talk about ghosts, werewolves, and vampires too. Push play, sit back, and put your...

Duration: 01:51:03


The LSG Media team: Dean, Jessica, Matthew, Josh, Jon, Damaris, and Maria all picked suitable Halloween movies to cover, placed them in a poll, and our members voted in Scream -- Jessica's pick. Jessica also demanded that this podcast be a 4-way so she could properly gloat about her victory over the rest of the team, but in her defense it wouldn't be proper Scream coverage without all of the hosts. The gang talks about the good parts of the movie, and then... Dewey. Sorry ladies, but...

Duration: 01:59:04

The Raid: Redemption

Coming in hot with coverage of "The Raid: Redemption"! Dean "Rama" Martin is in a mood and firing from the hip this week while Matthew "Mad-Dog" Anderson proves to be the anchor and the only one displaying any level of professionalism. This should concern you. If the rails are anyway in sight, please let Matthew and Dean know where they are, so they can get back on track in their coverage of this fan-favorite. In their floundering the lads manage to talk marital arts flicks, fight...

Duration: 01:30:41

Firefly: "Serenity" and "Train Job"

Dean, Matthew, and Jessica cover the first two episodes of the cult-favorite, Firefly. They dive into the 'Verse and go beyond the black. They talk first impressions (or at least recall first impressions), they look at the characters, performances, and dialogue. The gang also compares Fox's impressions of the "Serenity" pilot as well as the character of Mal. Was he [Mal] too dour at the start? Follow Dean on Twitter. @Dean_LSGMedia Follow Matthew on Twitter. @MatthewFromLSG Follow LSG...

Duration: 02:21:33

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049: a science-fiction noir flick, and a disaster to try and market. Will the opening weekend box office numbers recover over time? Is Blade Runner 2049 a good movie? Does the sequel retread old ground or does it offer something unique against the original? Does it suffer from sequelitis, a rare and dangerous disease that bloats original concepts into bigger, badder, and often much more shallow and thoughtless characters and plot points? Was Ryan Gosling the right choice? Was...

Duration: 02:40:22


Matthew and Dean talk Willow and you will likely not be surprised to learn that they talk about the following: Diakini supremacy, Ron Howard's cruel treatment of the pecks, Dean's secret desires for Val Kilmer, Willow the do-nothing hero, and lots of low-blows on Willow and the rest of the 80s fantasy genre. If you are looking for reverence... look elsewhere, the lads take the piss out of this one at every turn. Sorry, not sorry. Follow Dean on Twitter. @Dean_LSGMedia Follow Matthew on...

Duration: 01:53:51

Black Hawk Down

Matthew called in sick this week, so it came down to Dean and Josh to discuss the bountied film (thanks Michael Claudio!) Black Hawk Down. The lads try their best to be entertaining this week, but if we're being honest, this is heavy material. Despite wishing terrible things upon Legolas (not Blackburn), and having a laugh at Orlando Bloom's expense, most of this episode was talking about the awful situation that unfolded at the Battle of Mogadishu. Josh's perspective (as always) was...

Duration: 02:47:01

Replicants, Sex Dolls, and Robots: A Blade Runner Retrospective

Matthew and Dean jump on the mics to talk about replicants, sex dolls, and robots. They manage to talk a little bit about Blade Runner, LSG's FIRST podcast episode which needed a slight revisit ahead of Blade Runner 2049. They ask hard-hitting questions about dating in Japan, sexuality, the robot revolution, and they take a few minutes to explore a forum where people who purchase $4,000 sex dolls hang out. Are we going to bang robots into indifference? We aren't sure, but it is fun to talk...

Duration: 00:56:12

Lord of the Rings "Return of the King" (Extended)

Dean, Jessica, and Matthew wrap-up their coverage of the epic tale of Lord of the Rings with a wild discussion about "Return of the King." You are about to meet some interesting characters, from elven slave traders, to a Sauron hosted Barad-dur Shopping Network, to the infamous and notorious Jester, Pipituch. Come plow your way through outrageous and wildly immature jokes about Sam, Frodo, Boromir (of course Dean mentions him), Saruman, Smeagol, Eomer, Eowyn, Arwen, and every other...

Duration: 02:51:13


Dean returns to the pod and he is joined by his good pals Josh and Matthew. This three-way is exactly what you'd expect out of these guys when it comes to a flick like Sicario, a complete and utter suck-off fest. There is a lot to discuss this week, and the lads unanimously agree that this movie is brilliant and very rewatchable. Josh points out that Emily Blunt's performance is at the top of the pile, and Matthew imagines a kid's soccer game coached by Alejandro (Where did the other...

Duration: 02:52:52

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Matthew and Josh take the lead this week as Dean and Jessica lounge around post-honeymoon. The lads got this episode off the ground at the behest of listener Benjamin Prugh who had a great idea for a charity episode. All those details will be covered on the pod. As for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome there was plenty to like, and although Josh was salty because his cartoon Transformers lost the vote, he enjoyed this flick. Matthew was also high on 'Beyond' after a second watch. One of the most...

Duration: 02:44:05

Alien: Covenant

Remember, Alien: Covenant will be our last episode until we cover Sicario on September 25th. We are off next week. Join Dean, Matthew, and Jessica as they dive into Ridley Scott's return to the Alien franchise. It's no secret that the glorious hosts at LSG Media are not fans of Prometheus, and consequently, they had low expectations heading into their coverage of Covenant. That said there are still plenty of problems with this go-around, and we are starting to see that Ridley Scott's...

Duration: 02:40:57

John Wick: Chapter 2

Prepare yourselves for a total sausage party as Dean, Matthew, and Josh offer up a three-man band dedication to an excellent second installment in the John Wick franchise. Most of this podcast episode is spent with the lads all happily patting each other on the back as they drop to their knees in service of John Wick and his martial prowess. Does it lack the initial surprise that the original offered when you first see the incredible gun-play and stunt work? Sure. But this film does a...

Duration: 02:17:28


Matthew and Dean have been on a bit of a critical tear lately (okay, maybe only for "Local Hero") with their commentary, but this week shifts into unabashed love for what Matthew is hailing as a "modern classic". Commodus gets the nickname "Little Boots" once reserved for Caligula - the other crazy Roman, Dean has a little too much rum, and the lads really get after Joaquin Phoenix's manner of speech and need for love. Did we cheer for the subjugation, domination, and murder of many...

Duration: 03:01:32

Tron (1982)

Tron provoked some hilarious discussion between Matthew and Dean. For example: how many 5-year olds do you think you could defeat in hand-to-hand combat before succumbing to exhaustion? Matt thinks about 200. Dean thinks a lot on account of their undeveloped and terrible legs. The lads also discuss a skirt that Jeff Bridges had to wear on account of his crotch bulge. "Disney Deep" becomes a term, and the lads get into their memories of arcades and video games. Thanks again for the folks...

Duration: 02:29:21

Local Hero

Matthew and Dean go hard in the paint with the barn-burning Forsyth classic, Local Hero. The lads both admit that this flick wasn't their cup of tea, and not because of bad film making, but more so because not a lot happens. With Local Hero, understated becomes plodding. The shining part of the film is Burt Lancaster and Wedge Antilles. Matt says he will watch it again, and Dean says he will just take Matt's word for it. He'd [Dean] rather watch Wicker Man ('73) instead. Special thanks...

Duration: 02:08:25

Stand By Me

Matthew and Dean talk life, death, growing up, old friends, death some more, and the fleeting years of childhood. They also manage to toss some meaty "Stand By Me" into their existential sandwich. Join the lads for another romp through their childhood memories and the perspective of adulthood that only adults can have. Support LSG Media by becoming a member. Subscribe iTunes|Android|Google Play|Sticher|TuneIn|RSS Recording/Release...

Duration: 02:30:04

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