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Episode #17: Carl Sagan

Episode #17: Carl Sagan. Recorded on 12.1.2017. The crew at Science Knights dives into the profile of the great Dr. Carl Sagan, astronomer, professor, and ultimate science communicator. There’s plenty to discuss from the man’s career to his legacy. Join the conversation and then do yourself a favor, check out Sagan on your own. A ... Read more

Duration: 00:28:19

Episode #16: What is Light?

Episode #16: What is Light? Recorded on 11.9.2017. The crew at Science Knights has returned after the Thanksgiving Break and is ready to delve back into the world of science. This week Josh tries to wrap his head around Light. Visible, electromagnetic, all of it! The properties, important discoveries, and the mind-blowing ways that light ... Read more

Duration: 00:28:39

Episode #15: Grandmother Fish

Episode #15: Grandmother Fish. Recorded on 11.12.2017. The Science Knights have the great pleasure of welcoming Jonathan Tweet to the studio. Not only is Jonathan a legend in the table top and RPG worlds, but he is also the creator and writer of Grandmother Fish, a children’s book on evolution. Check him out! And be ... Read more

Duration: 00:22:30

Episode #14: Flat Earth??

Episode #14: Flat Earth?? Recorded on 10.26.2017. The Science Knights attempt to delve into their first PSEUDOSCIENCE topic. For this inaugural episode the hosts focus on The Flat Earth Theory. Let’s take a look at this! Also please feel free to correct or contend with any of the points in this video, the crew welcomes ... Read more

Duration: 00:42:43

Episode #13: Beer Science

Episode #13: Beer Science. Recorded on 10.20.2017. The Science Knights want to talk about beer. And luckily the lovely Barbara from Georgetown Brewing in Seattle is here to guide them along. Together they delve through the science and the process of brewing beer, along with some of the ways the senses are interpreted by your ... Read more

Duration: 00:32:47

Episode #12: Apollo Part 2

Episode #12: Apollo Part 2. Recorded on 10/12/2017. The Science Knights rocket away towards the second half of NASA’s Apollo missions. This week the guys cover Apollo 11 through Apollo 17. There are two versions of this week’s episode. The full version is available in audio form and a shorter, more concise version is available ... Read more

Duration: 00:48:20

Episode #11: Apollo Part 1

Episode #11: Apollo Part 1. Recorded on 10.5.2017. The Science Knights have finished the legwork and get to move into the interesting and the specifics, so what do they choose? A two-part series on the historic Apollo missions! This week Josh, Adam, and Peter discuss the first few missions of Apollo, the records broke, and ... Read more

Duration: 00:28:24

Episode #10: Genuine Geology

Episode #10: Genuine Geology. Recorded on 9.28.2017. The Science Knights delve into the rocks and earth around them on the ancient timeline of geology! This week Jon, Adam, and Josh discuss the age of the Earth, the current geologic era, and some of the great minds in the history of geology. They even find out ... Read more

Duration: 00:34:38

Episode #9: NASA meets Knights

Episode #9: NASA meets Knights. Recorded on 9.16.2017. The Science Knights have the great pleasure of welcoming Steven C. Smith to the studio in real life. Sequestering him away from Renton City Comic Con, the Science Knights discuss all the cool happenings in the world of NASA, some of the best things about physics, as ... Read more

Duration: 00:39:25

Episode #8: Fun with Physics

Episode #8: Fun with Physics. Recorded on 8.26.2017. This time around we’re discussing all things Physics! The Science Knights – Garrett, Adam, and Josh – discuss the overview of the scientific discipline, some historical figures in the field, and some of the coolest aspects within the world of Physics! Be sure to check them out ... Read more

Duration: 00:32:06

Episode #7: STEM Talk with JPL

Episode #7: STEM Talk with JPL. Recorded on 8.1.2017. The Science Knights have the distinct pleasure of hosting Dr. Brandon Rodriguez, PhD for the first time. Dr. Rodriguez works in the education center for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The trio discuss the strange areas pop-culture focuses on science, what it’s like to ... Read more

Duration: 00:25:37

Cassini: The Grand Finale

In honor of the Cassini-Huygens mission coming to an end on September 15th, we are releasing a special episode discussing some of the history and discoveries made by this great mission. A Lazy Knights production. We are also now available on iTunes! Please rate and reviews us if you enjoyed this episode:

Duration: 00:23:38

Episode #6: Cool with Chemistry

Episode #6: Cool with Chemistry. Recorded on 8.24.2017. Science Knights is looking for a reaction out of this latest episode, it’s all about Chemistry. Elements. Reactions. Compositions. There’s some discussion of historically astounding discoveries from men and women of all walks of life in this most in-depth and powerful field of scientific study. Come along ... Read more

Duration: 00:34:27

Episode #5: Big on Biology

Episode #5: Big on Biology. Recorded on 7.19.2017. It’s time to delve into Biology. This week the Knights discuss some of the history and greatest discoveries in the realm of biology. Join Adam, Jon, and Josh as the give an overview of what a cell is, as well as some of the mind-blowing aspects of ... Read more

Duration: 00:31:29

Episode #4: Science in Fiction

Episode #4: Science in Fiction. Recorded on 7.27.2017. The Science Knights welcome Miles Greb to the studio and embark on a discussion about the role of science in fiction. Miles discusses his books After the Gold Rush and Clovis and together the troop dives into past and recent science fiction to examine the role of ... Read more

Duration: 00:42:12

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017. Recorded on 8.23.2017. The Science Knights release a special episode all about the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred over North America during the summer of 2017. Join Adam, Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they compare notes on the experience, the science, the epicness of celestial bodies, and the contrast between a ... Read more

Duration: 00:28:41

Episode #3: Astronomy Plus

Episode #3: Astronomy Plus. Recorded on 7.22.2017. For the third installment of the Science Knights show Adam, Josh, and Peter bring you an episode all about Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology!! The Knights give you a brief overview of each discipline, how they relate to one another, and then launch into what they find most interesting ... Read more

Duration: 00:51:10