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Heidelberg, Germany


A podcast about physics, history, computers, events, people, made with lots of passion by people studying Physics, History and German. Yeah!




The End

Unfortunately, we have to discontinue the English channel of this podcast. We would have loved to continue, but right now, it is basically impossible for the two of us, as we are crazy busy right now and cloning - well. We are very sorry! If you, by any chance, learn or know German, though, there's still new episodes for you. Otherwise: Thanks for listening! It was a lot of fun bringing you stuff we love. The song is Vienna Ditto's "Stop" - the one we've used for our intro.

Duration: 00:06:14

Fusion Facts

We are investigating fusion! After trying to master the basics in our first episode, we answer the big questions: Why does anyone want fusion power? Why do governments spend that much money trying to handle plasmas? Also, you and a friend of yours will be running laps in a stadium just to collide and fusion at some point. Why have we been so infrequent lately? It's because there will be a book! We have been working on it for the last few months and still have to do a lot of stuff. We'll...

Duration: 00:23:59

Though this be madness, there is lead in't

This time around, we stay with the books and agree with Jojen from Game of Thrones: True, but sometimes, if you were a medieval illuminator, your manuscript could kill you before you could read it. Follow us into the world of hungry greens and poisonous ink! Does anyone of you read the text below the episode? If yes: You're cool! Hi! I want it to be known that all our music can be found here. This time, we even included links to all the songs. Here's the summary: Opening and closing song...