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Clearing out dysfunctional relationship energy can repair or help end it gracefully

Today, you’ll hear how quickly behavior of an estranged or difficult partner can shift when you do the work on your side energetically, that is clearing old relationship baggage. This is a story about Mary Ann who has a certain amount of intuitive abilities but didn’t have all the knowledge she needed to take care of the looming personal decisions ahead of her. Her Relationship Problems Caused Trouble in Her Lucrative Business Mary Ann is a very talented business woman with a half a million...

Duration: 00:08:37

What happens during an energy healing session and what results can you expect after one treatment?

Today’s show is about what you could experience after one energy healing session. You’ll hear about several techniques, many of which you are already familiar with, and what they all do. Are you going to feel anything? Common questions I get are: am I going to feel anything, do I only need one session, what’s going to happen, do changes happen right away, what changes could I expect, does it always work, and how long will it take? Too many people are mis-informed about what happens. They...

Duration: 00:29:15

4 Tips to improve your muscle testing technique – muscle test on yourself

In this video, you’ll see what to do if your muscle testing doesn’t work. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of muscle testing, but there is a scientific basis for it. There is research that even shows body posture and your stress hormone levels are directly connected. Many people fail to get accurate results with muscle testing and despite trying these 4 tips in this video, still won’t. But for the vast majority, following the 4 tips in this video will improve accuracy and...

Duration: 00:16:58

Energy healing to end unhealthy relationship and even stop stalking

In this episode, you’ll hear how you could possibly invite dysfunctional relationships into your life and how you can stop a current or future problem with energy healing. You might have found yourself or find yourself in a frightening situation such as having an abusive or just plain creepy person following you around. And it’s not a matter of intelligence. In today’s story, you’ll hear how a woman named Vivian was ensnared in a creepy situation with a “suitor” calling her often and...

Duration: 00:11:35

Essential Skills for Conscious Evolutionaries to Manifest Their Dreams with Anne Rose Hart

In this episode, Anne Rose Hart shows you how to manifest your dreams and bring them into reality through joy. She makes some key points that when you laugh, you show the universe what it is you want. It sets you on the path to being able to achieve it without exactly knowing how. Anne Rose Hart is known as a Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over last decade. As the creator of the revolutionary Quantum Play method for personal...

Duration: 00:52:46

What is stopping you from discovering your purpose in life?

In today’s show, you’ll hear how to discover your purpose in life. Are you tired, disappointed in the course of your life, ready for a big change? Maybe you are overwhelmed and stressed out. Two women asked me this question recently: "What’s my purpose in life? I can’t see it for myself." While I’m many ways psychic with clair-skills, I don’t answer these questions. I help you answer them for yourself by taking 3 to 4 steps. These steps involve gaining mental and emotional clarity by going...

Duration: 00:13:58

How old relationship issues, whether emotional or sexual, can cause financial problems

In today’s episode, you’ll hear that even friendly and amicable separation or divorce can cause relationship issues within you including financial and business problems. Have you gone down a separate path with a former partner or spouse and something is just not right any more? This story could be for you. This is the story of Diane, who has had a very successful coaching and consulting business for over 30 years. In short order, new clients dried up and her income took a big hit. When she...

Duration: 00:09:30

Top self-care strategy to stop the cycle of physical or verbal abuse in your partnership

Today, you’re going to hear how the cycle of spousal abuse can be stopped by either the perpetrator or the victim. Often you see spousal and partner abuse victims go back over and over again to their unhealthy situations. If you are in this situation, you don’t realize you have a lot of power. Somewhere along the line, you got disempowered. This story is about an abused woman that was asking the question of “when is it going to stop” in a self-help meeting. The story was difficult for me...

Duration: 00:10:17

How to Stay in a Forever Honeymoon with Your Soulmate with Denise Darlene and Joe Paulicivic

You’ve heard me say it many times. Research over the last seventy to 80 years shows that your health and wealth depend on eight factors. The number one factor is your relationships. Today’s guests, Denise Darlene and Joe Paulicivic are going to talk exactly on that important topic. Matchmaking, relationship coaches, relationship therapy are all really big business. This popularity points to the struggle so many have with relationships. Why is it so tough to be happy in them and why are...

Duration: 01:05:05

How repressed anger at a former partner can lead to relationship issues and block your success

Today, you’ll hear about Louise’s difficulty in getting over her ex-partner. She had a lot of repressed anger. She was furious at him and this fury was radiating out all over the place unbeknownst to her. In fact, when you spoke to her, you couldn’t tell by her behavior how angry she was. She seemed happy and calm, unless the topic of her ex-partner came up. Then it was obvious. She complained to me that she was having trouble meeting someone new despite her being on various contact or...

Duration: 00:07:15

How to find your soulmate – the fastest path

In this show, you’ll hear about how you can attract your soul mate, when you shouldn’t, and when you should. Around me, single people often say they’re looking for their soul mate, their perfect mate, or the love of their life. I’ve written and spoken about this before. You might not like the answer, but settling on someone before you’re ready may not end well. In this short episode, you’ll hear why and how you can accelerate the process of being ready. You’ll also hear what it means to be...

Duration: 00:10:44

How assertive communication improves emotional self care and relationships

In this video/podcast, you’ll hear about the lack of self care that pervades our culture leads to self-defeating behavior and guilt. This is often felt by women who exercise self care without the proper mindset. Exercising self care can be as simple as being assertive in expressing your needs. Further, many of you are not even aware of how you put everyone else’s opinions and needs ahead of your own. Even without being aware, this manifests as stress in the body. Which in turn, can lead to...

Duration: 00:04:09

Rewriting the story of your life to massive transformation with Kerri Hummingbird

Kerri Hummingbird leads you down a path of transformation that works at a heart and soul level rather than thinking with your head. In today’s show, she describes how the failure of years of talk therapy due to early life trauma lead her down the path to healing with Toltec and Shamanic wisdom. That true healing and releasing old patterns can’t be done by talking and thinking them out, but instead transformation comes from a gut, emotional and heart level. She inspires women to be the...

Duration: 00:43:44

How Energy Healing Works, When It Doesn’t and What to do About It.

In today’s radio show, Gwen Lepard interviews Anastasia about how energy healing works. First, you’ll hear what is well-served by energy healing and what isn’t. Too many people unfamiliar with energy healing have no idea that quantum physics shows us how it works. You’ll discover exactly how science backs up distance healing. Sometimes energy healing doesn’t work. Discover what the three reasons are and how to help you get more out of your energy healing sessions and avoid the most common...

Duration: 01:05:01

Why you need to worry about the scars on your skin and in your mouth with Shannon and Renee

Shannon and Renee run the Natural Healing Center here in Costa Mesa, CA. Their Center has a huge variety of alternative therapies available, including: nutrition, massage, cellular rejuvenation, athletic performance, detox, etc. Many of these things you’ve heard of before, and together they add up to a comprehensive alternative set of therapies. One therapy that you might not be familiar with is scar healing . Scar Healing isn’t something that’s well known or practiced but I know from my...

Duration: 00:46:37

Balancing Hormones Naturally With or Without Energy Healing

On this broadcast co-hosted by Gwen Lepard, you are going to hear about how to balance hormones naturally without the need for hormonal supplements, chemical or naturally compounded. You’ll discover * the common symptoms of hormonal imbalances, some may surprise you. * the three steps to healing your body naturally from this problem. This includes first eliminating toxins from your environment and your food supply, helping your body cleanse from what you’ve already taken in and...

Duration: 00:57:49

Beat Stress and Overwhelm with Mindfulness with Bruce Langford

Stress and overwhelm are the number one complaint amongst the successful and ambitious. What is your success costing you? So many people are focussed on their achievement that they forget to consider themselves in the equation. Many healers, coaches, doctors and other practitioners are guilty of this, as well as myself. Bruce Langford is a calming influence: he helps people regain their inner calm. As way of history, Bruce became passionate about helping bullied children in 2003 when he...

Duration: 00:45:33

After you’ve achieved it all but want more, discover what’s next with Felicia Searcy.

You’ve achieved it all and you’re wondering, is that all? Felicia Searcy has a solution. She speaks so passionately about you transforming your life to live your dream life exactly as you imagined. She helps you discover the immutable laws of the universe and how you can use them to transform you in ways you never thought possible. She has helped tens of thousands of people do just that. She has inspired many more just with her speaking, her writing and her ministry. She is thrilled by the...

Duration: 00:41:53

Number 2 factor for health and wealth is a satisfying career, but what if it isn’t?

In this weeks radio show, you’ll hear about the importance of a satisfying career. But what if you ended up in one that numbs you to the core, but you need the job? Why do so many millionaires lose their fortunes once they make their goals? What’s the missing piece? Listen in to this weeks show for these answers and more as Gwen Lepard and Anastasia chat about these and much much more.

Duration: 00:54:14

Change your habits to change your body with Lisa Goldberg

On today’s show, Lisa Goldberg says “I chose to stay home and stopped my life because of my weight!” Does this painful situation sound familiar? It did for me! When I heard that Lisa was less about diet and exercise and more about changing habits and behaviors to help people get lean and healthy, I wanted to know more. To remind you, there are 8 factors that are vitally important to your health, wealth and happiness and having a healthy body is on the list with diet, exercise, sleep etc. I...

Duration: 00:46:42

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