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The Human Radio Educational Research Project promotes the tangible merger of science, spirituality and consciousness, or practical spirituality, to help advance human evolutionary development. Please visit to learn more about us, and our scientifically spiritual consciousness cultivation curriculum.




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Quantum Collaboration

Sharing Knowledge for The Greater Good Our facilitator Jeremy was recently a featured guest on a podcast called "Answers for Real Men", where he discussed how to be true to one's self. We think men and women alike can benefit from his wisdom on this subject, and we welcome you to listen in and enjoy! YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT HERE: [...]

Duration: 01:11:38

Quantum Deconstruction

Breaking Down Consciousness Barriers With the assistance of modern physics and neuroscience, we employ the historical method of deconstructivism to shed critical light on the impossibility of objectivity. We also discuss why deconstructing our own realities is essential for our journeys of consciousness cultivation. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT HER [...]

Duration: 00:56:51

Quantum Subjectivity

Free Will in our 11th Dimensional Universe With the assistance of research from Neuroscientist and Professor Dean Buonomano, we discuss the physical theory of eternalism within our 11th dimensional implicate order Universe. This includes free will decision-making based on the subjective nature of human consciousness. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT HE [...]

Duration: 00:36:43

Quantum Leaping

Taking Leaps in our Spiritual Journeys Our 11th dimensional spirit selves function as two-way radios. Although we can physically initiate the connection, at times It pushes data through to our dermal selves to help us overcome consciousness blockages. This is called Quantum Leaping, and it causes huge breakthroughs. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT HER [...]

Duration: 00:49:39

Quantum Activism

Living Quantum Physics Inside and Out According to Physicist Amit Goswami, Quantum Activism involves changing ourselves and society according to the tenets of Quantum Physics. This happens by stripping away consciousness blockages to cultivate the 11th dimensional spirit self and live a 100% complete existence. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT HERE: [...]

Duration: 00:43:45

Quantum Connectedness

Reconciling our 11th Dimensional Selves In our implicate order Universe, the 11th dimensional spirit self is the superfluid that stirs, or animates, human beings. Physics, neuroscience and ancient religion support our ability to reconcile the manufactured divide between our conscious physical, and eternal spiritual, selves. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT [...]

Duration: 00:50:05

Quantum Tunneling

Overcoming Blockages of Consciousness Quantum Tunneling is thought to only occur on the mechanical level. However, as research demonstrates, we can fundamentally alter our conscious existences by undertaking quantum tunneling experimentation on the relative level, thus reconciling past situations affecting our present being. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT [...]

Duration: 00:45:11

Quantum YOU-nification

YOU-nifying Einstein's Field Theory Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory is not merely a mathematical equation, but is actually a tangible blueprint for consciousness cultivation human beings can employ in their everyday lives based on his understanding that "All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree." YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT [...]

Duration: 00:51:26

Quantum Immortality

The Physics of Spirit Self Eternity In our implicate order Universe, our 4-dimensional physical, mass-matter based selves do indeed have finite shelf lives. However, our true 11th dimensional selves are scientifically and spiritually proving to be timeless and thus, 'deathless' in an eternally active, energy-frequency sense. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT [...]

Duration: 02:37:09

Quantum Nothingness

Becoming 11th Dimensionally Something The belief that consciousness exists in a vacuum of dead space is proving to be an inaccurate theory on both quantum and relative levels of existence. Rather, in our 11th dimensional Universe, nothingness is simply a choice we make to remain unengaged above and below, inside and out alike. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD I [...]

Duration: 00:42:19

Quantum Consciousness

The Interconnectedness of Being The scientific validation of quantum entanglement in 2015 has shed new light on the nature of consciousness, and validated various ancient schools of spiritual study that taught initiates how to release 4 dimensional fears and biases to live in, and be one with, our 11th dimensional Universe. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOAD IT [...]

Duration: 00:39:33

Being Responsible

Being Physically & Spiritually Responsible Being equally responsible to the spiritual and physical nature of our true selves encompasses how The Human Radio goes about eliciting our spiritual instruction services. It is also a positive way to approach interactions with other human beings physically and non-physically speaking alike. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: [...]

Duration: 00:34:59

Divine Balance

Balancing the Physical and non-Physical ​Physicist David Bohm's discovery of the implicate order and thus, the phyiscal person and life and non-physical person and life, means learning to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves in order to live the most empowered and enlightened existence humanly possible. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE: OR DOWNLOA [...]

Duration: 00:25:57

Positive Thinking

How thought intention helps or hurts As Physicist William Tiller proved with his psychoenergetics experiments, our thoughts carry a scientifically verifiable presence, or 'weight'. This means our thoughts can tangibly help or harm both inside of ourselves, as well as outside where other human beings are concerned. You Can Listen to the Podcast Here: Or Download It Her [...]

Duration: 00:30:04

Trusting Yourself

Learning how to re-trust ourselves We endure countless life experiences with self and others stripping us of our inner selves and true power. Both science and spirituality posit our inner voices, or inner children, have always known the way back to the Kindgdom of Heaven above and below, inside and out alike...even if we trick ourselves into believing otherwise. You can listen to the podcast here: [...]

Duration: 00:27:26

Practical Spirituality

Being True to our 11th dimensional selves Our inaugural podcast introduces the concept and practice of practical spirituality in terms of learning about, and being true to, our entire, holistic 11th dimensional selves above and below, inside and out alike. This includes in our daily interactions with ourselves, as well as everyone we keep in our lives. You can Listen to the podcast Here: [...]

Duration: 00:23:42