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#125 – We Welcome our Robot overlords

Tay's back from taking Doug Flutie on a romantic Vacation and tells the gang about her trip including where she left her barf bag and her new business idea for scotch sporting The gang catches up on everything that was missed, including explaining whats a Raffy Lopez, the difference between Angel and Aaron Hernandez, and why Umpires can easily be replaced with an iPad (all Hail) With a preseason NFL game happening while the gang records, they come to realize Brock Osweiler is still alive,...

Duration: 01:43:59

#124 – Suspensions, Losers, and Too Much Fun League

With Tay away Katie steps in to host. She is joined by Tyler and Mark to discuss just about every sport. PGA Championship, NFL preseason (and suspensions), Unsuspecting rise of Canadians in tennis, MLB playoff race and are the Jays still in it?, and RIP Bryan Murray you will be missed

Duration: 03:06:34

Scotch Sporting Classic: The Definitive Guide to Wearing a Jersey

Thats Right, its a Rerun!! With most of the gang either off camping, floating somewhere in the Mediterranean or being the worlds greatest Dad, we bring you a Scotch Sporting Classic: The Definitive Guide to Wearing a Jersey! After many weeks of heated debates about when and where to show your team spirt, we at Scotch Sporting have created a definitive guide to wearing your jersey. We tackle all the do's and don'ts of showing your support to your favourite team. We answer all your questions...

Duration: 01:39:28

#123 – When the Mascot is your favourite player

The gang is back to analyze the trade deadline and answer your burning questions, such as when can Tay and Chris buy a Taylor Jersey, and how will Mark choose between two Asians? They hand the Yankees their World Series trophy and question whether Tulo is Bruce Willis from Unbreakable, but opposite. They argue new Jersey fouls as Tyler wonders if he met the REAL Mrs Delgado, and Tay wants to know how much thought went into choosing the Mascot as your custom jersey All that plus Hamilton's...

Duration: 00:54:02

#122 – How not to assault women

With Jerry Jones defending Ezekiel Elliot by saying "He's just getting used to fame" Tay provides of a helpful list of famous NFL stars who haven't committed sexual assault. Katie does some research into the history of the Patriots before stumbling on Julian Edelman's past The gang talks CFL, discussing why a gender reveal makes for a poor halftime show, why no lead is ever safe, and all the things you can buy for the same price as Argo's tickets with the trade deadline looming they...

Duration: 00:36:11

#121 – The Ghost of Carlos Santana

The gang has a terrifying encounter with Sammy Sosa, who has decided since retiring from baseball to become dead Carlos Santana Impersonator They argue about the Blue Jays Mid Season report card, as Katie and Tyler discuss how their pesky anniversary got in the way of the All Star Game Theres also lots of tennis talk as they give ladies some love and debate Roger vs Nadal Plus Franchise Tag Day, Poor Kirk Cousins and why Ezekiel Elliot needs to stop doing the thing. SHOW NOTES All Star and...

Duration: 00:37:49

#120 – Seven Stages of Grief with Gainer the Gopher

This weeks podcast gets a little emotional as Chris returns to discuss his overwhelming sadness when he lost his hockey hero, and then plunges into a deeper depression as Mark tries to teach him more about NBA salary cap exemptions. Tay wonders if UFC pregnancy tests are sexist, as Katie and Tyler weigh in on Roberto Osuna daring to show his feelings in baseball All that plus when will Milos' tennis window be opened, that time Venus Williams killed a man, and everything you wanted to know...

Duration: 01:44:30

#118 – Chris Taylor is now a Leafs Fan

With the Jays loss of Jason Grilli and San Jose losing Patrick Marleau to the Maple Leafs the gang has a lot to mourn. They discuss Toronto's love of the scrappy underdog and get into a debate of Goalie Vs Pitcher Things get heated as Katie and Tyler go off on Baseball uniforms and question Trump's reach of #americanfirst They calm down to discuss the Raptors resolve to keep their core together, but question whats the point of even playing the games in the eastern conference All that plus...

Duration: 00:36:12

#117 – All roads lead to Larry Bird

Chris is back after denouncing fatherhood and poses a "We Bomb" question that stumps the rest of the gang. With his return, the gang talks CFL and why philosophers are still pondering if the Argos win but no ones around to see it, did it still happen? Mark's done his homework, and delves into the heart stopping thrill ride of NBA salary cap regulations. Through deep analysis the gang is shocked to discover all roads lead to Larry Bird. All that plus Josh Donaldson playing manager, the face...

Duration: 01:02:32

#116 – Kevin Kiermaier has a fantastic ass and we still have opinions

This podcast is for the ladies as Tay and Katie demand equal opportunity to perv on athletes and rattle off their batting average and WAR After Tay gets done with Mansplaining the gang discusses the NBA finals and why Kevin Durant should consider a move to Cleveland. They also play arm chair GM discussing what moves they'd make to the current Blue Jays squad and building their fantasy Golden Knights team The gang also has their first real connection to a Cleveland Browns fan and make a...

Duration: 00:37:17

#115 – Bet this guy feels REAL bad

The gang gets together to tackle some of the greatest conspiracy theories in sports. Should the Nashville goal have been allowed? Did Golden State lose in Cleveland on purpose? Where exactly is Chris and should we be worried? They also discuss why baseball takes so long, try to understand the ranking system in tennis and wonder what Stan Wawrinka is going to do with all his serving trays. Katie and Tay also have some girl time, talking about burning men, outfield assists and catching up on...

Duration: 00:39:37

#114 – Boy For Sale

Chris starts the show by attempting valiantly to sell the gang on taking at least one kid off his hands, while Tay has some questions about aging chest hair. Mark and Tyler learn about Tay's difficulties in getting her Skydome Porchetta sandwich and Chris tells an iliad-esque story of how long it took him to get his fried chicken (Spoiler alert: it took a long time) Don't worry, there's lots of sports talk including the quality of Tiger Wood's latest side piece, PK Subban's trash talk and...

Duration: 00:56:20

#113 – (DU) Eye of the Tiger

Scotch Sporting's monthly game of "Where in the World is Tiger Woods" just became much easier, because the answer is a county jail in Jupiter Florida. Like a drunken Saint Nicholas blessing the world with gifts of ambien and Fentanyl, Tiger Woods dominates the podcast as the gang tries to analyze his latest setback. The gang makes their bold predictions for the Larry O'Brien Trophy (aka the NBA finals) and the Stanley Cup. They also talk Baseball news including rivalries, Why Chris Coghlan...

Duration: 01:20:29

#112 – With our Apologies to the province of Alberta

After rectifying the grievous prairie based error, the gang tackles the cheerful and uplifting topic of homophobia in sports! With Kevin Pillar and Ryan Getzlaf both resorting to homophobic slurs when they were angry, Tay, Mark Chris and Tyler give them a helpful list of insults they could use instead; Including, taint, anal leakage and fartleberries They also talk parity in sports including using actual math and facts to go along with cries of "ugh Lebron." They recap the NHL playoffs,...

Duration: 01:24:31

#111 – The Gentle Clink of Gold Medals

In a very special episode of Scotch Sporting, Mark and Tyler are joined by a two time gold medalist as Tay returns from the National Dodgeball Festival with some new hardware around her neck. Tay recaps her time at the festival including why Ontario rivalries are great for the sport, and how agreeing to marry the captain was her key to finally becoming a champion. For even more Dodgeball talk, join us at the :45 mark as Tay interviews the Coach of Team Canada, Victor Gravili, to discuss...

Duration: 00:50:35

#110 – Featuring future hall of fame quarterback CJ Beathard

The gang takes on Racism in baseball and sexual assault in football but some how manages to fill in some Jay Cutler burns and wonder why Curt Schilling is allowed be mic'd. With the Raptors making like Madonna and being Swept Away, Tay Mark and Tyler wonder if their window for success will ever be open wide enough to take down LeBron. They also chat hockey playoffs, a Tennis takedown and Tay makes a shocking discovery that has her questioning her feelings for Mark Show notes: Curt...

Duration: 00:36:24

#109 – Prolapsed Matrix

The gang is all back together again and determined to find a better name for Aaron Sanchez's injury than the fact he has an ouchy on his finger. After diagnosing him as having a prolapsed matrix they discuss the rest of the injury riddled blue jays and attempt to answer this years "Goins Debate": is Luke Maile attractive in the slightest? With Eric Thames' third "random" drug test and Sharapova's "triumphant" return to tennis, they talk skepticism and what motivates some one to cheat. They...

Duration: 02:30:17

#108 – Things You Don’t Think About

Mark and Tyler join Katie as she takes on the hosting duties for the week as Tay is off doing some dodgeball thing. We chat music videos, PEDs, Baseball 'etiquette', NHL and NBA playoffs. Plus a little NFL chat about the Pats and their trip to the White House.

Duration: 01:00:15

#107 – How’d that Leaf Game turn out?

The gang tries to focus on podcasting while both the Leafs and the Bruins mount epic playoff comebacks, as Chris Regals Tay, Mark, and Tyler with stories from his nerd convention and his visit to the black hole of emotions that is Tropicana Field. The gang checks in on their NHL playoff predictions and discuss why you should always fade their picks, while Mark gives the a-okay to drop the Mother Of All Bombs directly on the Blue Jays management. They also talk Raptors, discuss a new We...

Duration: 01:13:43

#106 – The Hockey Gods are clearly not Jewish

With a pending Draft, Tay asks for the advice of her fellow Rabblers Tyler and Mark to help analyze the NHL playoff matches. The gang watches in real time as the Maple leafs desperately try to avoid facing Ottawa in the first round of the playoffs while they go over every possible bracket scenario. Mark tries to stop everyone from setting off the air raid sirens of the Jays anemic start and they check in on the Weekend Golfers Masters predictions, as Sergio Garcia ends a 19 year draught...

Duration: 01:00:58

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