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September 21 2017

Today we discuss the Graham Cassidy legislation that is expected to replace Obamacare as a healthcare system that gives more power to the states while protecting pre-existing conditions. We talk about the future of the Democrat party, the Fake News meltdown in the wake of Trump's landmark United Nations speech before the General Assembly.

Duration: 00:55:25

September 20 2017 #UnitedNations #Trump

In the wake of Trump's speech before the UN General Assembly we discuss the North Korea crisis, the Iran nuclear deal as a U.S. embarrassment, and Venezuela socialism destroying their own country. We discuss the emergence of nationalism and populism and the decline of globalism and the subsequent climate change initiatives. Liberalism in America is killing the Democrat party.

Duration: 00:55:24

September 19 2017

As Trump delivers his first speech before the UN General Assembly we discuss the narratives and tough talk regarding Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela and also note the positive developments with America's rekindled relationship with Israel, especially at the U.N. We also touch upon the NFL protests, and boycotts, and the ridiculous foolishness of the Liberal elite and the poor ratings at the Emmy Awards.

Duration: 00:54:41

September 18 2017

Leftist & Black protests calling for segregation and shutting down of open debate dominate the news coming from the recent Emmy Awards, NFL, and St. Louis rioting. We discuss the importance of Federalism and emerging dominance of federal national elections and the decline of state and local politics in America. The United Nations takes center stage as Trump prepares for his first speech in front of the UN General Assembly.

Duration: 00:55:10

September 07 2017

Hurricane Irma is still a Cat 5 targeting Miami and the Florida Keys as Trump reaches across the aisle to increase the debt ceiling and fund relief for Harvey victims. Tax Reform takes center stage as POTUS reaches across the aisle to lower taxes and send more power back to the people. Ted Harvey, Chairman for the Committee to Defend President Trump, and Leonora Cravotta are guests.

Duration: 00:55:23

September 06 2017

As DACA expires and Sessions rebukes the Obama Administration lawless approach to immigration, Congress wrestles with what to do with 800,000 so called "dreamers" from both a practical and lawful approach, and a political one. Tensions with North Korea heat up as the pressure increases against China to step up and do something. Will an oil embargo against North Korea be next? We discuss.

Duration: 00:55:23

September 05 2017

In the wake of North Korea moving their ICBM missiles into an aggressive position, and Obama's DACA Executive Order expiring on Sept 5th Trump announces on Twitter a push for Congress to get to work on DACA while making it clear he is ready to make the tough decisions on North Korea. Steve Pauwels from Clash Daily and Striker Radio is our guest.

Duration: 00:55:27

September 04 2017

North Korea takes center stage in the discussion where we look at the history of the Korean War, the threat of an Electro Magnetic Pulse, and the potential for WWIII if the threats escalate to war.

Duration: 00:55:26

September 03 2017 #NorthKorea #DACA #Comey #Harvey #Trump

North Korea tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb overnight that resulted in a 6.3 earthquake. The test was 10 times larger than DPRK's previous test in Sept. 2016. China must be considered an enemy of the U.S. if they are to continue to remain feckless in a situation where they have the most leverage. We also talk about DACA, Harvey, and former FBI Director James Comey's testimony that indicates that Comey lied under oath regarding when he made up his mind to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

Duration: 00:55:26

September 01 2017

As Trump ends DACA and deals with the Obama era executive order that is set to expire on Sept 5th 2017, Trump also takes heat from the fake news who suggests his $1M donation to Harvey victims was not enough, or that it was a gimmick. Meanwhile, more information about Comey's exoneration of Hillary Clinton before the investigation was complete is making news implicating the former FBI chief and our former AG Loretta Lynch of wrong doing.

Duration: 00:55:24

August 31 2017

In the wake of Trump's Tax Reform speech in Missouri we look at the Trump economy reaching a GDP milestone of 3%, jobs & labor participation on the rise, food stamp dependency in decline, and a record setting stock market. We also take a look at Debbie Wasserman Schultz alliance with IT specialist Awan and the corruption surround Awan's arrest, pay to play, and potential bribe conspiracies. We ask the question, how deep was John McCain involved with supporting the Obama Administration's...

Duration: 00:55:23

August 30 2017

As hurricane Harvey continues to set rainfall records and take lives the mains stream media continues its attacks on POTUS and now even FLOTUS shoe choices. More revelations unfold regarding Benghazi documents and arms distributions by way of CIA operations that use third parties in Bulgaria and Silk Airlines to transfer Billions of dollars of illegal weapons transfers to ISIS & anti Al-Assad Rebel forces. These transactions involve John McCain. AntiFa protestors now receive support from...

Duration: 00:55:24

August 29 2017

President Trump continues to take heat from the Fake News Mainstream Media regarding Sheriff Arpaio's pardon and is fighting back with reminders of previous pardons from former Presidents Clinton and Obama who gave pardons to people guilty of real crimes. AntiFa continues their terror in Berkley and across our nation with the help and support of the Black Lives Matter group, fake press, and liberal ideologues.

Duration: 00:54:43

August 28 2017

We discuss hurricane Harvey, flooding in Houston, Floyd Mayweather finishes his boxing career 50-0 while Connor McGregor's stock rises even in defeat. Fake news continues to attack Trump as RINO Republicans like Sen. Flake, Sen. McCain, and Speaker Ryan continue to stab our president in the back. It's time to plan a strategy to primary Republicans who don't support the Trump agenda out of office.

Duration: 00:55:27

August 26 2017

Today we discuss the Friday dump with Trump's pardon of Sheriff Arpaio, Sebastian Gorka's resignation, Hurricane Harvey and the Trump response to the inevitable disaster, and we take a look at the Liberal attack on American history, culture, and our monuments.

Duration: 00:55:14

August 25 2017

Hitler wanted only the "good" people. It seems like the Liberals only want the "good" statues in a world where all men have flaws and no man is perfect. White washing and erasing our history by the same Liberals who want to control our children's education at the Federal level with Common Core is wrong. We discuss the destruction of our nations monuments by Liberal mayors in Philadelphia, NYC and around the country, and the lack of push back from our fake news media. Now that Russia...

Duration: 00:54:42

August 24 2017

Today we discuss Trump's recent speeches and the fake news that misrepresents Trump's message at every turn. We talk about the riff between Trump and Mich McConnell and what this means for progress in the Senate. We also talk about Sen. Jeff Flake's low poll numbers and how he may decide to change his tune to ride Trump's golden coat tails in Arizona. It is looking likely that Sheriff Arpaio will get his pardon.

Duration: 00:55:17

August 23 2017

Trump's speech in Phoenix hammered the fake news media by highlighting his Charlottesville comments that were essentially great statements that were ignored by the press. ESPN pulls an Asian announcer with the name Robert Lee because of the reference to confederate general Robert E. Lee. Howard Dean calls all Republicans racist. Trump assures an Arpaio pardon.

Duration: 00:55:26

August 22 2017

In the wake of President Trump's address to our troops and to the American people we discuss with Larry Friis the Trump doctrine of condition based strategies that evaluate performance and results over time tables with our alliances around the world, and particularly with Pakistan when we look at Afghanistan. We look at the vulnerabilities of cyber attacks against our highly sophisticated war ships like the SS John McCain. We also discuss with Steve Pauwels the Liberal strategy to destroy...

Duration: 00:55:27

August 19 2017

With large gatherings building in Boston, we look at the Momument debate, the aftermath of Charlottesville, the ambush on cops in Kissimmee FL, and discuss Bannon's resignation from the Trump Administration and what we may see from him back at Breitbart.

Duration: 00:55:15

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