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Jaguar Skills: The DIY Festival Mini Mix – 18 Aug 17

Jaguar Skills has delivered Scott and Chris the DIY Festival mini mix he promised, and it's incredible! Chris from Love Island has made a nightclub promo video specially for Scott and Chris. There's another listener with a new business idea to connect to Deborah Meaden on Instant Dragons Den. Plus, The Vamps choose the winner of this week's Bangers ahead of their show at V Festival this weekend, BBC Breakfast and BBC Sport's Dan Walker helps Scott with his fantasy football team Yass FC,...

Duration: 00:31:41

Body Fixers Innuendo Bingo - 17 Aug 17

The stars of E4's Body Fixers - Danny, Alex and Dr Esho - play Innuendo Bingo. Chris & Scott have spotted the Love Island cast promoting their nightclub PAs with cringe videos. Plus, can Chris tie the week on Bangers?

Duration: 00:27:54

Instant Dragons Den Returns – 16 Aug 17

It's back! Scott & Chris put listeners directly in touch with Deborah Meaden for Instant Dragons Den - can this week's contestant convince her to invest in his idea to solve your butter spreading needs, the ButtStick? There's a really awkward situation going on in the office today, can Scott & Chris solve the mystery of the missing gym shorts? Either way, it involves a massive cringe warning. Plus, Scott could win the week on Bangers, Noel Edmonds has a new TV show, and is a legendary name...

Duration: 00:35:41

‘Arranging his fingers…’ Matt Edmondson Innuendo Bingo – 15 Aug 17

Scott & Chris are joined by Matt Edmondson for today’s Innuendo Bingo. Yesterday’s guest Aston Merrygold is back on for a very awkward phone call with Chris, someone’s begging for their song to be picked on Bangers, and Scott and Chris have found a demanding list of rules a girl has sent to her boyfriend online.

Duration: 00:31:12

Alway’s Good to See… Comedy Dave?! – 14 Aug 17

Strictly Come Dancing is almost upon us, and Scott and Chris will be announcing the 8th celebrity to whack on the glitter and their dancing shoes! Scott’s fantasy football team has done exceedingly well over the weekend, so he calls up people that scored less them him to brag. It’s a new week on Bangers! Chris gets a new nickname and Scott honestly hasn’t been stealing from the shops!

Duration: 00:20:12

How Many Hamsters? – 11 Aug 17

Ever visited someone’s bedroom for the first time and found something you didn’t expect? Scott and Chris hear your stories, including mouldy sandwiches, plenty of hamsters and some surprising letters of correspondence. Meanwhile Scott still has to finalise his fantasy football team Yass FC, there’s pride to play for in Bangers and Chris has a new Extreme Festival to talk about.

Duration: 00:28:33

Jaguar Skills Festival Update – 10 Aug 17

Remember listener Luc who was trying to book Jaguar Skills to headline his DIY festival? Well, there have been some developments, so Scott and Chris get Jags on the phone (well, kind of; he doesn’t talk in public so Chris has to play interpreter) and he has a solution. BBC Three presenter and YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf fulfils a lifetime’s dream to play Innuendo Bingo. Can Chris rescue a potential trousers-down situation and win today’s Bangers? Plus, there’s a pop emergency from P!nk.

Duration: 00:29:39

Yasss FC – 09 Aug 17

Chris has finally got Scott into Fantasy Football, but only on the condition that he’s allowed a really fit team. There’s plenty of calls about which celebs you had as your style icons when you were younger, Scott has a Show & Tell which might spark a new catchphrase, and can he beat Chris again to win the week on Bangers? Don’t forget Bamboleo Wednesday too.

Duration: 00:31:10

Matt Terry Innuendo Bingo – 08 Aug 17

He won X Factor last year, and now he’s on a hit song with Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul – but has he ever met them? Matt Terry steps up to play Innuendo Bingo. Mark ‘The Beast’ Labett from The Chase has found a way to make his club PAs even stranger. Which celebrities did you style yourself on when you were younger? Plus, the police have been called, it’s a big robbery on today’s Bangers.

Duration: 00:25:48

Unlucky Gary Meets Unlucky Charlotte - 07 Aug 17

Scott and Chris are back from a triumphant set in the toilets in Ibiza to hear about listener Charlotte’s unlucky couple of weeks – can Unlucky Gary make her feel better with another story of his own? There’s another round of the Google Game with all the weird tangents that involves, including Chris remembering the time that Scott shaved him! Plus Bangers starts up for another week and it seems Flo Rida can predict the future…

Duration: 00:30:32

It's Ibiza Day! - 04 Aug 17

Scott & Chris make their final preparations for Ibiza and Chris' set in the Hi nightclub toilets, including a quick round of the Pete Tong Game; are the likes of Horsey Kisser and The Pastaboys real DJs, or do they just sound convincing when Pete says them over dance music? Danny Howard is on to announce another name for the Ibiza lineup, surely it can't be The Governess from The Chase or The Wealdstone Raider? And Scott thinks he has a surprise for Chris, but it's been ruined.

Duration: 00:34:41

Made In Chelsea Bingo + Chris Stark Summer Mix - 03 Aug 17

Everyone’s off to Ibiza (except Scott that is!); Alex and Olivia from Made In Chelsea have just got back from filming a Made In Chelsea special there and they pop in to play Innuendo Bingo. Chris is in a mad stress getting ready for his DJ set in a club toilet in Ibiza this weekend. Alice Levine drops by for a special Ibiza-themed Real Or No Real. And does anyone under 30 respond to their doorbell anymore?

Duration: 00:40:05

"I'll have one of each!" - 02 Aug 17

Scott has a plan to get Chris everything he wants on his Ibiza rider, but it involves ringing one of the bosses and being more demanding than he wants to be... Scott also has the definitive list of things you should NEVER say to a DJ. Submissions are open for this series' edition of Instant Dragons Den and it's Bamboleo Wednesday too.

Duration: 00:38:18

Danny Howard Innuendo Bingo

A giddy Danny Howard gets ready for Radio 1's Ibiza Weekend with a game of Innuendo Bingo, if only he could hold his water. Scott and Chris play another round of the Google Game and reveal far more than they mean to. Plus, the Love Island stars are set to make how much money next year? And what would Scott be like during Chris' Ibiza DJ set if he was allowed to go?

Duration: 00:44:04

6pm Jaguar Skills, 7pm Jaguar Skills, 8pm Jaguar Skills… - 31 July 17

Listener Luc is on, he’s been trying to book Jaguar Skills for his DIY festival, but he’s gone about it completely the wrong way… Louise calls up to apologise to Scott after she did something a little weird to him at a Coldplay concert. It’s a brand new week on Bangers! Chris gets told off by Scott for pulling together his Ibiza DJ set whilst he’s still on-air, and why is almost EVERYONE verified on the social medias?

Duration: 00:30:45

Toilet Music Research – 28 Jul 17

With Chris' set in the club loos at Radio 1's Ibiza Weekend announced, Scott & Chris conduct an experiment to find out which songs sound good when you're in a toilet. Will the listeners who've sneaked off to the bathrooms at work pick the songs he'll be playing next Friday night? There's more of your back garden festivals and the nail-biting finale to a week of Bangers - with the scores tied at 2-2, who will triumph?

Duration: 00:27:21

Innuendo Bingo with The Voice of Love Island… Iain Stirling! – 27 Jul 17

Probs the most famous voice in The UK right now - Iain Stirling - jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo and talks Love Island, plus we find out why EVERYONE keeps shouting "ROMFORD" at him. Lord of the Dance Danny Howard pops in to the studio with some INCREDIBLE news which involves Ibiza, Chris Stark and a toilet. Listener Lyndsay, off of crying on a second date, is back on and she’s found love at work… Plus, it’s 2-1 to Scott on Bangers! Can he take win the week?

Duration: 00:40:19

Hot Names – 26 Jul 17

Do you have a hot name? We’re not asking if YOU’RE hot, just your name… Scott and Chris put your names to the test and decide once and for all? The entire Live Lounge Month list has been announced and it is HUGE! But there’s one secret name missing from it – Scott thinks he’s worked out who it is. It’s 1-1 in Bangers. Who’s going to take a midweek lead? And speaking of midweek, what better way to celebrate than with a cheeky Bamboleo? Plus, Scott and Chris speak to Oli, who has what we...

Duration: 00:35:18

Declarations of Love – 25 Jul 17

Did you see the totally cringe declarations of love on the final last night? Literally THE WORST – but I guess if you can’t be them, join them – so today Scott and Chris declare their love for their all-time favourite things: pizza and tanning. Speaking of Love Island, fresh from the villa, Jonny Mitchell jumps in to the wet seat for Innuendo Bingo. Plus, what’s the last thing you say before you kiss someone?

Duration: 00:36:26

We’re The Eamonn and Ruth of Daytime Radio – 24 Jul 17

Oh no! Chris is stranded in Barcelona, so isn’t here for today’s show – and Scott is WELL annoyed at the airline for leaving him there – so what better way to vent that frustration than with a letter of complaint… Written by YOU! Why is everybody celebrating One Direction’s 7 year anniversary, is that even a thing?! It’s the finale of Love Island tonight, are you having a Love Island themed party? Plus, it’s a brand new week in Bangers! He may be stranded in Barcelona, but can Chris take...

Duration: 00:26:56

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