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The Freshers’ Game – 22 Sep 17

Scott & Chris help listener Talia stop her mum Jane from taking over her room now she's moved to uni, but it's going to cost her some embarrassing stories from her Freshers' Week. There's another opportunity for a budding entrepreneur to pitch their business idea to Deborah Meaden as Scott & Chris connect them to her home phone in Instant Dragons' Den. Bangers is in deadlock - who can win the week?

Duration: 00:28:19

Love Island Amber's Fake Lie Detector Test – 21 Sep 17

Scott & Chris test Amber from Love Island with a lie detector...but she doesn't know it's completely fake & Scott's making up the answers! Plus, how to get free drinks at the pub with a new app, Scott can't believe the former Prime Minister of Australia eats raw onions like apples, and there's all to play for in Bangers.

Duration: 00:26:52

George Ezra's Singing Lesson & #TottenhamForLife

After a successful session with Hannah from London Grammar, Scott thinks he can improve George Ezra's singing too, so offers him a lesson after his Live Lounge. Chris has found a song about Tottenham that might cheer up the grumpy fans on ArsenalFanTV, and it involves The Lion King. Of course there's Bamboleo Wednesday, someone takes the lead on Bangers and Chris has a theory that anyone can do David Guetta with two fingers.

Duration: 00:34:31

The Freshers' Oath & Wolf Alice 'Facts'

Scott reckons no couple going to different unis can survive until Christmas, but listeners Frazer and Hannah disagree. So to help them stay together, despite being miles apart, he's got an oath for them to recite. Theo & Joel from Wolf Alice try to fool Scott & Chris with some facts about the band; was Joel very nearly in S Club Juniors? Did Theo scare away some potential buglers with some fruit? Plus, Scott and Chris hear from a food stylist and find out about the tricks used to make turkey...

Duration: 00:31:26

The Rita Ora Honesty Game & Scott’s Cooking – 18 Sep 17

Fresh from her Live Lounge performance, Scott & Chris take advantage of Rita Ora's good mood and put her on the spot with their honesty game; what's the worst way she's split up with an ex? And how much money could she get hold of in the next 30 minutes? Scott's facing some online abuse for his cooking skills after making Chris his dinner yesterday, and it's not the only story from their road trip to play Lincoln Uni's Freshers Welcome Party on Sunday night! Plus, who'll start the week right...

Duration: 00:34:48

Dear Orlando Bloom… Will You Marry Me? – 15 Sep 17

Have you ever sent something properly weird to a famous? One of the team get a little overexcited about Orlando Bloom. Who will win the week in Bangers? It’s 2-2… LOADS of you are heading back to uni, and Scott gives you THAT relationship predication again. PLUS! Why has Chris been sent a block of cheese by someone really, really famous?

Duration: 00:27:51

Stormzy 14 Sep 17

Stormzy plays a new Nickname Game, Alice Levine plays the Woogle Game, Scott has babysitting woes and we think we may have found something to fill the gap Love Island left.

Duration: 00:33:57

Skinny Jeans? Whoooose? 13 Sep 17

Scott is having trouble with a rogue pair of skinny jeans (No they're not his), we play another round of the Whooo Game and it's Bamboleo Wednesday.

Duration: 00:35:35

Hannah from London Grammar Gets A Singing Lesson 12 Sep 17

Hannah from London Grammar has an incredible voice - but can Scott make it better with his newly found music teacher techniques? Listener Alex has found a TV show that she thinks everyone will love and Scott is not looking forward to the launch of a new phone.

Duration: 00:32:19

Scott Becomes A Music Teacher 11 Sep 17

Have you ever noticed how music teachers get the best out of their students? Scott tries out some of the techniques on Chris. Would you let someone else pick your first dance song in exchange for a celebrity message? And Scott is very worried about all the things he puts in his mouth.

Duration: 00:31:22

ZAYN! 08 Sep 17

We’re talking about people who run huge social media accounts who get a little bit sassy when dealing with complaints. Let’s face it, eventually you would. Radio 1 is nearly 50, so Scott and Chris imagine what it was like to introduce a brand new band called The Beatles. Oh, and there’s the small matter of our chat to Zayn, from New York about the contents of his fridge, working with Sia and being bald.

Duration: 00:27:13

Jared and The Irish Batman – 07 Sep 17

30 Seconds To Mars join us after their Live Lounge performance and are introduced by Scott to the ‘Irish Batman’. Scott and Chris are looking to cash in on the Reggaeton trend and are working on an English cover of ‘Despacito’ – it can’t be that hard, can it…? We’re also talking forced fun – being made to wear fancy dress at work. Is it acceptable? There’s another round of Bangers too.

Duration: 00:34:10

Korean Billy’s Jokes – 06 Sep 17

We sent one of our favourite people Korean Billy out on the street to road-test some new jokes, and it didn’t go too well for him. Also Scott’s obsessed with new celebrity couples, stories about getting chatted up in airport security and there’s another round of Bangers too.

Duration: 00:33:30

Gabrielle Aplin & The Script – 05 Sep 17

It's a pop star double bill as Tune Of The Week artist Gabrielle Aplin & The Script join Scott and Chris; for old times' sake they find Gabby a load of new nicknames and get her to sing a candlelight version of Jax Jones' Instruction, while The Script talk performing for HM The Queen and name as many of their exes as they can in 10 seconds! Also, more stories from selfish listeners 'doing a Gemma Collins' and putting themselves before their mates and there's another round of Bangers too.

Duration: 00:33:12

Charli XCX Talks ‘Boys’ – 04 Sep 17

Pop star Charli XCX joins Scott & Chris to test out the theory that "I was busy thinking about boys" isn't a good excuse to use in real prank calling her manager. Surely he won't believe she's cancelling her album? Chris has only just discovered that Gemma Collins chose a blow dry for herself over the whole Big Brother getting hot water. Scott's worried he's done the wrong thing by sending his dentist some thank you chocolates, and it's a new week on Bangers too.

Duration: 00:33:26

Russell Howard & Bad Nans – 01 Sep 17

Comedian Russell Howard joins Scott & Chris to talk world tours, catching pigeons and being naked in a bush, as well as a game of Real Or No Real. Plus, who'll win the week on Bangers? And your stories of Bad Nans - like Nana Brenda, who invites all the lads round to her retirement home for weekend of partying.

Duration: 00:30:22

Cell Spellman & Fay Ripley Innuendo Bingo 21 Aug 17

Cold Feet stars Cel Spellman and Fay Ripley play the final Innuendo Bingo of the season. Since it won't be back for a while, Scott's pulled together and emotional highlights package. As tradition dictates on Transfer Deadline Day, Scott & Chris speak to a guy in a bush outside Reading FC's stadium. Who'll pull ahead on Bangers? And there's an exciting project in the works involving Chabuddy G.

Duration: 00:39:49

Frogs Go Kwaak? 30 Aug 17

Scott and Chris are in for Grimmy. Chris is astonished to find out animals make different noises abroad. Scott ruins lots of old films and TV shows to see if there's a time limit on spoilers. The Great British Bake Off returns, but what's happened to Noel Fielding's voice? Radio 1 legend Tony Blackburn has a new exercise regime on Twitter that's worth checking out, there's another round of Bangers, and Scott and Chris tease their new project they've been working on with Chabuddy G: Planet...

Duration: 00:46:07

Becky Hill Instant Dragons’ Den 29 Aug 17

Scott & Chris are in for Grimmy on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. A celebrity edition of Instant Dragons' Den sees Becky Hill speak to Deborah Meaden to pitch her business idea. There's more proof to worry Chris that we're Running Out Of Music, it's a new week on Bangers after the Bank Holiday, and, after a heavy loss at the weekend, Arsenal Fan TV has thrown up some excellent new rants.

Duration: 00:57:19