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Do you like movies? Well we love movies so's a little disturbing. A podcast about movies, the people that make them, the stars that are in them, brought to you by the people that love them.

Do you like movies? Well we love movies so's a little disturbing. A podcast about movies, the people that make them, the stars that are in them, brought to you by the people that love them.
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Do you like movies? Well we love movies so's a little disturbing. A podcast about movies, the people that make them, the stars that are in them, brought to you by the people that love them.




Top Shelf Titans #1

Screaming Boy is proud to bring to you the first ever episode of Top Shelf Titans. MJ, Jimmy and Teasley get together and lay down their mock NFL draft for 2017. How will the cards fall? Only one way to find out! Go give them a like and a follow on Facebook at Top Shelf Fantasy and @topshelfguys on Twitter.

Duration: 01:39:17

Episode #20 v2.0

We were very honored to have on two guests this episode, John and Alex from the POW!cast. They join Ronnie and Justin to discuss the topic of rated R comic book movies. Also, John discusses his Kickstarter campaign for his short film, The Conduit. It's a practical special effects driven homage to the 80's creature flicks we all know and love. It's an incredible project. Check it out at

Duration: 01:02:23

Episode #19 v2.0

The grandest stage of them all! The Showcase of the Immortals! The granddaddy of them all! Wrestlemania 33 just happened and Jesse and Ronnie are here to give their thoughts! They run down the card of the best to worst matches. Clearly these two are wrestling nerds. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:29:13

Episode #18 v2.0

Jesse and Ronnie sat down to...*ahem*...b.s. a little. The conversation leads into Marvel's new series Iron Fist. While on the rollercoaster of emotions that brought about, the conversation leads to the hit video game Ghost Recon: Wildlands and then the silliest G.I. Joe names ever thought of.

Duration: 01:37:03

Episode 17 v2.0

We went LIVE on the Radulich in Broadcasting Network! Ronnie, Adam, Jesse and Justin talked about Kong: Skull Island and how it was a sleeper hit with Ronnie. This bring us a discussion about the Kaiju movie genre.

Duration: 01:23:58

Episode #16 v2ts.0

Episode #16 is here! We've got some words on the last installment of the Wolverine series, Logan. We also have some things to say about the comic book heroes we've lost in 2016.

Duration: 01:39:15

Episode #15

Episode #15 brings us a taste of what's to come in the 2017 video game world. Also...we finally get to Rogue One!

Duration: 01:43:12

Episode #13 v2.0

It's all almost here! Christmas is just a day away and the guys decided to show their age a little! Take a trip down memory lane as Jesse, Justin and Ronnie welcome on special guest Aaron Hickman from Dave's All-American Toys and Comics as they relive part of their childhood...the Christmas Wish Book.

Duration: 01:15:56

Episode #12 v2.0

The Christmas season is upon us! Need gift ideas for the gamers in your life? The guys have just the things for you. Adam, Ronnie, Jesse and Justin bring their take on the Nintendo Classic Edition and Battlefield 1.

Duration: 01:41:46

Episode #11 v2.0

Lots of Doctor Strange goodness on hand this episode! Join Jesse, Josh, and Ronnie as they discuss the latest Marvel Cinematic property....Doctor Strange.

Duration: 02:13:58

Episode #10 v2.0

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls! Tonight we gather together to talk about Ronnie's favorite holiday....Halloween. The guys reminisce about the scariest movie they've ever seen and their favorite Halloween traditions. Then....we bring up the show that has everyone talking. The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. It's zombies, ghouls, haunted houses, tricks and treats on this episode.

Duration: 02:06:15

Episode #9 v2.0

Join the Adam, Jesse, Josh and Ronnie as they discuss the newest Netflix series, Luke Cage. Get their initial reaction to the show, the characters and where Netflix is going next. After that, it's the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and b level superheroes. And fun was had by all!

Duration: 02:11:14

Episode #8 v2.0

It's an all Indy episode! We get passionate about one of our childhood heroes, Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. Better known to all of us as...Indiana Jones. We discuss what makes him a childhood hero, what movie is our favorite, and yes...the infamous fourth chapter in the Indy saga. Even if you aren't an Indiana Jones fan (blasphemy!), you'll still enjoy this episode. Grab your bull whip, fedora (the only acceptable one) and your leather jacket and join us!

Duration: 02:03:35

Episode #7 v2.0

Adam, Ronnie, Jesse and Teasley all bring their thoughts to the table in this mashup episode. The guys decide to talk about CM Punk's lackluster debut in the UFC. Their thoughts on his performance, his reaction and if he should have fought at all. Then they shift gears and discuss the cell phone turned hand grenade...the Samsung Note 7.

Duration: 01:44:04

Episode #6 v2.0

Ronnie and the Josh Calandros, one of our comic book correspondents, sit down and talk about the new Marvel event, Civil War 2. Find out what they really think, if it's going to be something that changes the outlook on comics and the death of an iconic character. There are some spoilers involved, so be warned. Also, they take a look at what's coming up with Marvel Now.

Duration: 02:11:02

Episode #5 v2.0

Help us celebrate the re-release of one of all of our childhood classics, The NeverEnding Story. 32 years ago, Wolfgang Peterson brought us his vision of the Michael Ende's 1979 classic. Take a trip to Fantasia with us and relive why we love this movie so much.

Duration: 01:31:42

Episode #4 v2.0

Jesse and Good Stephen Marsh join Ronnie for an impromptu discussion on the latest wrestling news from the WWE. They give their thoughts on what happened between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Then...what we've all been waiting for...Josh Calandros joins in for a discussion about the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. Listen in as the guys discuss their thoughts on the game, what got them to play, their thoughts on the Pokemon Go haters and share funny stories about their time playing the game. As...

Duration: 02:06:50

Episode #3

Looking for the front half of a Kia? How about some antique milk jugs? There's only one place to go. Craig's List! Jesse brings us the latest installment of the Documentary Diary as the guys discuss the documentary 24 Hours on Craig's List.

Duration: 00:47:57

Episode #2 v2.0

Hey! We did our first live show! Join Ronnie and Adam as we bring on two of our correspondents, Jesse and Justin, to discuss one the top trending Netflix shows out there...Stranger Things. Spoiler alert...we discuss a lot of what happens in the whole series. Honestly...we're all over the place. It was a great discussion and a fantastic trip down memory lane as we all wax nostalgic while talking about the show. Grab your leg warmers, fire up that calculator watch, don't feed your mogwai...

Duration: 01:35:45

Episode #1 v2.0

Holy smokes! We're back! We're here to stay! We ain't going anywhere! We've got new content, new topics and the same ol' jokes! Folks...we're coming at you nerd culture style. In the first episode of the new format, we're talking all things Warcraft. The movie, WoW, Warcraft (the game that started it all) and Blizzard Entertainment in general. Jesse our comic correspondent and Justin our video game correspondent join us for a great time! Tune in and enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:32

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