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Scribes' Hangout welcome Author Cella D

This week at the Scribes Hangout, we are hanging out with Inspirational Speaker, Minister, Motivator, Mentor, Author, CEO, and Founder of Motivate and Pray, Inc., Cella D (@celladmotivates). We will be discussing her book chapter titled "My Favorite was My Fear" in the book collaboration Belief, Boldness, Big Blessings. We are going to find out why her fear was her favorite so that others can be inspired to be ushered into their Big Blessings on the other side of the fear


Scribes Hangout welcomes Becky Dewitt author of Stolen Property

Stolen Property is an adventure into the supernatural from a Christian perspective, with awe inspiring and breath taking experiences. Becky DeWitt's vision will intrigue and captivate the reader's imagination into the mysterious. This book has the elements of conspiracy, greed and exposure that is a memorable read.


Scribes' Hangout w/ Derashay Zorn & guest Sayuri Smith

Do you have a passion to help exotic dancers, prostitutes, women with low self-esteem, rejection, etc? Then this conversation is for you. Join us at the Dial-in Number: (563) 999-2090 - United States Access Code: 257851 on 12/21/2017 at 9:30pm EST as we hang out with scribe Minister Sayuri Smith the author of "Scriptures for Strippers". We will be discussing her powerful book that is helping women around the world to nurture and grow a spirit that is pleasing in God's eyesight and develop...


Scribes' Hangout w/ Derashay Zorn & guest Dr. Richelle Resto

Join us at the Scribe Hangout as we hang out with scribe Dr. Richelle Resto the author of "The Gifts of Life Nobody Wanted: Your Tears Have a Purpose" . We will be discussing her powerful book that is helping others around the world to turn their pain into purpose so they can be propelled into their destiny.


Scribes' Hangout w/ Derashay Zorn & guest author Paulette Harper

Tonight on the Scribes' Hangout we are hanging out with scribe Paulette Harper live discussing her newly released book That was Then, This is Now - this broken vessel restored. Join us tonight as we talk about restoration and recovery from a state of depression, emptiness, loneliness, abandonment and so much more.


Scribes' Hangout with Kingdom Strategist Derashay Zorn

The Scribes Hangout broadcast is dedicated to bringing forth the voice and heart of the scribe to individuals around the world. This is the hangout spot for book lovers, artist, fans, business owners and those who desire to be inspired. In the company of the scribes, you might unlock the scribe within. In the Scribes' Hangout, get first-hand information on the process, strategies, tips, and tricks to writing. Get into the mind of the scribe as we discuss their project. Be in the know about...