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Scrub League is a weekly eSport podcast that brings you interviews, news and views from the world of competitive gaming.

Scrub League is a weekly eSport podcast that brings you interviews, news and views from the world of competitive gaming.
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Scrub League is a weekly eSport podcast that brings you interviews, news and views from the world of competitive gaming.




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Ep. 39: Talking EVO 2017 with Chi-Rithy, and saying goodbye to Colin

Ep. 39: Talking EVO 2017 with Chi-Rithy, and saying goodbye to Colin by Metro English Canada

Duration: 00:46:50

Ep. 38: The plight of casual SFV player and ergonomic health for gamers and more

Scrub League turns up the debate dial on this eclectic 38th episode. First, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha resurrect an old favourite topic after the World Electronic Sports Games in China: Olympic-style competition in esports. The WESG’s inarguable event might not have been perfect, but it could be a sign of things to come. Next it’s all about the future of streaming, as Sam discusses the fallout from YouTube’s acquisition of ESL English broadcasting rights, and why she likes YouTube...

Duration: 00:51:07

Ep. 37: Talking SMITE with Hi-Rez’s esports boss

Break out your high definition headphones, because this episode of Scrub League is.... Hi-Rez. Hosts Colin and Kevin chat with Dan McHugh, senior esports manager at the company behind SMITE and Paladins. You could call it a divine interview. Godlike, even. Dan takes the Scrubs through Hi-Rez's 2017 plans, explains why SMITE has such dedicated, passionate fans, and says last weekend's Hi-Rez expo was the best ever. Then it's on to the FGC as Colin gives props to SFV EVO champ Infiltration...

Duration: 00:49:48

Ep 36: Huk on his departure from Evil Geniuses, the future of StarCraft

Grab your stim packs, kids: Scrub League is headed to the Koprulu sector with legendary StarCraft player Chris Loranger, better known as Huk. The Canadian Protoss player chats with hosts Colin and Kevin about his recent departure from team Evil Geniuses, his flirtation with Overwatch, why dedication won't make you a pro and his top three SCII and Brood War players. Plus, the Scrubs get a preview of what’s next for ‘Hukcules’ in his support roles in 2017 and beyond. Later, Colin recaps the...

Duration: 00:35:40

Ep 30: James Chen on the state of Street Fighter, future of the FGC

Break out your fight sticks esports fans, this week Scrub League sits down with an FGC veteran. Commentator extraordinaire and a stone cold killer in SF II Super Turbo James Chen is on the show. The fighting game community paragon chats with hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha about everything from the state of Street Fighter today, to who he's feeling SFV's season one DLC. Listen in as Colin melts down, goes full fanboy, and invites Chen to his girlfriend's birthday party. Next, Sam gives us...

Duration: 00:56:51

Ep 28: Talking Street Fighter V, Canada Cup with Van Nguyen

Get your note pads out, Street Fighter fans. SFV pro Van Nguyen stops by Scrub League this week to drop some fighting game knowledge on hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha. The Toronto-based Set to Destroy member talks about his recent performances at Red Bull Proving Grounds and Canada Cup, Nash being “figured out”, and gives us his thoughts on season two DLC content. Plus, listen for Nguyen to share some tips on beating his main when you're face-to-face with Nash. Speaking of Canada Cup,...

Duration: 00:52:36

Ep 27: Getting hype for Canada Cup and exploring the Darkstalkers 3 scene

It’s another FGC-centric episode on Scrub League, as Colin, Kevin and Samantha get hype for the Canada Cup – the Great White North’s largest fighting game tournament. Founder and organizer Lap Chi Duong speaks on the Cup’s journey from a small-time tournament that cost him $20,000 a year out of his own pocket, to the 1,400-person success story it is now. Then it’s on to Civilization 6: the esport. Yes, you read that right. Team Liquid is trying to make Civ into an esport, and the Scrubs...

Duration: 00:47:31

Ep 25: Lock and load: The Canadian military's first ever CS:GO tournament

This week on Scrub League, hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha interview the organizer of the Canadian Armed Forces' first ever esports tournament. The game? CounterStrike. We talk about the opportunity for brothers and sisters in arms to reconnect through esports, why gaming and the military go hand-in-hand, and the awkwardness that might result if we get a "terrorists win" screen in the final match. Kevin tells us how some recent research suggestions that esports viewership is eating into...

Duration: 00:43:27

Ep 24: Talking all things FGC with Omega Sparx of GameBreax

Put your dukes up and grab your fighting stick, because this week on Scrub League, it's all about the FGC. Hosts Colin, Kevin and Samantha start the 'cast with Omega Sparx, one half of video game music duo GameBreax. The lyricist speaks on his latest music, what it was like to actually be featured in a Killer Instinct game after growing up a fan, and the state of the FGC. Next up, Colin talks Brooklyn Beatdown, and the finals that took two and half hours to actually happen. But that’s...

Duration: 00:44:42

Ep 22: Hi-Rez caster Adanas talks Paradigm, Paladins and all things SMITE

On this week's episode of SMITE League -- we mean, Scrub League, hosts Colin, Kevin and Sam sit down with Kevin 'Adanas' Meier to talk about all things SMITE. The caster and SPL manager chats with the Scrubs about skins, his favourite gods, the Paradigm banning incident, and of course touches on the Paladins vs Overwatch controversy. The FGC gets a shoutout as Colin laments the absence of Li Joe at Brooklyn Beatdown and brings up a cheeky list by RedBull about the 10 different kinds of...

Duration: 00:51:33

Ep 21: Playing for tuition with CSL, SmartCraft and Paradigm gets smote

Scrub League starts off with a few laughs this week, as Kevin explains how one of the best Smash 4 players in the world was awarded a bag of rice for winning a recent tournament. Then it's on to serious business as the Scrubs weigh in on the SMITE controversy that saw Hi-Rez ban Paradigm from all future events. Yikes. Now imagine paying off your post-secondary tuition playing DOTA2. Or Hearthstone. Or StarCraft. It could actually happen. Scrub League chats with Neil Duffy from Collegiate...

Duration: 00:42:42

Ep 20: Talking to Tim Hudak, smitten with SMITE and Northern Arena controversry

The Scrubs talk with an unlikely ally of competitive gaming: Canadian politician Tim Hudak, who recently evangelized esports on public radio. Then we break down why some CS:GO players weren't too happy with the Northern Arena finals, and why Colin is smitten with SMITE. Finally we chat with Michael Somerville from House League Gaming -- a social league for players who aren't hitting the pro leagues anytime soon.

Duration: 00:54:16

Ep 19: Talking to TSM's CounterStrike team, plus our NA LCS finals wrap-up

The Scrubs interview FNS and Relyks from TSM's CounterStrike team ahead of the Northern Arena tournament in Toronto. Colin talks the difference between Asian and North American Street Fighter players, Sam previews HOTS' new Machines of War expansion and Kevin fills us in on the new Gwent game.

Duration: 00:46:51

Ep 18: Talking to League of Legends' Azael about the NA LCS finals in Toronto

Scrub League talks with League of Legends commentator Azael about the NA LCS finals in Toronto, and what it means for Canada. Before that we chat with Allameen Ally, an 18-year-old who won a $50,000 Uncharted tournament. No doubt a future pro. The Scrubs also dissect this upcoming eSports anime, no more in-game coaching in CS:GO, the 10 greatest players in pro gaming history, and more!

Duration: 00:42:22

Ep 15: Them's fightin' game words!

The Scrubs sit down with two great guests; Esteban Martinez, the man behind the FGC documentary, and Drekken Pownz, an eSports tournament producer based in Toronto. It's music to Colin and Kevin's ears as Drekken defends the StarCraft II scene (dedgaem?) and Esteban beams with reverence for the FGC. But before all that, Sam leads the charge on a discussion of how real life violence intersects with eSports.

Duration: 00:49:12

Ep 14: Rapping up EVO 2016 with video game musician SWATS

The Scrubs freak out about the epic weekend that was EVO 2016 while Colin gushes about Street Fighter V and Tekken. The hype continues when SWATS of video game rap group GameBreax invades the cast. After chatting about fighting games and music, SWATS drops a freestyle over the Scrub League theme song ... and it's LIT. Scrub League's top 16 EVO 2016 player names: Dinky Da Duke Smash Ketchum .exe Asian Potato BirdJesus CrandalfTheFabulous Dankrooster Dirt Thug Discount Cheato Fart Wizard...

Duration: 00:45:09

Ep 13: Health and fitness tips for gamers, and enter Pokemon GO

The Scrubs sit down with head coach Scott Tate of Game Without Pain, and get a lesson in health and fitness for gamers. Valve prohibits online gambling through Steam for Counter-Strike and Dota 2 Kikis found a home Mountain Dew now on the eSports scene, no word on Doritos yet...

Duration: 00:40:30

Ep 11: eSports fan demographics revealed, enter Overwatch

Kevin reveals what the average eSports fan looks like (spoiler: it's a he, and he's rich as F). Colin visits Toronto's first and only eSports bar, and Sam breaks down Overwatch competitive mode changes.

Duration: 00:49:31

Ep. 9: Buffalo Wild Wings has no idea what eSports is

Dude-bro Kevin talks Buffalo Wild Wings, Sam cheers as the ban-hammer hits Overwatch cheats and Colin freaks out about the NALCS finals coming to Toronto Topics and links: Buffalo Wild Wings sponsors but won't broadcast ELeague Blizzard brings down ban-hammer on Overwatch cheaters NA LCS finals coming to Toronto...

Duration: 00:46:12

Ep 8: Bud Light dips toe in, Cineplex has tech issues, HOTS has a problem

Sam admits HOTS has a problem, cinephile Colin checks out Cineplex WorldGaming’s early attempts at a Street Fighter V live stream, and teetotaler Kevin talks Bud Light all-stars Bud Light's confusing entry into esports Cineplex WorldGaming SFV sound issues Heroes of the Storm has a problem Sam plays the ‘anti-eSport’...

Duration: 00:43:05

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