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Learning Is An Organic Experience – Episode 022

When you travel to a new place, it always “feels” as if your voyage, your travel, takes a very long time. Why? Since you are traveling to a new destination, one that you have never been before, you are observing everything around you. Your senses are hightened, and because of your awareness of this new place, your brain is trying to retain as much information as possible. Your brain is now working overtime; it is absorbing massive amounts of new information This new information has to be...

Duration: 00:34:56

Go Off On A Tangent! – Episode 021

I was able to connect with my students in a way that was outside of what was norm I was able to educate them on something that may not have been the normal topic, but it added value to their lives. They saw it as valuable, and because of that, we had a very engaging conversation where they were asking good questions, and they were learning I was able to develop trust. And if they were trusting me in this particular area, then they would trust me in other areas, like chemistry. What we were...

Duration: 00:13:32

Affirmation for 2018 – Episode 020

Probably the shortest podcast ever! An affirmation for 2018 specially made for you! Wishing you the absolute best! Juan

Duration: 00:01:16

A Sense Of Gratitude – Episode 019

A Sense of Gratitude - Episode 019 the year winds or has wound down for some of you, it’s important that we reflect back on the year, but at the same time as most of us are wrapping up our semester and wrapping up everything we have accomplished, it’s important that we have sense of gratitude: What is gratitude? Google definition - the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. "she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support" So I...

Duration: 00:25:28

Who You Are Makes Your Kids Feel Bad (and you don’t even know it) – Episode 018

Who you are makes your kids feel bad (and you don’t even know it) - Episode 018 Talking to a teacher who was having a problem with her students. Had an opportunity to observe the classroom and immediately felt and saw the high levels of stress and anxiety in the room (you could feel it). After my initial observations we had a very productive talk, and this is what we talked about... Your students are different than you. - You look different to them - Many of them come from different...

Duration: 00:49:29

Why I Need To Smile – Episode 017

Why I Need To Smile - Episode 017 It has occurred to me that I must explain my own personal WHY as to WHY it is important for ME to Seal It With A Smile. Its important because this was not the norm for me growing up. My father always carried a sullen angry face around... it was his default face. In fact, there are only a handful of times that I can remember when I saw him smile, or I heard him laugh. And when I come home, after a day of giving all of myself to my students and my classroom,...

Duration: 00:24:06

The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016

The Giraffes In Your Classroom - Episode 016 My wife and I were having a conservation. I’m sure your familiar with this one; the one where you both feel like you are not being heard and you both are not listening to each other. Solution: See your other half as a Giraffe. Do you know a giraffe? Ever own one? Spent a significant amount of time with one? Chances are the answer is no. Or not really. Which means that, chances are, you will show a strange and unfamiliar creature more respect...

Duration: 00:31:34

The Humble Thread In The Cape – Episode 015

The Humble Thread In The Cape - Episode 015 During this week of Thanksgiving, most of us will be resting and relaxing and hopefully enjoying some time off with family, friends, our animal friends, and loved ones. During this time of reflection, we can also reflect on our lives and find humility within us. But how can we do that? How can we be humble? Being humble comes from understanding your power; your ability to destroy, to harm, to cause injury and pain, to cause a sense of defeat and...

Duration: 00:51:57

The Story of 17 x 24 – Episode 014

Clear your mind.... I want to take you back about 60 or so years, back to the early 1950’s in rural West Texas. Take you to a warm hot day in August; dry mountain air in a small one horse town. Exactly the kind of town you would imagine when you think of a one horse town in your mind. These types of towns continue to exist, they are full of tight knit communities where people know each other not on superficial level, but because they live life together. Most of these rural agricultural...

Duration: 00:43:11

Special Guest: Jenn “The-Teacher-Next-Door” – Episode 013

This week we have a special guest, Jenn “The-Teacher-Next-Door”! Jenn is an accomplished teacher with over 20 years of experience and is the owner of the and online store at Teachers-Pay-Teachers. Her passion for helping others has made her successful both in and out of the classroom! We talk about her “soap-box”issue, her take on classroom management (why she doesn’t have any issues) and some surprising activities she has taken on! In speaking with Jenn I learned so...

Duration: 00:40:07

What to do when you have a disruptive classroom – Episode 011

I was recently asked to be interviewed by former student. The question was, “What do you do when you have a disruptive classroom?” My answer, “I’ve never had a disruptive classroom. I will never have a disruptive classroom.” And it caught my student off guard. So she asked why... There are a few caveats you must be willing to accept: *** LEARNING IS ORGANIC*** (its natural, and it’s consistently happening) 1) Each individual child comes to your classroom with an idea of what’s is and isn’t...

Duration: 00:36:58

The Importance of Your Smile – Episode 010

Towards the end of my first year of teaching, I had arrived at a level of tired understood only by other teachers. During these weeks, when the attention span of every child is as long as their interest in completing work, I was having a very difficult time. The only thing I could do was smile. And laugh and smile. When I saw the reaction from my students, I realized just how impactful my smiling was. The last study I can find regarding smiling was in 1955! In his AMAZING TED talk, Rob...

Duration: 00:31:14

What to do when your students ask, “Why Am I Learning This?” – Episode 008

"Why Am I Learning This?" It’s an all too common question asked in the classroom. When will I ever use _____ BLANK? I’m not going to be a _____BLANK, why should I learn this? I’m not going to college, so I don’t need this. It is a teacher’s kryptonite to hear these words as it deflates your ambitions and drive. Some of the biggest rewards as a teacher is to watch them struggle and then understand a difficult concept! It is the goal of every teacher (hopefully) to be able to help them learn...

Duration: 00:32:22

Failure Is Not An Option – Episode 007

Failure Is Not An Option There are so many life lessons around failure, and as a teacher, you will have to deal with it often, especially if your in your first three years of teaching, because you will absolutely mess some things up, but its ok, as we will learn today! Its is an emotional topic for many people and for kids especially, whether they are in kindergarten or in high school, they walk into our classroom with a prescribed definition of what failure means, based on their life...

Duration: 00:38:21

Three Strikes – Episode 006

Three strikes… There was a young lady that I met during our meet the teacher night recently; a student of the highest caliber that not only exemplifies what a student should be, she also possessed a delightful personality and disposition. As I began to speak with her parents, I could see the same excitement and exuberance she displayed in class across the gleaming faces of both of her parents; the apple did not fall far from the tree in this family. After the nervous smiles went away, we...

Duration: 00:56:51

Learning To Be Vulnerable – Episode 004

This weeks episode was inspired by two different situations: the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and a podcast from the show Invisibilia (click on the link below to listen to the podcast) NPR: Invisibilia - The New Norm In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, thousands of people from across the country and in Houston have been responding to the needs of the people who have been heavily impacted by Harvey. From a furniture store owner who opened his store as a shelter, to a preacher who (for some)...

Duration: 00:32:31

The Great American Eclipse – Episode 003

As the United States enjoyed a rare event this week and thousands if not millions of people stood outside during their working hours to experience the Great American Eclipse, I couldn't help but notice and feel the immense weight of that moment. It was the realization of the power of shared experiences, which can bring people together from various backgrounds. It was the realization that 50 million children come through our classrooms every single day, and we provide the affirming...

Duration: 00:42:23

About That Pencil… – Episode 002

As an educator, we have all encountered that one child... who forgot to bring his/her pencil to class... For some, this is the BANE of their existence... How can a parent allow their child to come to school unprepared! What if there was another way... a NEW way of looking at this situation What if we can add a special filter to this situation, which not only relieves the teacher (you) of the sometimes heavy emotional burden... and also helps our kids find the courage to tackle the content...

Duration: 00:46:11