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Episode 31: Self-Awareness and Relationships

Improving your self-awareness improves your life The one consistent element at the centre of all my relationships both successful and unsuccessful is me! One of the most dramatic ways to improve your life is to improve your self-awareness. Episode 31 looks at a couple of key areas that can assist you in developing self-awareness so as to more effectively achieve goals, reduce recurring unpleasant dynamics with others and just enjoy life more. We are with ourselves 24/7 so it makes...


Episode 30: Toxic Behaviour at Work

Types of toxic behaviour that play out in workplaces Dysfunctional behaviour in the workplace can have such a detrimental effect on the culture of a workplace, the sense of psychological safety of staff and ultimately the productivity of the business. In Episode 30 we explore some of the types of toxic behaviour that play out in workplaces. Through having knowledge and being able to identify exactly what is going on we are able to employ effective remedies. To be in an environment where...


Episode 29: Communication Hierarchy and Business

Communicate effectively in a business hierarchy Following on from the last few episodes that have looked at soft skills and their importance particularly in business, Episode 29 looks at what is needed to communicate effectively in a business hierarchy. What is required to be more effective at communicating Up the business chain, lateral to yourself or to those whom you direct and lead? How do we make sure we are taking into consideration the scope of responsibility and motivational...


Episode 28: Soft Skills and Emotional Literacy

Develop your emotional literacy skills in order to stay relevant in the workforce Episode 28 continues to address soft skills in life and business. As business push more and more for the optimal point of effective goal achievement coupled with emotions harmony in the workplace. How do we continue to develop in this area, both as an individual and as a group/team? This episode is also relevant to parents, especially when factoring in developmental maturity and not inadvertently setting...


Episode 27: Workplace Skills of the Future

How to stay ahead of the trends This episode focuses on some of the elements that will be essential for ongoing success in business. These elements are equally valid whether you own the business or work in one. This episode has been inspired by my experiences in many workplace cultures over many industries. It is also inspired by an article by Liz Burke on entitled: Millennials vs Machine. Skills Young Australians Need To Compete With Automation. Developing your soft skills...


Episode 26: A Ramble on Motivation

What makes motivation easier to sustain? Motivation for some can be about whipping oneself up into a frenzy of desire and activity. I have no issue with this as indeed for some people that is exactly what works! However, for others, this can be difficult to sustain and that is what Episode 26 looks at. What elements of motivation are good to understand, and how do we operate in a way that supports our motivation and drives. Self-care and effective strategies will make it easier for you...


Episode 25: The Art Of Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is so vital for many areas in life It is essentail for businesses to move forward, for individuals to continue to improve, and for relationships to stay healthy. This episode looks at tips both for when you are looking to get feedback from others and also for when you are in the position of delivering feedback. Depending on how we set things up when it is time to offer feedback can have a massive impact on how well and effective the whole process...


Episode 24: What Gets In The Way?

There are so many reasons that we don't get what we want. This episode explores what some of those momentum blocking components are. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy so it is so valuable to know how it is that we can get in our own way. Understanding how we prevent our own success and how to identify these elements allows us to break through and get back on track. I hope you enjoy this episode and that it helps you achieve your goals faster and helps you and others get "unstuck"...


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