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EP59 - Kevin Lyman - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week, Sean is talking to Kevin Lyman, mastermind behind the Van's Warped Tour. The two sit down to chat about starting out in the music business, Kevin's previous gig with Lollapalooza, the first years of Warped Tour, trials and tribulations on the road, his hobbies outside of work, his charitable causes, and the future of Warped Tour after 2018. Along the way, Kevin shares his insight and advice for anyone out there wanting to live their dream. Tune in, get warped, and wild on this...

Duration: 00:49:15

EP58 - His Dream Of Lions - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

On today's show, Sean sits down in the Smithsonian to chat with Virginia-based band His Dream Of Lions. It's a packed house as Sean and the gang crack open a few cold brews to talk about life on the road, touring with SVW alumni Assuming We Survive and Moonwalker, their Warped Tour experience, the perks of orange Neuro, the strange nature of ASMR, the story behind their new music video, our too late predictions for The Last Jedi, how to successfully even out a tan line, and the flexibility...

Duration: 01:13:02

EP57 - Sean's One Year Anniversary Special w/ Joe Brock - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

Happy New Year, Wildlings! Not only are we diving headfirst into 2018, Sean is also celebrating the show's one year anniversary! Listen in as Sean is joined by that dirty dial booper himself, Joe Brock, to talk about the podcast, how the show has grown over the past year, their favorite episodes and guests, the triumphs and tragedies they faced over the course of 2017, what they have planned for 2018, and find out whether or not Joe Brock stuck to his New Year's Resolution! All this, plus...

Duration: 01:05:37

EP56 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

This week Team Thrillmot is joined by "The Banana Man" Hughe Blaske to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Fanboys beware, there are spoilers aplenty. Listen in to find out who loved it, who hated it, and who was indifferent, as well as their favorite and least favorite parts of this latest and more polarizing installment of the Star Wars franchise. Happy New Year and May The Force Be With You, it's the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! P.S. Sean hated the blue milk. GET MOVIEPASS AND JOIN IN ON THE...

Duration: 01:23:07

EP55 - Sean and Leslie Save Christmas - The Sean Vs Wild Christmas Special

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Wildlings! This week, Sean sits down with his sister Leslie over a glass of eggnog to relive all their best and most embarrassing stories, as well as share tales of the glories, of Christmases long, long ago! Get in the spirit as they discuss their favorite Christmas gifts, the best Christmas album, their favorite and least favorite Christmas songs, the ultimate Christmas movie, and their favorite Christmas memories. Also in the show their talking about...

Duration: 01:14:14

EP54 - Sean & John Review Justice League - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

SPOILER ALERT: It's Friday, and this week Team Thrillmot/Team WillSmith hit you with their hot takes on the latest and most polarizing film in the DCU, Justice League. Was it good? Was it trash? Should you see it? Should you pass? These questions and more will be answered today on Sean's latest MoviePass podcast! Also, the dynamic duo will be talking about their early impressions of Black Panther, Tomb Raider, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and more. GET MOVIEPASS AND JOIN IN ON THE CONVO HERE:...

Duration: 01:05:58

EP53 - Æves - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

You wanted the best, you got the best The Sean Vs. Wild Podcast! This week, Sean sits down with Molly O'Malley and Matt Adams, the talented young duo professionally known as Æves. The three are chillaxin' in the Smithsonian and talking about conspiracy theories, flat earth, The Mandela Effect, how the band formed, being alumni of Little Heart Records, business meetings with Bryan Puckett, run-ins with the world's most diligent park ranger, their favorite albums of 2017, and then the group...

Duration: 01:15:24

EP52 - Sean's Moviepass Podcast feat. John Wilmot - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

What's up Wildlings, this week we're changing it up and reviewing some movies! On this episode, Sean is joined by John Wilmot to form Team Thrillmot/Team WillSmith to discuss the movies they have recently seen in the theater thanks to MoviePass! Tune in to hear their (MOSTLY SPOILER FREE) reviews on IT: Chapter One, Kingsman: Golden Circle, Thor: Ragnarok, Murder on the Orient Express, Bad Mom's Christmas, and Blade Runner 2049. Later in the show, check out their predictions for upcoming...

Duration: 01:24:35

EP51 - Michala Bouska - Caducus - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Thanks for joining us for Episode 51 of Sean Vs. Wild! On the podcast this week, Sean is back in the Smithsonian, sitting down with Michala Bouska, lead singer of Louisville metal band Caducus. The two chat about licking salt lamps, their favorite female vocalists, Michala's musical training, moving from Iowa to Indiana, the meaning behind the band's name, overcoming on-stage anxiety, their upcoming album being recorded w/ Jordan Haynes at Earlygrayce Studios, which candy bar is best,...

Duration: 01:06:58

EP50 - Moonwalker - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

HOLY CANOLI! This week, Sean is joined for the FIFTIETH episode of Sean Vs. Wild by his good friends Mark Neidhart and Rob Crews of New York based band Moonwalker. The gang sit down in the "Virtual Smithsonian" to talk about their time touring together, being the barbecue band on Warped Tour, Mark's grilling skills, Rob's dancing skills, sharing inside jokes, working on new nicknames, the formation of Moonwalker from their previous band Reckless Serenade, their favorite places to play, and...

Duration: 01:19:10

E49 - DRMCTHR - Chelsea Tyler - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Today Sean is sitting down in the "Virtual Smithsonian" with Chelsea Tyler, singer/guitarist for Baltimore's DRMCTHR (formerly Dreamcatcher) to talk all about their brand new album "HOLD YOUR LOVE". The two also discuss touring together on the "Better Down South" tour, overcoming setbacks, line up changes within the band, how to persevere to achieve your goals, the band's songwriting process, their new music video for "BLACKED OUT", our favorite albums to listen to on vinyl (Paramore's...

Duration: 01:01:38

EP48 - Mansions - Chris Browder - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

Greetings, Wildlings! This week Sean is joined by Chris Browder of the band, MANSIONS. The two sit down in the "Virtual Smithsonian" to discuss hot button topics such as: basement shows, recording demos, the inception of Mansions, the songwriting process, Mansions' time on Doghouse Records, touring, moving from Louisville to North Carolina to Seattle, married life, releasing music after a four year hiatus, and how a synthesizer falling on Chris's computer shaped their new album "DESERTER"....

Duration: 01:08:32

EP47 - Sean Gets His Tarot Read w/ Emm From HIGH PRIESTESS - Sean Vs Wild

Happy Halloween, Wildlings! Today, Sean is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by special guest Emm from High Priestess. Sean and Emm sit down to consult the cards and find out all about Sean's present and future with a Tarot reading. Emm also gives us insight into the history of Tarot, common misconceptions about certain cards, and blows Sean's mind with the accuracy of the reading. If you have ever been interested in the Tarot, or having a reading done, than this is certainly the episode...

Duration: 01:25:13

EP46 - Josh Handy & Bolen Miller Talk Iron Lung - Part 2 - Sean Vs Wild

Alright, Wildlings! It's Part 2 of my conversation with Josh Handy. On today's episode, we're also joined by writer/director Bolen Miller to talk all about their new horror film IRON LUNG. The two discuss the creation of Two Birds Productions, the inspiration behind the movie, growing the film, how Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th's Jason) got involved in the project, moving shooting from Oregon to Kentucky, and creating the "SMASHER" flick genre. Also in the show, the gang discuss small-town...

Duration: 00:54:30

EP45 - Josh Handy - Warped Roadies - Part 1 - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

On the first half of this week's two-part conversation, Sean sits down with friend and beacon of positivity, Josh Handy, at his 300 acre estate "HandyLand". The two discuss him being a kid from Kentucky, how winning an acting contest lead to becoming an assistant in Hollywood, how he became Mr. Peanut in the Macy's Day Parade, what lead him to becoming one of the stars of the Fuse TV show Warped Roadies, his newest ventures in the world of Celebrity Cruises, how you too can accomplish your...

Duration: 01:01:48

EP44 - Shawn Milke - Alesana - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week Sean is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by Shawn Milke, guitarist/vocalist for post-hardcore heavyweights ALESANA, and founder of Raleigh-based label Revival Recordings. Sean and Shawn sit down to discuss the early beginnings of the band, the correct pronunciation of the band name, the most incorrect spelling of Sean/Shawn/Shaun, signing to Fearless, their genuine love of music, going to Circuit City, their favorite Beatles albums, starting a record label, helping new and...

Duration: 01:16:47

EP43 - Jenni Cochran - Frederick The Younger - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

This week, Sean checks out Louisville's booming Indie/Alternative scene and is joined in the "Virtual Smithsonian" by Jenni Cochran, vocalist/keyboardist of Frederick The Younger. The two sit down to discuss the origin of the band, the price of movie tickets, Jenni's musical influences, their favorite 60's rock bands, recording with Kevin Ratterman, psychedelic music, tour sweats, Jenni reveals which few movies she's seen, and Sean reveals his least favorite cities in America. Later in the...

Duration: 01:09:20

EP42 - Summer Youth - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

It's Episode 42 and on this week's show, we're chugging PBR, IBC, and Ghost Pepper Chips as Summer Youth invades the Smithsonian! Sean sits down with Sean Vs. Wild alumni Kevin Fletcher, Chris Goins, and Chris Doty to test just how good they are with spicy food, discuss their new musical venture, their upcoming show w/ Metro Station and Assuming We Survive, which Monster Truck is best, Breaking Bad, energy water, the time Sean and Kevin were stranded in Wyoming, discounted beers, strip...

Duration: 01:18:16

EP41 - Derek Allen aka DJA - Sean Vs Wild Podcast

NORTHSIDE RAISE UP! On this week's episode, Derek Allen aka DJA aka DOC MONEY joins Sean in the Smithsonian to discuss his musical accomplishments. Derek chats about playing bass in Left Out, learning the DIY approach to music, making beats, 812 Dirty Squad, working with Diplo and dozens of other mainstream artists, his time with Mad Decent, 80's movies, his favorite Nintendo soundtracks, and life in Los Angeles. Later in the show, DJA showcases his newest production, "LIMELIGHT" by Johnny...

Duration: 01:18:41

E40 - Darlington Pairs - Sean Vs. Wild Podcast

Episode 40 finds Sean sitting down in the Smithsonian with a few cold bevs for an in-depth conversation with Skyler, Bert, Cliffy, and Katie of Darlington Pairs. The group discusses the origin of the name, how the band got together, their love of analog recording, beta tapes, working at a music store, their biggest musical influences, their thoughts on Kiss and Star Wars, and the story behind their new music video. Later in the show, Darlington Pairs showcases their brand new single "LOW"...

Duration: 01:32:31

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