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Ashley Ward on How to Create Content That Generates ROI

Our guest this week, Ashley Ward, is a Corporate Speaker and Evangelist for SEMrush — an all-in-one digital marketing tool designed to simplify the life of digital marketers. Ashley has always been passionate about helping businesses and individuals gain long-term ROI through content marketing and social media tactics.With over 6 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Ashley inspires marketers around the world to better their strategies using the SEMrush platform and other...

Duration: 00:59:44

Thom Craver, the Senior SEO Analyst at CBS Interactive Talks about SEO Myths That Just Won’t Die

Our guest this week on Search Talk is Thom Craver, the Senior SEO Analyst at CBS Interactive. A unique yet thorough combination of digital marketer and technical IT professional all in one, Thom specializes data-driven decision making for marketing, IT analysis, and management. He’s also an effective communicator, able to translate from the Tech/IT world to the marketing and management worlds with ease. You can find him speaking at ClickZ Live Conferences across North America, helping people...

Duration: 00:59:21

Mark Munroe of SEO Radar on SEO Disaster Prevention.

Mark Munroe is the founder of SEORadar and has been involved in SEO for 14 years working on sites like, Usedcars.con,, Everyday Health, as well as several startups. An acclaimed expert on SEO disaster prevention, he has also been a frequent speaker in the past at SMX. We’re super excited to have Mark on with us, and he’s more than happy to answer your questions! Just email your question to And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and listen in...

Duration: 01:00:47

How To Take Your Agency from 0 -100K in 9 Months With Hayk Saakian of Logic Inbound

Our Search Talk guest this week is Hayk Saakian, one of the co-founders of the SEO and digital marketing agency Logic Inbound. Among other responsibilities, he leads client service fulfillment teams and directs digital marketing campaigns for companies around the world. Previously, he held the title of Chief Technology Officer at Skyreal Real Estate Marketing. His wide range of expertise combines a deep understanding of effective marketing strategy with technical mastery spanning...

Duration: 01:00:04

Kristin Zhivago, President of Zhivago Partners Talks about how to Write for SEO

Kristin Zhivago, president of the digital marketing management firm Zhivago Partners, is the author of the 5-star book Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy. Zhivago spent decades as a “revenue coach” to CEOs and entrepreneurs and has always been on the bleeding edge of marketing technology. Zhivago teaches writers worldwide how to write for SEO and customers.

Duration: 00:59:43

JD Prater of AdStage Discusses Social Ads Automation

Our guest this week is C, Head of User Acquisition at AdStage. In addition to being the former Head of Paid Social at Hanapin Marketing, he is a well-known presence on the Our guest this week is JD Prater, Head of User Acquisition at AdStage. In addition to being the former Head of Paid Social at Hanapin Marketing, he is a well-known presence on the SEO speaking circuit with appearances at the PPC Hero Live Summit, eMetrics Chicago, Adworld Experience, and more. He is also a well-known...

Duration: 00:59:31

Micah Fisher-Kirshner of Zendesk SEO Testing Best Practices

This week, Zendesk’s Micah Fisher-Kirshner brings his in-depth experience to help you integrate SEO from the ground up. He’s been in the SEO field for 10 years, having previously worked with Zazzle and Become, as well as with smaller companies such as Balsam Brands. You’ll find him occasionally speaking at conferences such as SMX, advising for companies like SEO Radar, and is a weekly panelist for Dumb SEO Questions. Outside of the SEO world, he’s a father of two kids. He has an enjoyment...

Duration: 00:59:56

Paul Kortman on How to Make Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Strategy Work

This week, our guest is Paul Kortman. Paul is a certified nerd, nomad, and marketing extraordinaire who has loaned his insights to a variety of businesses. In 2010, Paul combined his 12 years of expertise in IT and digital marketing into his agency, Connex Digital Marketing. Since then, Paul has gone on to co-found three other companies and help countless businesses succeed through marketing and increased sales. When he is not busy helping business start-ups, he loves to travel with his...

Duration: 00:59:33

Local Search with SEO Director of Geek Powered Studios Jesse McDonald

A tech journeyman always looking for new ways to innovate his field, Jesse McDonald is the Director of SEO at Geek Powered Studios. Originally a musician, he discovered graphic design in 2007 after the breakup of his band, BravoWhatever. He eventually graduated from University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Graphic Design (as well as enough credits to equate a minor in fine art photography). This honed design-based background has granted Jesse a...

Duration: 00:59:19

Interview Gary Illyes WTA at Google. Topic Google Search & Algorithms

Our guest this week is the talented Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google Switzerland GmbH. Having worked for Google since 2011, Gary has dedicated his professional career to helping like-minded webmasters create better search experiences for users on quality sites. When not crunching data to find ways to improve web search, he also is a regular contributor to the Webmaster Central Blog, as well as the Google Webmaster Forums. Before Google, Gary taught online journalism in...

Duration: 00:59:45

B2B Link Building Tactics With Garrett Mehrguth CEO of Directive

Garrett Mehrguth, our Search Talk guest this week, is the Consulting, an industry leading B2B search marketing agency serving mid-enterprise level firms with industry- trusted SEO, PPC, content, and social strategies. He contributes to Marketing Land, Salesforce, Search Engine Land, Moz, CrazyEgg, PPCHero, Ahref, Convince and Convert, Wordstream, Raven, Local Search Ranking Factors, Kissmetrics, SitePoint, Marin, Acquisio, and more. Also a known face on the SEO speaking circuit, Garrett...

Duration: 00:59:43

Managing Clients & Keeping Them Happy, Making Them Successful with John Doherty of GetCredo

John Doherty, our Search Talk Live Guest this week, is a veteran SEO and digital marketer and the founder of, a software platform to help small and medium-size businesses connect with SEO and digital agencies and consultants. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Courtney and their (very large) black labrador Butterbean. We want John to feel welcome on SearchTalkLive. If you want your question to be featured on the show, just email us at Follow...

Duration: 00:54:54

Increasing Conversion Rates Using Design Research With Expert Nick Disabato

This week, our guest on STL is Nick Disabato. Nick is a designer & writer from Chicago. He currently runs an interaction design consultancy that focuses on research-driven A/B testing. Nick graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, majoring in applied math and pure math with a minor in English. After undergrad, he received a master’s in information science with a concentration in human-computer interaction from The University of North Carolina. He has previously worked for clients...

Duration: 01:00:04

Better Click Rate through Snippet and Rich Answer Optimization with Bill Hunt

Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, a company focused on using proven custom tools, tactics and strategies to help other companies identify missed opportunities that lead to significant traffic and revenue gains. Considered one of the top thought leaders in global search engine marketing, Hunt has spoken at conferences in over 30 countries including SMX Advanced. Hunt is frequently asked to advise on how to effectively leverage enterprise and global search marketing and...

Duration: 00:59:56

5 Steps to Building a Content Strategy with Aaron Agius of Louder Online

Aaron Agius is joining us here at STL this week. Working with his team at Louder Online, Aaron creates imaginative, inbound marketing tactics for small businesses, digital agencies and global corporates. By using an intelligent mix of search, content and social tactics, his company is able deliver new customer leads and build lasting brand relationships for clients around the world. Aaron has helped many global brands online through the years including Ford, Unilever, IBM, The Star,...

Duration: 01:00:02

Becoming an Authority” The Fast Track to Link Building with Stephan Spencer

Back by popular demand, we’re beyond thrilled to once again welcome Stephan Spencer to SearchTalkLive! A prolific and highly reputable SEO mind, Stephan is best known as the author of Google Power Search, as well as the co-author of both Social E-commerce and The Art of SEO—now in its third edition and considered by many the gold standard of SEO-related literature. As an active blogger, he has contributed to dozens of publications including Practical Ecommerce,, Search...

Duration: 00:59:55

The Correlation Between TrustFlow & Traffic/Rankings with Expert Kevin Richards

This week, allow us to welcome Kevin Richard to STL! Kevin is a French SEO currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. As an acclaimed link-building specialist, he has devoted years of his life understanding which SEO methods really work. He is best known as the founder of the “SEObserver”, a toolbox made by SEOs, for SEOs, which helps optimization experts understand which methods work in the long run, and which ones don’t.

Duration: 01:00:07

Dixon Jones Marketing Director at Majestic

With over 15 years in the industry, STL guest this week Dixon Jones has never shied away from being an independent thinker in the world of SEO. Building up his knowledge initially through one of the UK’s oldest independent search consultancies, Dixon has in latter years brought the well-known link technology “Majestic” to market in 12 languages as the marketing director. Based out of Birmingham, England, this became a Deloitte Fast 50 company in the fall of 2014. Dixon has been an active...

Duration: 00:59:37

Role of Paid Search in Profitability with Paid Search Expert Maddie Cary

Our guest week is Maddie Cary, the Director of Paid Search at Point It Digital Marketing in Seattle. Her role involves overseeing and developing an amazing team of PPC account managers, while also running the global SEM program for Point It’s the largest client. In 2015, she won the US Search Award for “Young Search Professional.” In addition, she was also acknowledged as a “Rising Star in PPC” by both SearchEngineLand & PPC Hero. You can find her speaking and learning at great conferences...

Duration: 01:00:16

Interview with Expert International SEO Consultant Dawn Anderson

We’re happy to welcome expert international SEO consultant Dawn Anderson April 18th. Dawn has worked with industry-leading digital marketing agencies and brands on enterprise SEO campaigns across fashion, legal, auto, travel, telecoms, insurance, and gambling. An expert in SEO with a broad understanding of many digital marketing channels and strategy, she is an associate lecturer on Search and Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and a European, UK and Northern Digital...

Duration: 00:59:55

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