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Ep 26: Bills Mafia, Chantel, Kevy’s WOS, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Better than a box of Dicks….it’s EPISODE 26! This week, Kevin & Bonnie recap their live 25th episode, Kev shares a “viral” Bills Mafia video, Bon’s step sister, Chantel, is fueding with Kevin, a classic “Eskimo Sister" story on Kevy’s Walk of Shame, Scoundrels, & Birthdays! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame

Duration: 01:02:42

LIVE 25: Fire & Fury, Plead the 5th, Kevy's 80’s Trivia, Hot Carls, Bonnie's Ex Feedback

It’s the show you never wanted & don’t deserve. S4S EPISODE 25 IS LIVE! This week, Bon & Kev (and friends) celebrate their 25th Episode by discussing Fire & Fury (aka Trump’s favorite new book), Plead the Fifth returns, Kevy’s 80’s Trivia, Hot Carls, Bonnie’s Ex, Scott, joins the show to share his feedback, Scoundrels, & Birthdays. If you’re able to listen to this dumpster fire of a show in its entirety, you get a special prize! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame...

Duration: 01:08:26

Ep 24: Who’ll win the S4S Xmas Movie Draft? Kevy’s Walk of Shame, Bon Jovi, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Make sure your Holidays aren’t a bore, listen to EPISODE 24! This week, S4S “drafts” its favorite Holiday movies, Kevy’s Walk of Shame returns with an awesome “John Tucker Must Die” scenario, Kevin shames Cousin Tim for hating on Bon Jovi, Salamanderous Scoundrels & Birthdays! Episode 25 will be LIVE on Thurs, Jan. 4th! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Y’ALL! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame

Duration: 00:57:18

EP 23: Ivana, New Studio, Alabama Victory, Friend Shaming, Scoundrels, Birthdays

The best things in life are free, and so is EPISODE 23! This week, S4S records its first episode in our new studio! Friend Ivana also joins us to discuss life issues and shares a traumatic story from her past, which may be helpful for others (listener discretion advised). Episode 25 will be LIVE on Thurs, Jan. 4th! Bonnie & Kevin are VERY excited about Doug Jones’s win in Alabama, Kev continues to troll Slickhawk about the Ducks, Bon shames her friends, Salamanderous Scoundrels &...

Duration: 01:06:10

EPISODE TWENTY-TWO: Bummer Ducks, Bonnie’s Clinger, Doug Jones, Scoundrels, Birthdays.

Don’t let your Holidays be blue…. listen to EPISODE TWENTY-TWO! This week, Kevin continues to mock the Oregon Ducks, Bonnie has a stage-five clinger, Kev pleads with Alabama to vote for Doug Jones, Bon reminds guy listeners of basic dating courtesies, Salamanderous Scoundrels & Birthdays! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame

Duration: 00:51:30

Episode Twenty-One: Matt Lauer, OOT, Awkward Ex Stories, Cresto, Scoundrels, Birthdays.

Get your crappy shots and puke bucket ready for our (EPISODE) TWENTY-ONE RUN! This week, S4S has an updated jingle for Matt Lauer, Kevin shares big news on the family front, Kev & Bon reveal some uncomfortable run-ins with their Exes, Cresto is a poor sport, Salamanderous Scoundrels & Birthdays! Facebook: SearchingforShame Instagram: SearchingforShame Twitter: @Searching4Shame

Duration: 00:41:34

Episode Twenty- Intense Listener Feedback, Kevin dating disaster, Apple Cup, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Will the debauchery be plenty in EPISODE TWENTY?! This week, Kevin is riding solo again while Bonnie is in SD, Kev reveals some critical listener feedback, & reveals a horrendous dating experience from his past. Salamanderous Scoundrels & Birthdays! GO HUSKIES!!

Duration: 00:43:33

Episode Nineteen- Due Date Corrections, Slickhawk Interview, Russell Wilson, Scoundrels, Birthdays.

Old enough to drink in Canada, but not the’s EPISODE NINETEEN! This week, Kevin & Bonnie re-guess due dates for Baby Travelle, Matt Mikolas aka Slickhawk from 950 KJR joins S4S for some shameless banter, Bon is pissed with her Ex(again), Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays.

Duration: 00:38:08

Episode Eighteen- Instagram quarrels, Slickhawk, Bon Dating Disaster, Scoundrels, Bdays

We're barely legal in EPISODE EIGHTEEN! This week, Kevin & Bonnie argue over social media strategies, Kevin wins a bet with Slickhawk from Sportsradio 950 KJR in Seattle, Bon shares another traumatic dating story, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays.

Duration: 00:48:39

Episode Seventeen- Moores/Pattullos, “Pre-Funcs,” Embarrassing Work Stories, Scoundrels, Birthdays

We can finally watch R-rated movies with EPISODE SEVENTEEN! This week, Kevin shares his fun weekend with the Moores & Pattullos, Bon & Kev share embarrassing work stories and how a “Pre-Func” could easily be misinterpreted as something else, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays.

Duration: 00:46:37

Episode Sixteen- Marv Albert, Tardy Bonnie, Car Accidents, Kevy’s Walk of Shame, Scoundrels, Bdays

It’s time to celebrate S4S finally reaching puberty with Episode (Sweet) Sixteen! This week, Bonnie is extremely late for recording and Kevin is NOT pleased, Bon recaps her car accident, Kevy’s Walk of Shame returns with a listener who went on a date with a real life BALLA, Dutch Rudder corrections, more plays in Russia, Scoundrels, Birthdays.

Duration: 00:43:10

Episode Fifteen- Nixon, ACL, Andrews Bros, Dutch Rudders, Scoundrels, Birthdays

It’s our Quinceañera….EPISODE FIFTEEN! This week, B&K are extremely annoyed with each other, Bonnie recaps her shameless behavior at ACL, Nick & Jim Andrews battle it out in the Current Events Couple’s Challenge, Bon explains Dutch Rudders to Kevin, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays!

Duration: 00:58:01

S4S Clips- Motel 6 ad

If you're Hispanic, it's probably not a good idea to stay at Motel 6!

Duration: 00:01:50

S4S Clips- Trumpesia

S4S has a new sponsor...Trumpesia!

Duration: 00:01:26

Episode Fourteen- Chris McKay visit, Bonnie's Murder Trial, Scoundrels, Birthdays

S4S IS BACK WITH EPISODE 14! This week, Kevin & Bonnie discuss Chris McKay’s trip to Austin, Bonnie’s experience being a juror on a CAPITAL MURDER TRIAL (this really happened). Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays.

Duration: 00:31:22

Episode Thirteen- Kevy hungover, Tinder poop, Roommate Horror Stories, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Who will get lucky in EPISODE THIRTEEN?! This week in S4S land, Kevin is slightly hungover during recording, a Tinder date becomes a shitshow (literally), Kevy shares a roommate horror story, Bonnie lets her family down, Motel 6 sucks, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays!

Duration: 00:39:29

Episode Twelve- Kokomo, Creepy Bon Dating Story, Kids Talk Trump, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Who will delve in EPISODE TWELVE? This week, Kevin & Bonnie are excited about their new plays in Bermuda, Jamaica, (& Kokomo), Bonnie shares a traumatizing story from her dating vault, Bonnie’s daughters (Taylor & Chloe) join us to discuss Trump, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays!

Duration: 00:43:00

Episode Eleven- McConaughey, Harvey recap, Football, Scoundrels, Birthdays

Will Bonnie want to murder Kevin in EPISODE ELEVEN?! This week, S4S recaps Hurricane Harvey, previews the football season (Go Dawgs & Hawks), Grandma Cloe stops by to share her excitement for the Cowboys, Salamanderous Scoundrels, & Birthdays!

Duration: 00:43:53

Episode Ten- Nikita, Hurricane Harvey, SEA Sports Challenge, Kevy’s WOS, Reverse Scoundrel

This week, S4S prepares for Hurricane Harvey, Jason Liggett & Aaron Keck compete in the Couples/Seattle Sports Challenge, Kevy’s Walk of Shame returns with an important lesson on what men should NOT do after a first date, and the (first ever) Reverse Salamanderous Scoundrel!

Duration: 00:39:53

Episode Nine- Charlottesville, Plead the Fifth, Scoundrels

This week, S4S try to tackle the events in Charlottesville & President Loco’s ridiculous response, crying Nazis, Kevin & Bonnie play “Plead the Fifth” and Bon takes it WAY too far, & the Salamanderous Scoundrel(s) of the week!

Duration: 00:38:01

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