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We are an actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

We are an actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast.
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We are an actual play 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast.






Ch. 035 - The Generosity of Earl

With the victors of the Royal Playground decided, Earl Earl is ready to express his generosity. As Arannis, Darvin, and Veil settle into the comforts of royalty, they start getting ready for their next adventure. But it seems like they may be needed in the city for a little longer. Deeper concerns are brought to the surface, and they may be the only ones who can help.

Duration: 00:51:08

Ch. 034 - Deep Sleep

The Royal Playground has taken its toll on everyone, but it's not quite over yet. There is one last room before anyone can claim a prize, and it is deceptively simple. Who will be able to keep their eyes open and on the task at hand? More than one person is ready to bend the rules to gain an advantage, but only one can come out on top.

Duration: 00:58:54

Ch. 033 - Hot Feet

Things are heating up in the Royal Playground as everyone starts to realize that even games can be serious. Our players are determined to show the Earls they can come out victorious. The Royal Playground fun continues as everyone scrambles to stay out of danger and in the lead.

Duration: 00:59:24

Ch. 032 - A Race and a Dip

The Royal Playground is quickly proving to be fun and dangerous, but not without its charm. Like any good playground, there is much to play with. Curious participants can even enjoy some special toys made to increase the fun. Darvin, Veil, and Arannis could sure use a good time, and Earl Earl is practically beside himself with joy.

Duration: 00:59:50

Ch. 031 - Into the Royal Playground

Earl Earl, the Earl of Earl, is a fun-loving Elf who knows how to unwind. He has an entire Royal Playground beneath the palace and wants to share that experience with our adventurers. With nothing but his word, everyone prepares to take a dive into the unknown. It's time to find out what this "Play Date" is all about.

Duration: 01:44:36

Ch. 030 - Getting to Know Earl

Earl is strange, in more ways than one. Darvin, Arannis, and Veil get the chance to meet the head of the city. They are more than happy to entertain their new guests. This is a welcome change of pace for the party considering recent events. It promises to be an entirely new experience, because no one has fun like royalty.

Duration: 01:12:59

Ch. 029 - Welcome to Earl

The walls of Earl stand before the party, and Veil is eager to get inside. Once they drop off their Honey Hollow assignment, the city's comforts will be ready for them. There is a lot for the party to see and do in Earl if they're up for it. It could be nice to relax in a city with no agenda. But even though everything is new to them, they can't help but notice an oddity or two.

Duration: 01:04:51

Ch. 028 - A Night in Gerions Village

Our adventurers look for a place to rest, needing some amount of refuge after coming face to face with Koram. Luckily, a small village is nearby. All they need to do is keep their heads low long enough to recover. That should be simple enough...right?

Duration: 01:36:06

Ch. 027 - The Grayscape

What awaits our adventurers as they lie in the snow? The ordeal with the Centinids saw them fall one...after another......after another. When their best efforts aren't enough, they may be forced to face an even more difficult situation. With so much hanging in the balance, they can't afford another failure without facing a terrible consequence.

Duration: 00:40:59

Ch. 026 - Blood in the Snow

With the trial behind them, our adventurers turn their attention elsewhere. The road brings a simplicity that can't be found in a city. But, that doesn't always translate to safety. They have a long way to go before reaching Earl, and the road offers no guarantees. They must face the dangers before them, whatever they may be. Hello listeners! Our @Cast4Change campaign is nearly over. Remember, you have until September 15, 2017 to enter. Get out there and be kind to someone. Thank you...

Duration: 01:21:36

Ch. 025 - Court of Compromise

As the trial proceeds, Kara is surprised to see an old work acquaintance, and she is not afraid of the truth. Meanwhile, Darvin is trying to make the best of a bad situation. As the trial comes to a close, what compromises will people be willing to make? And what does the justice system have in store for Veil? Hello listeners! This is our second week of the @Cast4Change campaign. Remember, you have until September 15, 2017 to enter. Get out there and be kind to someone. Thank you all so...

Duration: 01:18:30

Ch. 024 - Arannis the Lawyer

And so begins the trial of Kara Frostfall. The legal system in Honey Hollow sure has a lot of flexibility, but such is the Halfling way. Who will speak for Kara, and who will speak against her? There is a lot of truth that still hasn't been revealed and a surprise or two that no one may be ready for. Hello listeners! This chapter is also our kick-off for the @Cast4Change campaign. We are encouraging people everywhere to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time. Check out...

Duration: 01:31:04

Ch. 023 - Veiled Truths

As the days leading up to the trial draw to a close, Veil, Darvin, and Arannis decide they should do something about the group stuck outside. That comes with its own dangers. And before anyone is officially charged, everyone frantically searches for information, secrets, or an edge. It looks like Veil is the prime suspect, but maybe they have something up their sleeve.

Duration: 01:26:02

Ch. 022 - Building a Case

The investigation into Cortland Fortenberry's death continues, and some facts are starting to come into the light. Some "facts" are truer than others, but all of them are useful...from a certain point of view. It all depends on who's in charge of the narrative. Meanwhile, a new situation is brewing outside of the city. With everything going on inside the city, will anyone even bother with it?

Duration: 01:13:22

Ch. 021 - Lockdown

Decisions need to be made, and they need to be made quickly. Captain Thorn has already discovered Cortland's body and is quickly closing down Honey Hollow. If our adventurers aren't careful, they will be stuck in the city until the matter is resolved. They don't have many people they can turn to for help, but they are not alone. What will they do?

Duration: 01:01:19

Ch. 020 - Cortland's Fate

Under the snow in Honey Hollow, Veil and Darvin work diligently to fulfill their duties. Cortland and Mayapple are unaware of the forces working against them, but their fates are not yet sealed. On a lighter note, Arannis is all set to perform at Sweet William's and has even made friends with a local musician. Good for him.

Duration: 01:34:52

Ch. 019 - You Must be Quite Ill

The party has agreed to help out an old Half-Dragon named Brizandene, but they have some business to attend to in Honey Hollow first. Veil is eager to finish up their assignment. Meanwhile, Darvin and Arannis find it difficult to remain idle. Each tries to find some semblance of their old routine within the city.

Duration: 01:00:42

Ch. 018 - The City Under the Snow

It's been a long trek, but our adventurers have finally made it to Honey Hollow. Veil may have an ulterior motive, but Arannis and Darvin have the luxury of getting to know the city. Honey Hollow is open to travelers, and is always willing to accept a helping hand.

Duration: 01:47:53

Ch. 017 - Biggs and the Gang

Biggs has big plans for Darvin, Veil, and Arannis, but first they need to accept the deal being offered. Darvin is doing his best to earn their trust while also trying to make sure he and his companions can get back on the road safely. Can he play along long enough to get them all out safely?

Duration: 00:56:20

Ch. 016 - The Bone Thief of Medullary Hill

While attempting to leave Medullary Hill, a new visitor arrives. It is not here for conversation. And then there's the whole issue with the Skeleton Prince. Biggs is trying to set up a deal for safe passage despite the rest of the group's willingness to leave. Let's find out who had the right idea.

Duration: 00:58:00

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