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Eagle is an L.A. based hip-hop artist. On Secret Skin, he and his guests examine what’s really going on behind the face that hip-hop artists put on for the public. The in-jokes. The heavy stuff. The tour stories. The day-to-day struggles and absurdities of being a working musician. The Secret Skin. Part of the Infinite Guest network from American Public Media.






56: Marc Maron, Podcasting, Comedy, Life, and New Cars

Mike is joined by the Podfather himself, WTF host Marc Maron. They discuss Marc’s unusual life balancing a podcast that is at least somewhat about him and a TV show where he plays a podcaster and comic named Marc Maron, who is an awful lot like him.

Duration: 00:55:54

55: Baron Vaughn, Overcoming Adversity, and Having So Much In Common

Host Open Mike Eagle has really found something of a soulmate in actor and comedian Baron Vaughn. The two talk about growing up with cable television, setting fires no one knew about, and coping with rampant drugs in their communities.

Duration: 01:03:49

53: B. Dolan, White Privilege, and ODB

Mike chats with rapper, activist, and spoken word artist B. Dolan about what white rappers owe the Black Lives Matter movement, how white privilege can give you a leg up in the hip-hop world, and their mutual love of Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Duration: 00:48:32

52: Chuck Klosterman and New Music

Mike talks with writer and critic Chuck Klosterman about changes in publishing and criticism, the gamble that comes with being interesting, and the fear of accidentally living life wrong. Plus, more new music from Hella Personal Film Festival.

Duration: 01:06:18

50: Jean Grae and Artistic Adventure

It’s the 50th episode of Secret Skin and Mike is joined by his friend, the rapper and all-around artist Jean Grae. They discuss everything from black Netflix tropes to Mike’s picky eating/Jean’s crushing dismay when she learns about Mike’s picky eating.

Duration: 00:53:34

34: The Gaslamp Killer and Why You Need to Dance

Mike talks with esteemed DJ The Gaslamp Killer about entering hip-hop with no footsteps to follow in, the perils of knowing too much about someone through social media, and how to get fired from a bunch of record stores. Plus, the premiere of a brand new song!

Duration: 00:49:24

15: Carnage and Brandi Brown (Secret Skin Live, Part Two)

Open Mike Eagle hosts Secret Skin Live Part 2, featuring a live performance from Carnage the Executioner and comedy from Brandi Brown.

Duration: 00:53:11