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A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.

A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.
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A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.




Episode 151: J.D. Martinez Is (Finally) On The Red Sox

THE TIME HAS COME! J.D. Martinez is on the Red Sox and it finally feels like the baseball season is officially here. We break down every aspect of this J.D. deal including how much we love the contract itself, Yankees fans already getting defensive about the move, how much pressure this will take off the rest of the lineup, if J.D. being an oppo-heavy hitter is a problem, why we should have expected this move was inevitably going to happen, and a unique debate on why Alex Cora already had...


Episode 150: J.D. Or Not J.D.

Guys, the Red Sox are like throwing baseballs around and doing baseball stuff. LET'S GO! But, with pitchers and catchers reporting in Fort Myers today we are sadly still talking about the Red Sox vs. J.D. Martinez, shocker we know. We open debating the legitimacy of the report that J.D. is fed up with the Red Sox 'inflexibility' and he would rather sign with another club, talk if this potential quote would make things awkward if he signs with the Red Sox, and what other offers J.D. may...


Episode 149: Truck Day Sucks

Now folks, we don't want you to be thrown off by that title. What Truck Day represents is what we love, we just think the actual "event" of Truck Day is extremely stupid. Anyway we start off talking how dumb Truck Day is, give a shoutout to our boy Wally, the Red Sox making a HUGE signing by bringing minor league Aneury Tavarez back, how people actually debated this guy's relevance with Jared on the Twitter machine, get into George A. King III getting blasted by Section 10 followers on...


Pedro Mania Part II (feat. Coley)

Here we have the 2nd half of our Pedro Martinez episode. We open talking Pedro's phenomenal 17-strikeout performance at Yankee Stadium late in the 1999 season, we then discuss the ups and downs of Pedro's 2004 season, how he shockingly still finished 4th in AL Cy Young voting that year, and we debate who had a better career between Pedro and Clemens. This leads us to the "Who's your daddy?" portion of the show. Steve shares his story of going to Yankee Stadium for ALCS Game 2 in 2004 and...


Episode 148: Pedro Mania Part I (feat. Coley)

We have arrived at our player-themed podcasts and who better to start with than Hall of Famer himself Pedro Martinez. We open talking how the Expos got completely owned by Boston in the Pedro trade, conclude that the Montreal franchise should have been cancelled right after this deal was made, briefly discuss how many amazing quotes Pedro produced during his playing career, and discuss all of Pedro's stats that make you lose your mind. We are joined by Barstool's own Coley Mick for this...


Episode 147: Winter Weekend (feat. Sam Kennedy)

Ahh yes. Our favorite part of the offseason has arrived: Winter Weekend. We open on a sad note talking how we are changing our intro to the show due to the unfortunate events surrounding now former WWE star Enzo Amore. From there we break down a wild trip just to get to Foxwoods including a driver that had zero clue where they were going, break down the Sam Kennedy interview and how he may just be the best employee on the Red Sox, a random encounter with Dave Dombrowski that led to a...


Episode 146: Soapy Penis

We're at the part of the offseason where #SoapyPenisGate is MAJOR news. We open, however, talking about how Travis Shaw could potentially end up lighting Jared on fire if he is traded to the Yankees, have a wild debate on whether the Red Sox would have a ceremony for Jared if he died, then discuss the #SoapyPenis situation with Benintendi's agent allegedly filming his players in the shower. We also give a J.D. Martinez update, explain why Mookie Betts going to an arbitration hearing with...


Episode 145: Something. Must. Happen.

We're here, folks. We have officially reached the point in the offseason where literally nothing remotely close to anything is going on for the Boston Red Sox. We open talking why it was a smart move for the Red Sox to reportedly decline a Yasiel Puig for JBJ trade last season, how people should be more worried about the immediate future of Hanley Ramirez, have an out-of-nowhere debate about Jonathan Papelbon and close with a lengthy Down in the DMs segment.


Episode 144: Offer SZN

This offseason is SO ROWDY that we've finally got some damn offers on the table, WOW. We open talking J.D. Martinez reportedly getting a 5-year offer from the Red Sox, how it seems the Sox are bidding against themselves here for Martinez, whether or not that will make Boras give up his 7-year hope for J.D., how people that think the Sox should trade for 1 year of Manny Machado's services are morons, and why the Red Sox absolutely can't afford to wait for the "mega" free-agent class after...


Episode 143: New Year's Resolutions

It was an up-and-down year for the Boston Red Sox and we are here to recap 2017 and move on to 2018. We open talking how Feits was miraculously not abandoned on Christmas this year, sum um the Red Sox 2017 season including our highlights and lowest moments, talk the potential of 2018 being a big year depending on potential upcoming moves, Jared being ecstatic over David Ortiz following him on Twitter, how pumped a fan of the show was to get season tickets in Section 10, and close with your...


Episode 142: Mitchy Two Years

Caught us by surprise but Mitchy Two Bags is officially returning to the Red Sox on a 2-year deal. We opened the show talking Feits being nowhere to be found, gave a recap of Rough N Rowdy and how Jared may actually fight at the next event, the Red Sox showing interest in Carlos Santana before he landed with the Phillies, and how Dave Dombrowski continues to lie about offseason rumors. This leads us to how the Red Sox appear to be making J.D. Martinez their No. 1 priority in free agency,...


Episode 141: The Empire Strikes Back

Giancarlo Stanton is in the Bronx now and the Yankees have officially returned to being the Evil Empire. We open with our Fuckin with Hubbs segment which was as depressing as you might expect, we then debate where Stanton to the Yankees ranks on worst non-game related sports stories we've experienced, and how this deal is definitely unlike the A-Rod to New York move. We then provide a full guide to how the Red Sox can become a legit contender to win the 2018 World Series. This honestly...


Episode 140: Brock Holt

We have one of our favorite Red Sox in a long time Brock Holt join the podcast today and he was amazing. Before getting to Brock we start by addressing the report that the Red Sox are out on Giancarlo Stanton and how this really didn't surprise us. This lead to our Fuckin with Hubbs segment to talk all the madness going on in the Bronx at the moment, if Aaron Boone would have had any chance of getting hired if he didn't hit that 2003 ALCS home run, and why Shohei Ohtani is the softest...


Episode 139: The Depression Boys

Offseason depression is here, and it is REAL. We open talking a very unexpected admission from Jared, how the Hot Stove is about as cold as physically possible, break open a new segment called Offseason Gripes, talk the ridiculousness of the Red Sox reportedly only having "tepid" interest in Giancarlo Stanton, see if Jared can name 5 players on the Celtics, break down Steven Wright putting GBOB even further into the bathroom, have a surprising Fuckin with Hubbs segment, and close with your...


Episode 138: Offseason Mailbag (feat. Evan Drellich)

The offseason is underway and there are plenty of questions to be answered, so it's time we do that. We have Evan Drellich join us to answer your Red Sox offseason and random questions including what percentage chance the Sox have of landing Giancarlo Stanton, what you would change the Red Sox team name to if you had to, which Red Sox player would be most likely to mimic Baker Mayfield's crotch grab, a certain scenario where Chris Sale should have won the Cy Young Award and much more. We...


Episode 137: The Giancarlo Sweepstakes

The GM Meetings are here and Rumors SZN has officially begun! Giancarlo seems to be tied to 20 different teams right now, but we talk what the latest rumors mean toward the potential of him ending up in Boston. We reflect on the Michael Felger controversial comments on the death of Roy Halladay. Then break down why J.D. Martinez is the superstar not enough people are talking about, Josh Beckett's wild drunk night that got him arrested, the craziest off-field incidents for current or former...


Episode 136: Now We Go

Alex Cora has been introduced as the Red Sox new manager, now we GO. We open talking Cora's intro presser and how the best part had nothing to do with the actual press conference. This leads to a debate of who we actually expect Dave Dombrowski to pursue this offseason now that Cora is his guy, talk a very odd question Gabe Kapler was asked during his intro presser about masturbation, give our final thoughts on the World Series and postseason as a whole, talk if John Henry is likable or...


Episode 135: Get Juiced

Confirmed: MLB is juicing the baseballs and we LOVE IT. Start this week's show off talking a quick flashback to the 2013 Red Sox. This, and the current insanity happening in the World Series, remind us how far the Red Sox are now from getting back to the Fall Classic. We then get into Giancarlo Stanton seeming to be completely open to coming to the Red Sox after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, how we may or may not be ok with giving up a fan favorite to get him to Boston, Jared breaks down...


Episode 134: The Cora Era Begins

Alex Cora is the new manager of the Boston Red Sox...let's fuckin have it. We open talking the Yankees being eliminated from the ALCS in Game 7, how we crashed Hubbs' watch party at the perfect time, get Hubbs take on this whole series and what we realistically expect from the Yankees in the near future. We then jump into the Alex Cora hiring, acknowledge Dave Dombrowski loves lying, talk all the positives to what Cora can bring to this team, how Cora needs to capitalize while this team is...


Episode 133: The Search Continues

The Red Sox are looking for a new manager, and it could be reunion time in Boston. This week we talk who could realistically be the next Red Sox manager, how it would likely be an upset if anyone but Alex Cora takes over, Dave Dombrowski continuing to be misleading with the media, we re-visit the Girardi to the Red Sox hypothetical nonsense, and destroy a Dan Shaughnessy article proclaiming David Price a virus to this team. We also take your Down in the DMs on bizarre expectations for next...


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