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Section 336 is a personality driven Baltimore sports show. No matter what your relationship is to sports you can find a home with Section 336.






Pod 217 : Baltimore Podcast Festival

Saturday night we were part of the Baltimore Podcast Festival. Matt is back and we took the chance to have an extended version of 3 up and 3 down. #BMorePodFest

Duration: 00:41:52

Pod 216 : Diapers

This week we get into what is wrong with Kevin Gausman, what's wrong with the Orioles, and whats wrong with Nascar. Glenn Clark joins us as we break down what was supposed to be a fun week of Orioles baseball while Matt is out teaching a new Orioles fan about losing baseball.

Duration: 01:22:05

Pod 215 : Missing Matt

Today on the Show The Orioles return to Baltimore, Tillman returns to the mound and eventually Matt returns to the show #Baltimore #Orioles

Duration: 00:54:53

Pod 214 : Coconuts

Today on the show, ...What’s Nirvana coconut water? We’ll tell you what it is, how it tastes, and why you should care? We will also tell you why despite the tough weekend in New York why Orioles fans should be pretty excited about how April ended, and finally, was it or was it not a balk? We’ll break down Bucks meltdown on Sunday. All that and more on this edition of section 336

Duration: 01:00:05

Pod 213 : Recency Bias

Today on the show, the Orioles have the best record in baseball, thanks to the pitching (Never thought I would type that). Josh and Matt gotta to play in the shoes of the big boys, Ken McKusick joins us to calm down our excitement, and the Red Sox do not like Manny Machado #Orioles #Baltimore #Os #Machado

Duration: 01:15:12

Pod 212 : Live in Bowie

Matt, Josh, & Bert take the show on the road. We visited the Bowie Baysox to check on Chris Tillman's rehab as well as a chance to sit down with Tanner Scott, Glynn Davis, and DJ Stewart #Orioles #Baysox @Baltimore

Duration: 01:04:40

Pod 211 : Born This Way

Now that the Orioles have finished their first homestead, does that change the way you feel about this years team? and speaking of change... Never mind, just listen, I can't explain this one. #Orioles #Baltimore

Duration: 01:12:43

Pod 210 : Milk in a bag

We open up the phone lines and talk predictions, we also spend some time with our friends up north on the @buntthegap podcast

Duration: 01:26:14

Pod 209 : Making Opening Day

Section 336 kicks off Birdland radio with 2 guests. We welcome Trey Mancini onto the show and talk about what its like to make the opening day roster. We then check in on the weather report for Opening Day with Lowell Melser #Baltimore #Orioles #MLB #O's

Duration: 00:55:12


Section 336 filled in for Glenn Clark Radio today. Join us as Spring Training is over and we get ready for Opening Day Thank you to Glenn, Kyle and everyone at Pressbox. Make sure you go subscribe to Glenn Clark Radio as well #Orioles #Baltimore #MLB

Duration: 02:02:44

Pod 208 : Stevie Wonder Fireworks Night

Today we are joined in studio by the Duo behind the Frederick Keys PR and Broadcasting Geoff Arnold, @GeoffOnTheAir and Kyle Huson, @K_Huse. We talk Orioles Spring Training, Minor League players, and our favorite thing about minor league baseball, the promotions

Duration: 01:29:39

Pod 207 : Leave My Mom A Mesage

Today on the Show we welcome Rich Dubroff from to the show to talk about Brady Anderson. #orioles #Baltimore

Duration: 01:21:32

Pod 206 : STAN

Today on the Show we talk Orioles pitching rotation and we welcome Stan "The Fan" Charles on the Show from Pressbox. Stan is a staple in Baltimore sports and someone everyone should know #Baltimore #Orioles #MLB #Pressbox #StanTheFan

Duration: 01:16:40

Pod 205 : Birthing Class

Today on the show it’s been a week so we will revisit the Orioles outfield competition. We will also discuss whether 2017 Torrey Smith is a right fit for the 2017 ravens… and what the start of WBC might mean for the Orioles… all that and more on this edition of section 336

Duration: 01:07:34

Pod 204 : Millennials (Cleaned Up Audio)


Duration: 01:11:53

Pod 204 : Millennials

Today on the show - The Orioles have a lot of outfielders, Matt Wieters is a National, Baseball needs to change, and Millennials, Yuck. #Orioles #Baltimore #SpringTraining #MLB

Duration: 01:11:53

Pod 203 : Future Orioles

Today on the show we are joined by Adam Pohl (follow him @pohladam ) from and he is the play by play announcer for the Bowie Baysox. We talk Orioles prospects, recent Oriole moves, and injury concerns. #Orioles #Baltimore #Baysox #Bowie

Duration: 01:22:13

Pod 202 : Insane Ideas

Today on the show baseball is here again as pitchers and catchers report to Sarasota, but some Oriole players will be missing time to play in the WBC, is it a big deal or not so big deal? Speaking of not so big deals Orioles promotional calendar is out and will break down which some can’t miss promotions… all that and more #Orioles #Baltimore #SpringTraining #Dogs #GhostRunners #Maryland

Duration: 01:14:59

Pod 201 : GOAT

Today we are joined in studio by Ryan Blake, we talk about the Greatest Quarterback, the Greatest Oriole game, and the Greatest Twitterer. We also recap the Super Bowl and how it affects the Ravens and Matt convinces you that the Orioles can afford to sign Manny Machado long term (Look for Blogs to steal these points). Plus a whole lot more

Duration: 01:15:29

Pod 200 : Grass Nazis

Today on the show, we talk about fan fest. The Orioles offseason, the Baltimore Brigade, and the Super Bowl

Duration: 01:12:39

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