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Episode #8- Secular Sunday School edition: terms and definitions

Secular Sunday School first episode: As this is the first episode of Secular Sunday School, I find it important to establish a vocabulary. The reason I want to do this is to go over some of these tricky terms that people often use in various ways. Such as the term atheist, this term ( or label ) is often applied in many different ways. So what I am going to do is to go over the dictionary definitions, the philosophical definitions and the common usages. From those, I will also establish...


Episode #4: Creationism in schools

Show notes for episode 4: The rise and fall of secularism. Is secularism bound to failure. With the religious birth rates and accelerated indoctrination, the numbers are favoring the religious. However this is not a death blow to secularism. It does however renew the need for finding allies on the other side. There are the religious that support secularism, or at least the uncoupling of church and state. There are christian groups that have formed to fight for secular government. Atheism...


Episode 3: beliefs and indoctrination.

In this episode we discuss beliefs, how one comes to a belief, and what a belief is. We also discuss indoctrination, and how it is different from the way most people come to beliefs. We go into Trumps Muslim ban and why atheists should be concerned. At the end of the show we talk about the working poor, and how that is an often overlooked section of atheists.


Episode #2 Local elections

Local Elections: We start off with a snippet of my personal story. Then we move into to some laws and local candidate news. We then emphasize that we need to pay more attention to the local elections and find the secular values candidates. The importance of these local elections can not be overestimated. It is the same strategy that allowed the Republicans to take over all of the house, senate, and presidency. The local elections help to slowly ramp up support for your parties platform,...


First Podcast Episode: Community building

Building communities: East Tennessee finds itself lacking in strong atheist, agnostic, and secular humanist communities. We need to work together and build our own community and create strong social safety nets.


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