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Information is now the fuel behind business, politics and many aspects of our personal lives. Hosted by Caleb Barlow, Director of Application, Data and Mobile Security at IBM, this podcast focuses on the changing landscape of Information Security and features topics for both business executives and security professionals.






Innovation Talks: Voices of IBM Security

Today, IBM made a series of announcements, including the planned acquisition of Resilient Systems, Inc., that will aim to provide organizations with a proactive, comprehensive approach to respond to cyber breaches more quickly and effectively across consulting, services and products. With Resilient Systems, a leader in incident response, IBM will be in a position to provide the industry’s first integrated end-to-end Security Operations and Response Platform offering that spans the entire...

Duration: 00:09:38

Beware: Malware Crossing! Organized Cybercrime Comes to Town

One of the most dominant trends observed in the cybercrime during 2015 was the spread of organized crime groups to new territories. Using banking Trojans to attack banks in new geographies is a significant step because it is considered to be part of the malware’s evolution. Before they can venture into countries they never targeted before, crime groups have to invest in an adequate preparatory stage that includes reconnaissance of the banking systems in that geography. They also have to...

Duration: 00:18:59

Containerization in a DevOps World: Can AppSec Keep Pace?

Containerization (like Docker and IBM Containers) takes application portability to a new level. Applications can be packaged with everything they need to run for simplified, high-velocity deployment. By using native separation within the OS (Linux or Windows) organizations get many of the benefits of a VM without the overhead of a hypervisor. So what's the downside? Most security tools weren't designed to "play well" with containers. And many security teams aren't aware of the emerging...

Duration: 00:23:57

Thinking about security while you are thinking mobile - Oct 04,2012

There is no denying the natural attractiveness of being able to do whatever we want, whenever we want to. In technology, particularly lately, that has come to result in a trend to move as much of our technical toolset, formerly consigned to our desktop, and then our laptops, onto our truly mobile devices, most notably our phones. The amount of computing power that now fits in our pocket is worthy of the awe that it inspires, and the capacity to flirt with the full power of computing in...

Duration: 00:30:51

Be Prepared: The Latest Threat Research from IBM - Sep 20,2012

The IBM X-Force Threat Research Team will release their 2012 Mid Year Trend and Risk Report on September 20th. In this LIVE interview you will hear directly from research team shortly after the report is released to the public. Whats coming? Well.. our X-Force team is seeing executives responsible for the protection of corporate, customer, employee, partner, and investor data struggling with how to secure an environment where devices and services have become so interconnected. They are...

Duration: 00:43:06

Securing SAP Business Applications at the Code Level - Jul 25,2012

Preventing Fraud and Keeping Hackers Out: SAP applications are often business critical and the associated risks for organizations (espionage, fraud, sabotage) quite high. Although the awareness of SAP security has grown dramatically so too are reported security incidents. In this podcast we will talk with Andreas Wiegenstein from Virtual Forge about how they are helping leading companies to run their businesses more securely using a combined IBM/Virtual Forge solution for SAP.SAP |...

Duration: 00:28:21

Taking application security from the whiteboard to reality - Jun 11,2012

Karl Snider from IBM Security joins Caleb to discuss the customer presentations last week at the Innovate 2012 conference in Orlando. Allstate, USDA, and West Virginia University shared how they were putting application security into practice. Although they all took different approaches on the technical side, several key themes emerged around the people challenges.Allstate | USDA | West Virginia University | IBM | cyber security

Duration: 00:34:05

Secure Computing – Simple Steps to Staying Safe Online - Apr 16,2012

Protecting intellectual property, keeping out the bad guys, guarding your own sensitive or personal information – it's now everyone's job. After our recent podcast on the full year X-Force Risk and Trend report many people asked us “what can I do personally to better protect my data, my workstation and my own personal IT environment?” Well… the benefit of working at IBM is that we have access to about 6000 security professionals so we put this question to them… what do you do? What tools...

Duration: 00:33:48

Database Security and Compliance with Ron Ben-Natan - Feb 14,2012

SQL injection attacks, insider threats and regulations are driving organizations to find new ways to secure sensitive data stored in databases. To make matters worse, Forrester reports that 60 percent of enterprises are behind in applying database security patches. Whereas most attention has previously been focused on securing network perimeters and client systems (firewalls, IDS/IPS, anti-virus, etc.), we are now entering a new phase where information security professionals are now being...

Duration: 00:30:48

Enterprise Mobile Management and Security - Feb 06,2012

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the end-point that drives business results. With the increasing trends in “bring your own device” and mobile threats doubling in 2011 how do you responsibly embrace mobile while protecting your security and IT infrastructure? In this podcast Caleb is joined by Bob Sutor, Vijay Dheap and Naveed Makhani to discuss the trends in mobile along with IBM's intention to acquire Worklight.Worklight | IBM | Mobile | Apple | Android

Duration: 00:40:35

Introducing IBM Security - Jan 11,2012

IBM recently launched a new Security division that integrates IBM's Tivoli, Rational and Information Management security software, appliances, lab offerings and services along with multiple acquisitions including the purchase of Q1 Labs in Waltham, Massachusetts. In this podcast Caleb talks with Marc Van Zadelhoff, Vice President Product Management for IBM Security about the new division, its goals and why IBM is making this bold move. IBM already operates the world's broadest security...

Duration: 00:19:33

UC Audio Devices for Smarter Workplaces - Nov 30,2011

Be heard – learn why audio devices are critical to any successful Unified Communications deployment. Experts from Plantronics will discuss how to improve UC adoption, reduce time to value, enhance productivity and improve quality of the audio experience through a customizable and repeatable audio device plan. | audio | headset | Unified Communications | IBM

Duration: 00:29:05

Innovating in healthcare with IBM UCC and Polycom - Oct 28,2011

IBM and Polycom have developed a platform for true Unified Communications and Collaboration that can be used in a healthcare & telemedicine environment, enabling organisations to adapt to the pressures of cost, limited resource and the challenges of time – time that can be used to improve patient outcomes and pathways. telemedicine | telepresence | video | polycom | ibm

Duration: 00:29:41

Polycom and IBM- Enhancing the Social Business with Video - Sep 22,2011

IBM and Polycom have teamed to extend IBM Sametime and its social collaboration tools for mid-market and enterprises enhancing the Social Business. With the Power of IBM Sametime and Polycom's RealPresence Platform, customers can seamlessly integrate across all media: IM, voice, and video while leveraging their existing investments. Together we innovate and integrate using open standards to protect IT assets and provide organizations with more efficiencies in their business processes. The...

Duration: 00:20:45

Increasing Social Communications Across Borders - Aug 30,2011

In this pre-recoded webinar, Caleb is a guest on a webinar from Lionbridge about their new product offering for IBM Sametime called GeoFluent that offers real time translation of instant messages. In this podcast you can learn how to: Speed decision making across product development teams speaking different languages Improve responsiveness and time to resolution in global service operations Reduce sales cycle time on international sales Offer true application level integration that makes...

Duration: 00:41:24