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See Hear Podcast Episode 46- - Streets of Fire (with special guest Steve Berlin)

Do you like wearing leather overalls? Do you know what it means to be young tonight? Have you ever blown up a motorcycle by shooting a cap gun at it? Are you a one man stud? Have you ever been in a sledgehammer fight? If you answered yes, no, maybe or “outta my way, stupid” to these questions, then See Hear episode 46 is for YOU. Tim, Maurice, Bernard welcome the hugely enthusiastic Lily Sockmonkey (although she’s Janine to her non-film friends) to her podcasting debut to talk about...

Duration: 01:27:07

See Hear podcast Episode 45 - Interview with Matt Schrader, director of “Score: A Film Music Documentary”

Welcome to See Hear 45. We all love movies and we all love music in movies (it’s partly why you listen to this podcast, right?) Film scores can be bold and bombastic or quiet and subtle. Either way it’s a strong part of the film watching experience. It seems crazy that until 2017, there hasn’t been a major documentary (that we’re aware of) dedicated to the art of film composition and the people who devote their lives to emotionally manipulating you more than what you actually see...

Duration: 01:06:08

See Hear Podcast episode 44 - Interview with Chris Franklin, director of “Chris Wilson: Live At The Continental”

Hello everybody…….See Hear episode 44 here….. Every music scene has its local heroes….those musicians who are a well-kept secret from the rest of the world, but gig goers wish more people knew about them. Melbourne film-maker Chris Franklin has made it his mission to document musicians in his local scene. Bernard was absent, but Tim and Maurice invited Chris to talk about his latest short film in adherence to that mission, “Chris Wilson – Live At The Continental”. Melbourne musicians...

Duration: 00:54:27

See Hear Podcast episode 43 - We Are The Best!

We Are The Best! We Are The Best! No it’s not the See Hear theme song. It’s the name of this month’s film under discussion. Can you imagine two grown men talking about a film on which the plot revolves around three teenage girls forming a punk band and only one of them has any musical chops? Imagine no further because Maurice is joined by Hank Hellman to do just that. The notions of friendship, being an outsider, sticking it to parents (not always deservedly) and chocolate ice cream are...

Duration: 00:46:34

See Hear Podcast Episode 41 - Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Settle down, See Hear listeners. Class is now in session. Tim, Sticky and Maurice take time out from dissecting frogs, picking fights with the jocks and giving lip to the principal to talk about the Roger Corman produced, Alan Arkush directed 1980 film Rock ‘n’ Roll High School. Is it just another b-grade drive in movie about teen rebellion or is there something more going on here (umm….yes there is)? This is the tale of one girl’s devotion to The Ramones, her determination for them to...

Duration: 00:54:10

See Hear Podcast episode 40 - Broadway Danny Rose

See Hear is about to get nostalgic for episode 40….or maybe not. There are two sorts of people in the world – those who love the FILMS of Woody Allen and those who can’t stand them. Among those who love his films there are two sorts of people – some prefer his early zany films about relationships, morality the universe and our place in it, and bouncing boobs. However, there are those who prefer his mid-period Fellini / Bergman style dramas / comedies about relationships, morality the...

Duration: 01:13:44

See Hear podcast Episode 39 - Still Crazy

It’s time to dust off the spandex, reglue the spikes onto your high heeled shoes and to find out the flame does indeed still burn for episode 39 of See Hear Podcast. This month, Tim, Bernard, and Maurice are joined by host of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition (and a gazillion other podcasts), Eric Reanimator to discuss the 1998 film Still Crazy penned by highly regarded English scriptwriters Dick Clement and Ian Le Frenais. A once-popular band reform 20 years after their last...

Duration: 00:55:12

See Hear Podcast Episode 38 - Payday

It’s time for See Hear podcast episode 38. What do you get when you have a narcissist keeping everyone in his immediate circle in a powerless state because no one feels they can tell the emperor he’s behaving woefully? Wrong answer… (well….right answer but not in this context). You have the 1972 cinema debut from Daryl Duke called Payday. Rip Torn plays Maury Dann, a regionally popular touring country singer. He’s never hit the Johnny Cash level of popularity, but he’s a king in his...

Duration: 00:54:19

See Hear Podcast episode 37 - American Pop

See Hear podcast begins its fourth year with the discussion of an animated work from a revered observer of counter culture in the seventies, Ralph Bakshi. In 1981 he released American Pop. It’s a film about four generations of a family originally migrated to America to escape Tsarist Russia. The son of each generation finds his own link to music, but at great cost. It’s about parallels to American music and history in the twentieth century. It’s about family lineage and how each...

Duration: 00:51:50

See Hear Podcast Episode 36 - Yellow Submarine

As John Lennon would have said, Merry Krimble. It’s December 2016, and the See Hear podcast celebrates its third anniversary with a fireside chat about an iconic piece of animation. Tim, Bernie and Maurice are joined by host of the Macca-dedicated podcast Paul Or Nothing, Sam Whiles (who was also the co-host of the Down In The Hole podcast dedicated to Tom Waits). They chat about the 1968 full length animated feature, Yellow Submarine, a nautical fantasy about some obscure pop group...

Duration: 01:17:21

See Hear Podcast episode 35 - Rock Star

Time to get out your cans of V05, the Max Factor mascara, and tune into See Hear Podcast. For episode 35, Bernard, Tim and Maurice discussed 2001’s “Rock Star” starring Marky-Mark Wahlberg (and his metal bunch) and Jennifer Anniston. Set in the eighties (of course), Wahlberg stars as a singer in a hair metal tribute band, and then finds himself becoming the lead singer of the real band he’s paying tribute to. He’s living the dream……or is he?????? The crew discuss the Hollywood definition...

Duration: 00:52:19

See Hear Podcast episode 31 - Interview with Harry Hayes,director of You Better Take Cover

Welcome to episode 31 of See Hear podcast. In a first for the show, Bernie, Tim and Maurice invite a film director on the show to discuss his work. Specifically, the crew is joined by Harry Hayes who has directed a terrific award winning documentary called You Better Take Cover. Back in 1981, Australian band Men At Work released the single Down Under from their debut album Business As Usual. The song became famous around the world and became an unofficial Australian national anthem - it...

Duration: 00:48:30

See Hear Podcast Episode 30 - The Harder They Come

It’s time for episode 30 of See Hear Podcast. This month it was Tim’s pick, and he brought to the table a late night cult classic in Perry Henzel’s 1972 film, “The Harder They Come” starring reggae superstar, Jimmy Cliff. This film is important in so many respects – it brought Jimmy Cliff to a worldwide audience, it had a brilliant soundtrack, and it was the first Jamaican feature film. Henzel declared he made it for Jamaica, but many people outside Jamaica have embraced it as it...

Duration: 00:52:44

See Hear Podcast episode 29 - Catch My Soul

Welcome to episode 29 of See Hear Podcast. Our beloved Bernard was suffering the effects of the summer flu and was too croaky and sneezy to partake, but Tim and Maurice soldiered on joined by Robert Hubbard to discuss a rock opera from 1974 called Catch My Soul. Not for the first time is the story of Othello discussed on the podcast. Catch My Soul debuted as a stage show in Los Angeles, before finding life on the stage in England. The setting of the story and the songs evolved reflecting...

Duration: 01:08:42

See Hear Podcast Episode 28 - Alice’s Restaurant

Welcome to episode 28 of See Hear Podcast. It’s Bernie’s selection this month, and he’s gone for a film based on a song. It’s the Arthur Penn-directed “Alice’s Restaurant” based on the song of the same name by Arlo Guthrie. The original song / monologue was a funny (allegedly true) tale about how Arlo gets arrested for dumping garbage away from the city dump and then gets rejected from being drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. He’s not moral enough to kill people because of his...

Duration: 01:01:16

See Hear Podcast episode 27 - Hard Core Logo

Episode 27 of See Hear Podcast is ready for your aural consumption. So Tim, Bernard and Maurice are discussing a film about a band who go on the road and…well…shit happens. Could be any number of films? It’s a mock-documentary. Hmmm….still leaves a couple of choices. Okay, it’s been cited as one of the greatest ever films out of Canada. Okay, now you just have to know that we’re talking about Hard Core Logo. Bruce McDonald released this gem in 1996 about a punk band that reform to do a...

Duration: 01:01:09

See Hear bonus episode - Interview with Darian Sahanaja (Brian Wilson’s band and musical consultant for Love And Mercy)

Back in February, Bernie and Maurice were joined by Frank Santopadre and Tish Grier to discuss Bill Pohlad’s 2015 biopic on Brian Wilson, Love And Mercy for episode 25 of See Hear. In April, Maurice interviewed Darian Sahanaja (Wondermints and Brian Wilson Band) for Love That Album episode 89 on the final day of Brian’s 2016 tour of Australia. The last part of the interview featured a discussion about Darian’s work as musical consultant on Love And Mercy.With Tim and Bernie’s blessing,...

Duration: 00:28:17

See Hear podcast Episode 26 - Color Me Obsessed - A Film About The Replacements

Episode 26 of See Hear is available for your earholes. It’s the final of our 2015 listener requests. The fact that it’s 2016 shows we’re a bit disorganised, but as Bernie suggested, that’s fitting with the subject matter. Eric Reanimator requested we watch and discuss Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements, directed by Gorman Bechard and released in 2011. It’s a documentary about the beloved 80s punk / pop band from Minneapolis. It uses the common documentary trope of the...

Duration: 01:02:24

See Hear podcast Episode 25 - Love And Mercy

It’s time to get out your surfboards, hang onto your ego, and plug in your theremin as See Hear Podcast heads for the beach. Tim is absent, but Maurice and Bernie are pleased as punch to be joined by two fellow Beach Boys devotees to discuss Bill Pohlad’s 2015 biopic of Brian Wilson, Love And Mercy. For the first part of the show, Frank Santopadre of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast and writer Tish Grier join the See Hear crew to discuss the Murry Wilson School of parenting,...

Duration: 01:46:51

See Hear Podcast Episode 24 - Ishtar

See Hear podcast is back for 2016. Did you miss us???? Don’t answer because….telling the truth can be dangerous business. Tim, Bernard, and Maurice discuss a film hand-picked by the wonderful Frank Santopadre of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. That film is 1987’s Ishtar starring Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty as Chuck Clarke and Lyle Rogers, two awful songwriters and lounge singers who get sent to play gigs at a hotel in Ishtar, but get caught up in American / Middle Eastern...

Duration: 01:03:10

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