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Education podcast featuring students, staff, alumni, and friends of the Leavenworth Unified School District (USD 453)

Education podcast featuring students, staff, alumni, and friends of the Leavenworth Unified School District (USD 453)
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Education podcast featuring students, staff, alumni, and friends of the Leavenworth Unified School District (USD 453)






Ep. 31 - Spring Break Updates

Joseph, Jake, and Carson discuss DECA International qualifiers (0:00 - 5:30); yearbook deadlines (5:30 - 8:45); school safety (8:45 - 15:20); school finance and school redesign (15:20 - 33:00); and consideration of a $36.7M bond issue to address building capacity issues and kindergarten readiness (33:00 - 45:00).


Ep. 30 - First City Film Fest

Carson and Jake summarize the Winter Sports Season, State PowerLifting Meet and LHS Theatre Department's $10K R.I.S.E grant (0:00 - 8:00); and then visit with LHS '91 alum, Tisha Swart-Entwistle, about her military career, and passion for film - which has led to the planning of Leavenworth's First City Film Festival March 22-25, 2018.


Ep. 29 - Students on School Safety

Carson and Jake visit with Leavenworth students (Jacob Karrasch, Colin Reim, and Elan McCabe) about their thoughts and experiences related to school safety and reactions to the latest school shootings and national discussion of proposed solutions.


Ep. 28 - Junior Citizen of the Year (Tanner Hendrix)

Joseph and Jake discuss LHS Theatre Dept. making top 5 in the national Playbill/Disney's Seize the Day competition to win musical production rights to Newsies (000 - 5:30); and are then joined by the Leavenworth-Lansing Junior Citizen of the Year, Tanner Hendrix. Tanner reflects on his high school cross country career, logging 2,000 running miles per year, his personal connection with Olympian Amy Hastings-Cragg, college recruiting experience, a preview of his last high school track...


Ep. 27 - Virtual Learning

Carson and Jake visit with Calvert Education's Chandra Boyd, about the state-accredited Leavenworth Virtual School program, and the various elements of facilitation and support for personalized home-based education.


Ep. 26 - International Pioneers

Joseph and Jake discuss the role of the guidance counselor and the important role they play for students, and Leavenworth High School's international diversity (0:00 - 5:20); then are joined by Lisa Shepard to talk more about the relationship of a high school counselor to a school community, and her role as co-sponsor of Interact Club, and assignment to LHS' international students (5:20 - 23:30); finally German (via Berlin) exchange student, Karl Steinke, and the Brothers Barea (Javier and...


Ep. 25 - Snow Days & Accreditation (w/ Dr. Kelly Gillespie)

Carson and Jake discuss the factors in the decision making of a school cancellation due to winter weather (0:00 - 5:45) and are then joined by Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center, about her 30-year career in education and support of professional learning for school districts, and specifically working with Leavenworth's leadership team on school redesign and Kansas Education Systems Accreditation compliance efforts (5:45 - 39:00).


Ep. 24 - DECA & So Much More w/ Alise Boal

Joseph and Jake catch-up after Winter Break and preview the start of 2nd semester and the 2018 Kansas Legislative session (0:00 - 5:50); and are then joined by Leavenworth High School senior, Alise Boal, to talk about the many ways in which she is a highly involved and spirited Pioneer, and preparing for next steps after graduation in May - Class President; DECA; Cheer; Yearbook; NHS; and more! (5:50 - 36:00).


Ep. 23 - Winter Break w/ Warren (Mrs. Reed & Mrs. Heath)

Carson and Jake discuss holiday traditions and favorite Christmas movies leading in to Winter Break (0:00 - 5:00) and are then joined by two 6th grade teachers from Richard Warren Middle School, Emily Reed & Michaela Heath, to discuss teaching, learning, and life at the middle school level (5:00 - 31:00).


Ep. 22 - Livin' in the Civic w/ Brandon Baker ('13) & Jake Schatzel ('15)

Jake, Joseph, and Carson discuss Finals Week and activities updates (0:00 - 7:40), and are then joined by recent Leavenworth High School graduates, Brandon Baker and Jake Schatzel, to hear about their numerous road trips taken in Brandon's Honda Civic to hit 48 states within the last three years (7:40 - 38:00).


Ep. 21 - Pioneer Boys Basketball

Jake, Joseph, and Carson discuss first semester finals on the horizon, and state qualifications for boys swimming and debate (0:00 - 6:30), then are joined by Pioneer Boys Basketball varsity players, Devin Johnston and Reece Williams, to discuss the upcoming season and annual Citizens National Bank Tournament (6:30 - 26:00).


Ep. 20 - About a Bond (w/ DLR Group's Amber Beverlin)

Jake, Joseph, and Carson discuss Thanksgiving break and the distinction between stuffing and dressing; reviews of Tarzan - the fall musical; and the behind the scenes challenge of swim team meet suit fittings (0:00 - 12:15); then Jake and Joseph discuss education facilities design and the process used to determine if a school community has a shared vision and interest in pursuing a bond initiative for facilities enhancements with the DLR Group's Amber Beverlin (12:15 - 39:25).


Ep. 19 - Get FIRED UP w/ JROTC Raiders

Jake and Joseph visit with Leavenworth High School JROTC advisors 1SG (Ret.) Wayne Cogdill and Mary Schwartz about the Raiders program (4:00 - 31:00), and are then joined by three senior cadets: Evans, Pelmore, and Brewster, who share their experience with the program and recent success at JROTC Nationals (31:00 - 56:00).


Ep. 18 Shhhhh...We are in a Library!

Carson talks with Jake and Joseph about the unexpected dangers of high school swimming and gearing up for the Winter Sports season (0:00 - 8:00); high school librarian, Laurie Hunt, shares her philosophy on the library serving as the hub of a school, in addition to her sponsorship of Book Club and Chess club (8:00 - 31:00); high school senior, Nick English, discusses his decision to graduate at semester, his experience with Chess club and willingness to try a number of new things...


Ep. 17 Golf, DECA, and More, with Lena Kellogg

Jake & Carson talk ACT prep, Model UN, and countdown to the start of winter sports practice (0:00 - 6:00); and then visit with Lena Kellogg about her summer internship and Girls State experience (6:00 - 11:45), girls golf (11:45 - 18:35), DECA (18:35 - 31:30), and her post-secondary thoughts and ideas on KSDE School Redesign (31:30 - 42:00).


Ep. 16 No Guest, No Problem (Fall Update)

With no guests in studio, Jake, Carson, and Joseph cover a LOT of ground, including Fall Sports and activities updates with post-season schedules for Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys Football, Boys and Girls Cross-Country, and JROTC (0:00 – 5:30); the growth of the Pioneer Debate team (5:30 – 10:00); the 49th Annual Mayor’s United Nations Dinner in KCMO and thoughts on the trend of teenagers filing for election to become the Governor of Kansas (10:00 – 20:00); the Chamber’s upcoming...


Ep. 15 - The World's a Stage (LHS Theatre & Debate w/ Gabe Flores & Jennifer Morgan Beuchat)

Jake, Joseph, and Carson provide a semi-accurate and premature summary of the fall sports season (0:00 - 7:00); visit with the lead of the fall musical, Tarzan, Gabe Flores (7:00 - 27:30); and the Director of Theatre & Debate, Mrs. Jennifer Morgan Beuchat about the path that led her to Leavenworth High School, her future plans for the district's theatre and debate program, and the source for her amazing positive outlook on life (27:30 - 1:01:00).


Ep. 14 - Elementary Redesign w/ Craig Idacavage (David Brewer Principal)

Carson and Joseph reflect on last week's Homecoming festivities, and then share their thoughts with Jake on the end of first quarter and an upcoming PSAT exam (0:00 - 6:45); and then visit with David Brewer Elementary principal, Craig Idacavage, on a wide ranging set of topics from KSDE Gemini School Redesign, district accreditation process, CrossFit, and Star Wars (6:45 - 31:45).


Ep. 13 - Law & Order (w/ Officer Sweet and Todd Thompson)

Jake provides a school finance update specific to the recent ruling from the Kansas Supreme Court, and discusses potential outcomes with Carson and Joseph (0:00 - 13:00); Jake, Carson, and Joseph visit with Officer Johnny Sweet of the Leavenworth Police Department about his career in law enforcement and his role as a School Resource Officer (13:00 - 32:00); and Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson, 1994 LHS alum, shares his long-standing family ties to the community, and philosophy on...


Ep. 12 - Education Foundation & Alumni Association

Jake & Carson visit with the Director of the Education Foundation, Catey Edwards, about the mission of the Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation and their kick-off of their annual fundraising campaign (8:00 - 46:00); and Holly Shehorn Pittman from the LHS graduating class of 1991 about her role on both the Foundation and the Leavenworth High School Alumni Association (46:00 - 57:00).


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