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Episode 205 - The Witch & The Coven

This week, on an extra spooky episode of See You Next Wednesday, we're talking about two witch films. Firstly, Greg and Dan head deep into the woods in search of the latest art-house horror film The Witch. Is it all that it has been hyped to be? Then, Casey similarly dives into the 2015 family-affair low-budget British film The Coven. Is it one of the worst movies of last year? He's got your answer. Plus, we review the David Duchovny album Hell or High Water in honor of the recent return...

Duration: 01:35:53

Episode 199 - Concussion, Sicario & Baby's Day Out

This week Dan gets a headache from Concussion while Greg gets hit by Sicario. Meanwhile Casey has a big day in watching Baby's Day Out. Then they discuss Andrew WK's debut, I Get Wet. All this plus talk of David Bowie, The Revenant, Trainwreck, Ticket To Heaven, The Golden Globes and more in the Itty Bitty Tidbit Committee. Show Notes: Angus Scrimm and David Bowie (7:44) The Golden Globes (17:24) Mad Men (26:36) Ticket To Heaven (30:16) Trainwreck (34:12) Hanna (40:32) The Revenant (43:52)...

Duration: 01:33:01